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Every day, we spend hours in the kitchen, mostly preparing meals for the whole family, either for a special occasion or as a daily routine. The kitchen is the heart of your home,  therefore it is a must to choose the perfect kitchen chairs.  

How to make the best choice

Kitchen chairFirstly, we should think about comfort and the ease of maintenance of your kitchen chairs.

Organically you will spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room, therefore, choosing comfortable furniture is a number one priority.

Furthermore, you also need to take into consideration the practicality of the material in case any stains appear. We also provide kitchen chairs with a backrest, to allow a more comfortable experience.

Another factor to take into consideration is the ease of maintenance of your chosen chair, as it has to come with the least hassle because when you cook, stains and mess will always be present.

If you want to keep the harmony of your kitchen, you should always choose your kitchen chairs to go with the rest of your kitchen furniture and dining table. We have a plethora of colours available for you to choose from be it grey, white or more vivid colours like red etc.

Our top tip for a white kitchen is to either include softer coloured chairs or a white designer chair to allow the elegance to really come through in your kitchen.

If you choose colourful dining chairs to your dining area, they will add a trendy touch and become part of the room if not the centrepiece.

Functional and practical chairs for the kitchen

It is not enough that the kitchen chair is beautiful and in harmony with the table and the decoration is perfect. It must also be functional and above all practical.

To do this, it must perfectly match the specificities of the part. A traditional kitchen can generally hold 4 to 6 chairs. If these are not manageable, it will be very difficult for you and your family to move easily every day.  

It is always a good idea to select chairs made from materials such as wood, plastic or metal. These models are generally lightweight, and/or have openings in the backrest, to facilitate movement.

It is for these different purposes that manufacturers vary the materials used to design chairs. 

More and more kitchens no longer respect the classic dimensions. In the city, in particular, there are nowadays small kitchens with which one can no longer afford the luxury of having 4 or 6 chairs which is why we have made it available to purchase single chairs on our website.

The ace of comfort during meals is nothing more than the chair with armrests. It offers you optimal well-being during your meals and allows you to better enjoy your dishes.

The most important thing is that it allows you to rest your arm and relax. This is why the chair with armrest is also often found in many homes. 

Beyond this aspect, it is better to have a chair with a seat and a padded backrest if the meal is going to last. It makes it possible not to see the time chairs

Whatever the material used (wood, polypropylene, metal), it is the padding that defines comfort. It is therefore on him that we must bet. If not, you can buy a chair with just a padded seat. 

In general, kitchen chairs are designed to offer maximum comfort during the meal. So, even if the upholstery is missing, it does not mean that the chair is not comfortable.

The Carlatia chair for example, offers a choice of comfort to its users, even if it is only equipped with plastic. Chairs with cushions were also made to meet a need for comfort and convenience.

For our taller customers, the industrial bar stool is the most recommended. It has its own width and depth adapted to the needs of yours. This also allows them to enjoy comfort during meals. 

Which style of a kitchen chair to choose?

Chair design techniques have evolved considerably. Nowadays, we no longer only look for functionality and classic appearance. A chair is much more than that. They must be elegant and aesthetic.

This is why manufacturers offer different models, each more aesthetic than the next. There are contemporaries, modern ones, in the retro style, and even high chairs. Contemporary chairs can be adapted to any decor.

They are generally sober, elegant and perfect for simple contemporary kitchens. Modern chairs are more in tune with trendy kitchens.

White or transparent designer chairs, for example, are perfect to accentuate the modern decor of the kitchen. So you have a choice.

The different colours available are also a selection criteria. All you have to do is take the one that matches your decor.

You have red, yellow, black and white ones.  And all this under the guidance of our qualified and friendly team who will be happy to help you find your happiness.