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How to choose your perfect Vintage chair

 If you are in love with retro furniture, you must ask yourself this question every day. Where can I buy vintage chairs?

Which vintage chairs should I buy?  There are overwhelming amounts of vintage chairs available for you online and in stores which make it rather challenging for you to choose your perfect vintage chair.

There is a wide range of Antique chairs available in different styles, shapes, materials and colours. Most vintage chairs are inspired by the 70's or furniture from the early 19th century.  

Here at Chair Furniture, we specialise in tables, chairs and stools,  and we certainly provide a wide range of retro chairs with a selection of materials and shapes.

As we have a great price to quality ratio with our products, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase on Chair Furniture. Our products are durable and best suited to any home or space of your choice.

Fabric Vintage Chairs for ultimate comfort

Fabric is one of the most valuable materials due to its second to none style and perfect softness. It is used in almost every interior decoration, whether it is with single tone colours or multiple toned patterns.

Elegance and dynamism are offered by plain colours with nude shades, and most of the time plain colours with more colourful shades can offer an elegant and sophisticated touch.

The alternative to using plain colours is, of course, to use patterns in fabric which will highlight the character and originality of your interior decoration.

If you love fabric, Vintage chairs will certainly be a great fit for you. The fabric coating will bring softness and aesthetics to your room.

Historically, the Scandinavian decoration was first introduced in the 20th century in the Nordic countries, which is how we have Vintage Scandinavian Chairs today.

The Vintage Wooden Chair for an authentic and natural look

For a sense of warmth in your home, choose the wooden material. We have a wide range of wooden chairs such as the vintage Bistro chair which has been certainly a success in well known Parisian breweries.

They will bring authenticity, a natural feel and a spirit of conviviality to your home. Another great idea would be to combine other materials with wood such as vintage leather which will give an ethnic touch to your furniture. with a wide selection of choices for the type and colour of wood, you will be able to achieve different combinations.

If you wish to include dark shades such as wenger, this will enhance the character of your home whereas if you want to have a brighter feel to your home, we would advise you to choose the bleached wood. These colours will create a different atmosphere.

The Vintage Design Chair will suit any decoration

Whatever the nature of your interior decoration (modern, contemporary or traditional), the vintage chair can be easily integrated into it. It represents the past and the present at the same time.

The vintage style is based on past styles however it had a modern touch due to its wide range of colours and materials. The vintage style is, therefore, a design element.

This chair brings life to your room with its charm. It will be the most eye-catching material in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom and also in your living room.

Of course, several types of retro chairs exist. A great example is our Scandinavian style vintage chairs which stand out through the hull and wooden legs. These Scandinavian style chairs best-sellers in vintage furniture and are at the forefront of the trend.

This style inspires many designers in their creations. Another type of example is vintage chairs inspired by the industrial style (workshop chairs) thanks to the predominance of metal.

The industrial-style chairs fit very well into a retro decoration. The vintage chairs are also inspired by the 1960s, characterised by rounded shapes and synthetic upholstery inspired by the valuable upholstery of that ancient period, the "skin".

The customizable Retro Chairs

At chair furniture, you will discover a large number of products that can be customized to your taste. We will provide you with vintage chairs that come from your imagination.

With the various materials, the many colour ranges and combinations, you can customise your chair as you wish (the chair of the 50s or the chair of the 70s) and which easily finds its place in your room. Whether you choose a vintage wooden chair or a retro metal chair, you have a free choice between the choice of colours and materials.

Make your vintage chair personalised according to your tastes and which can easily be integrated into your decoration.

Our Chair Furniture advisors will also help you find your future chair and answer all your concerns.

Address your questions on all aspects (the technical characteristics of the chairs, the daily use of the chairs, the choice of decoration, how to maintain the chair and other concerns) to our Chair Furniture experts to receive better answers.