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Industrial chairs are designed to perform in demanding interior environments meaning that they must be comfortable, functional and durable so it resists the heavy usage. The real challenge lies in ensuring that you find an industrial chair which has great style. As Designers have been inspired by this challenge, we are excited to present our industrial chairs to you guaranteeing that you will be able to fulfil your industrial environment. If you are looking for an industrial chair which will combine practicality with simple pared-down beauty, we did the hard bit of the job and collected the best choice of industrial chairs for you. Both contemporary furniture and vintage industrial chairs are available on our site from the best designers of our choice who are just as passionate about practical and stylish furniture as us and you are.

Choosing your industrial chair

To achieve a successful industrial decoration, an industrial style chair is necessary. These chairs will either be made of metal completely, or will have hints of wood to give a sense of rawness to it.
Also more often than not, people who adore modern decoration will also fall under the spell of our industrial chairs to go with their industrial dining table or kitchen. From this, we figured, no matter what interior style your space has, be it vintage, modern, designer or contemporary, our industrial chairs will give a unique style and be perfectly part of the space.Get ready to choose from all the  different styles we have to offer(patinated metal chairs, seats designed in raw metal...) on Chair Furniture's website. The vintage and authentic shapes of these metal chairs will seduce you.

The metal industrial chair for industrial design

If you have just converted your loft into a living space, our industrial metal chairs will be the perfect choice if you are looking to add a trendy but modern character to your decoration. Its characteristics include visible welds, aesthetics and the solidity of brushed metal. Industrial metal chairs are more authentic thanks to the less smooth decorations which is why they perfectly enhance your room. Our chairs are made from metal furniture which as been recovered from factories. Your decoration  will become even more extraordinary if you combine industrial style chairs with some factory furniture such as shelf, chest of drawers or the work surface.

The industrial leather chair: the product of elegance.

For an elegant interior, the industrial leather chair with a touch of metal is the number on choice. With this noble material of leather, the furniture is not only elegant but also of very high quality. This quality comes from the solidity of the metal and the nobility of the leather with which these metal chairs are manufactured. They are perfect tools for decorating modern dining rooms and kitchens and can be perfectly integrated into the decoration of your rooms thanks to their vintage style. No matter which category of copper you choose (full-grain leather or leather crust), you will see a difference in all your pieces. If it is financially difficult for you to afford full-grain leather, you can choose leather crust; and if it is also difficult for you to access, then choose a synthetic coating that imitates the leather's appearance very well and is as easy to maintain. In short, industrial leather (or imitation leather) chairs are elegant and stylish chairs for industrial decoration that will make your loved ones envy you.

The Vintage Industrial Chair for a charm of ''Yesterday''

If You are looking for a vintage looking chair with a ''rustic'' and ''old factory'' feel, the Bistro Chair presented by us will be your best choice.  This retro industrial chair is mostly made of metal, however it is combined with wooden features, for an authentic industrial decoration feel. This chair is mostly used as a decorative piece in our customers homes, businesses and offices, and as you are able to choose from a variety of colours, the modern and trendy will be perfectly balanced out.

Which chair to choose for your industrial table

A metal chair is exactly the right chair to match your industrial table. Why? Because an industrial table is by nature made of metal therefore it will look the most stylish if you combine it with a metal chair.  Of course there are different materials such a a wooden industrial chair which will bring authenticity to your home.Indeed, whether it is a metal style chair or a wooden style chair, the combination with an industrial table is always extraordinary.  For more aesthetics, also look at the colours and patinas. The Chair Furniture advisors of the online shop, are ready to help you in your choice of the metal chair for the industrial table you own.

Customisable industrial chairs to complete your home

When you have an idea for a vintage, modern or a designer interior, choose an industrial piece of furniture. Chair Furniture offers you  a wide variety of vintage metal chairs. You will also find on our online shop the chairs in brushed, patinated or lacquered metal. Thanks to the industrial style chairs, you have various colours with which you can easily match your interior. You can also customize your industrial chair in terms of models, choice of colour for the structure, and seat. To make your industrial decoration as successful as possible, the ball is in your court to choose the chair of your dreams. If you are looking for more information, if you want help in choosing your customizable industrial chair or if you have any other concerns, the Chair Furniture advisors are at your disposal.