About Chair.furniture, a family adventure...


In April 2013, website designer Stefan Delaunay established his first workplace in Ain county in the South of France. Stefan's office was in need of furniture, therefore he visited IKEA and shops similar to Argos and Wilkinson's in search of affordable and functional office interiors.

However, he soon realised that what is readily available is rarely value for money (often costing more than £100) and not to his taste.

After researching carefully, Stefan discovered a range of 1950's inspired designs that were both charming and affordable. He quickly fell under their spell and before long he made his first order. 

Showroom Scandinavian Chair Bourg-en-Bresse

Visitors to Stefan's office as well as his co-workers admired the chair's he had bought, and enthusiastically began buying the products for their own homes and offices. Their popularity encouraged Stefan to create chair.furniture, a website dedicated to the sale of chairs.

On 1st June 2013, the first distributing accounts were opened and the website was successfully launched.

Orders quickly began to arrive and three months later, visitors to the website increased. Satisfied customers began to spread word about chair.furniture.

The family project of moving to England took shape in 2014.  The company InternetScape Limited was officially created and composed of a small team of only 3 people, including a sale consultant within the English market.

In 2014, the products have been stocked in a warehouse, rented by the month.  

Chair.furniture is above all a family adventure.

Stéphanie Delaunay

Stéphanie, shareholder of Chair.furniture and Stéfan Delaunay’s wife, has been helpful by preparing some orders while being pregnant.

A few months later, the company is moving to a real warehouse with offices:

Showroom Scandinavian Chair Bristol

A year later, the company is moving again to a bigger place!

Since then,  things have evolved, as a designer and an Agent in Asia have joined the team, and the company started producing its own moulds and products.

High Quality Scandinavian Chair


Chair.furniture is a team of passionated people native from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and England! The products are continually being replenished by at least one container per week.

Showroom Design Bristol Chair

Today, chair.furniture continue to offer high quality chairs at discount prices and with a personal level of customer service.

Chair.furniture have a wide range of clients, both personal and professional, including lawyers, landscapers, architects, doctors and psychologists.

It's finally possible to buy great chairs without breaking the bank.

Made in France: Cocorico!

The company is producing part of its chairs in France.

Made in France

Mould (tooling to produce plastic seats) of the chair at Oyonnax (France):

Mould Scandinavian Chair


What does chair.furniture bring to the market?

Products are generally readily available and delivered between 4 and 7 days. Unlike some companies, we only offer items that are available and do not make you pre-order and wait months to see your purchase.

If a chair is out of stock, it will be clearly indicated in its profile and the situation will be temporary. You are guaranteed to receive your chairs quickly.


Purchasing power is important, thus the company is selling high quality products at an affordable price. Cheap products are not on the market, as the aim of the company is to create customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We are offering competitive prices as we are reducing intermediaries and production costs (physical stores, reception staff, local advertising).

CE & SGS Certification

All of our products have passed CE certification and SGS certification.

A five stars service

We are Trusted Shops certified and are visible on all major social networks.Our clients are giving us very positive feedback and as you can see, they put their trust in us!

Trusted Shops

Thanks to our sponsorship program, a lot of our customers are recommending us, and some of them even re-order several years later.

Trust needs to be earned and we are pleased to give it to you.

100% Satisfied or reimbursed!

You have fourteen days to return the product if you change your mind. We will refund you without question (please see Terms and Conditions).


The chairs we distribute today use modern materials and techniques that are not connected to the expired patents filed in the early and mid-twentieth century. Our chairs have different features and characteristics. Products sold on chair.furniture are made in various countries, including Italy, Spain and parts of Asia, depending on the range and their availability. 

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Site manager: Stefan Delaunay.

Stéfan Delaunay


Internetscape Ltd

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Use our online contact form or phone 020 32 89 89 79

E-mail: sales@chair.furniture

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Last word:

Nowadays it is tough to find good offers, as the competition in the e-commerce business is fierce within the global economy. That's why: 

Chair.furniture is a human-size company with values and principles, delivering a local service.

Thanks for your trust!

Stéfan Delaunay and his team