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Children chairs for sale! 

- The little ones need comfort too!

From an early age, toddlers are full of energy and imagination. Passionate about games, drawing, poetry, singing and many other disciplines, therefore they undeniably need furniture to accommodate their activities.

One of the children's favourite games to play is to act like they live an adult life. By getting the correct furniture they won't only learn how to sit correctly with a great posture but also will learn to appreciate their surroundings. 

On our online website, you will find a wide range of comfortable, quality and trustworthy kids chairs. Our Furniture is manufactured by French and European craftsmen to perfection with great attention to detail.

We combine elegance and comfort, so whatever your preference is in kids chairs be it the mini version of your very own designer chair, a fun elephant chair or a rocking chair, here at chair furniture we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your needs.

Whether you need chairs for the kids' room, kids bedroom, or a nursery, we can help you make the perfect choice to create a breathtaking scenario. Be the perfect host for a kids party to celebrate new years or a birthday!

Your little guests will feel completely at home and will linger comfortably for several hours. Here you will find everything, from easy-care, durable, sturdy, natural or modern. Take your time to look around and order online with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Offering a wide range of kids chairs, we like to make sure that our youngest little customers are just as happy as everyone else! This is why you have the opportunity to purchase our most popular design chairs in a kids version as well.

We have a wide range of colours available, to ensure that you can match your little one's furniture to your own, as well as to the design of their room.We have perfected our chairs over the years and know exactly what we need to do to make your little one happy with the purchase.

These chairs are manufactured from easy to clean materials, and are very durable, as we know how playtime goes down in the house. Our kids chairs will be your children's companion until they grow out of them.

Why do we need to buy quality furniture for the children?

Children have a very creative mind, and they need to be able to express their creativity in the right way. Furniture will play a great part in this as they will constantly rearrange their rooms to suit their imaginary life, which will allow them to develop great skills to aid them in the future. 

Children's furniture such as children's chairs will also be used for storage once in a blue moon. Whether we are talking about their toys or clothes, one way or another they will end up on the chair when mum asks them to tidy up their room. 

Children need ornaments in their rooms and colours which help them to express who they are and their preferences at the time. This is a very important part of development. Children's furniture makes it possible to decorate their rooms in harmony with the style that prevails there. It also creates a joyful atmosphere in the children's room.

The different types of children's furniture we offer:

We have a wide selection of chairs and armchairs designed and perfected for children, so they can either do their homework effectively, or fully relax. with the correct furniture, they will be able to read and play effectively as our furniture will aid them in their activities.

What are the characteristics of the children's chairs?

Our chairs adapt to the children's age which is why they are so practical. The most important factor in our eyes in a children's chair is the strength and robustness.

As children are very curious and innocent, they need to be surrounded by chairs which have secured parts, rounded edges and light and warm material as safety is the number one point when it comes to the stability of our furniture, as we have a duty to prevent injury in the presence of our furniture.

We offer a wide range of colours both bright like pink, orange or yellow as well as subtle colours such as white, black or grey. The accessories we provide for children's furniture are not only fully functional but also have a slick finish with soft materials such as textile.

Our complete collection of children's furniture includes:

  • Children's chairs
  • Children's tables
  • Children's armchairs
  • Children's stools (from a certain age)
  • Scandinavian chairs for children
  • Children's rocking chairs

Our selection of children's chairs

We have a wide range of children's' chairs available, for example, armchairs, chairs, puffs, rocking chairs, stools as well as tables and accessories.  

Our number one children rocking chair is the Kids RAR rocking chair, which comes in vibrant colours and offers great comfort whilst your children rocks into a lullaby.

Our best selling kids armchair is the Kids WB armchair which is a great choice if you wish to allow your children's imagination to go wild and offer endless hours of support, no matter if it is for studying, playing or relaxing with the family.

Our customers love the kids DSW chair if they are looking for a standard practical chair for their beloved children, and the stool which gets to most attention is The Cupcake as it is not only fun but is also multi-functional.

One day it can be a table, then a chair, then a storage pot! Tables are also a very important part of children's furniture and our Kids DSW side table does just the job! With the metal rods it not only looks trendy, but also is the perfect height to go with the chairs we offer on our website! 

Furthermore, in the children's section, you will find swivel chairs, toy furniture, and different accessories such as kids hangers to help you complete the interior design of the playroom or kids bedroom.

The material of our children's chairs

Choosing the right material for your children chairs is really important and it will highly depend on what your child will use the chair for. 

Mostly our chars will come in Polypropylene as it is a high quality plastic material which is easy to clean, maintain and also more reluctant to scratches and damages. We offer chair cushions with the kids chairs, to ensure that if you wish to take their comfort to the next level, you will be able to do so as well as match the colours to the cushions. 

Since there is such a wide variety of children's furniture, it is necessary to take into account the parameters such as the child's age, size, gender, taste, type of room to be furnished, surface area, colours and desired use.

This is how a table installed in a spacious room will look different from a table installed in a small room. Storage furniture will not be confused with play furniture. In the same way, the furniture in the living room will not be identical to that in your kid's room.

In the room, there are no reservations except in terms of security. In the living room, however, furniture with a full toddler decor is not recommended; the children's furniture in the living room should match the decoration in the living room and reflect the imposing image of a household.

Children's chair specialists

Created in 2013, Chair Furniture is an expert in furniture and decoration. For some time now, we have been favouring chairs for children from 1 to 10 years old and even for pre-teens.Discover a wide variety of stools, chairs and children's chairs. From unique models to essential accessories to beautify your little one's room, such as the children's desk chair that can be used until the 5th grade.

With a refined structure, a welcoming design compatible with the colours of the classroom or bedroom, models in radiant colours with impressive patterns awaits you on Chair Furniture . At Chair Furniture we also think about  toddlers  being able to relax with the footstool feature on our chairs.

Find a range of furniture in different materials (wood, metal), combinations of materials and colours for original items and various styles (Scandinavian, cocooning, casual). And the great thing is that here you can get individual and products, especially for your child.

How to maintain a child chair?

The child chair should be kept in good condition. But the maintenance method depends heavily on the quality of the manufacturing material of this seat. For leather seats, for example, they must be coated with specific products to maintain their original flexibility.

A frequent wipe is also required to protect them from dust and stains. Chairs with removable cushions are very easy to maintain. Simply wash the covers that cover them in the washing machine to prevent dirt and marks from becoming embedded. However, reference should be made to the interview guide. If the seat is not removable, a sponge and a suitable cleaning product will do the trick.

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Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ( It is important to remember that the chairs complement the style of your kitchen; they must match the tone and colour of the decoration but also be comfortable for you. It is therefore according to the characteristics of your table, that you could choose the chairs and then adapt them to your taste.

In conclusion, a cosy design interior deserves a chair with a unique style, whether, in the office, bedroom, living room, restaurant, waiting room  or your little ones' kingdom, and we are here to help you make the right decision!