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Plastic chairs

If you are looking for a fantastic alternative to the traditional choices of chairs made of metal or wood, then plastic chairs are the one for you! 

Due to the material, they are not only durable, practical and easy to clean. These plastic chairs also allow our family-run business to offer you more than 40 different colours.

With this, you can match your plastic dining chairs with your sofa for an interior design that will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

We take pride in our work and want to ensure you receive your chair exactly the way you want it.

Where to put plastic chairs:

  • Home

  • Office
  • Restaurant 
  • Conference room.

To make this perfect piece of furniture available for you, we have a fully customisable option on our website.

This means that the colour of your seat, the colour of your cushion and the legs are available in any combination of your choice; so why not let your inner Picasso go wild and create the most abstract and beautiful pieces to complement and reflect who you really are, and what your space is really like.

The perfectly curved plastic chair seats will provide ultimate comfort and some will be available to use as plastic garden chairs.

Unlike Ikea, Chair.Furniture will allow you to resource unique pieces, be it garden furniture, stackable chairs or plastic chairs in the UK, and ensure that your interior decor is completed to perfection!

The Plastic Chair

The world of contemporary and modern furniture has had the pleasure of welcoming sophisticated models of plastic chairs in recent years. 

More and more, these chairs are being used in trendy settings because they have passed a new milestone, leaving behind the image of the monotonous and predictable piece of furniture.

Today, let yourself be surprised by a wide range of plastic chairs, let us surprise you. We offer you colourful chairs, whether simple, fancy or in trend. Everything to satisfy your needs and satisfy you. 

History of the Plastic Chair 

The property market experienced a revolution with the emergence of the plastic chair. It is like a chameleon that can change shape, colour and pattern depending on its intended use.

A novel idea was to form a seat shell from just one piece. Charles & Ray Eames were the pioneers and created a classic, the DAW Plastic Arm Chair. The result was the first serially produced, affordable plastic chair in an outstanding design.

Everyone, even design lovers, will love it because the models harmonise very fabulously with each other. From elegant to simple or original and sophisticated. We use recyclable polypropylene as material.

This is moldable, environmentally friendly and offers excellent seating comfort. Designers become artists who use chairs as the mirror of your soul and give them expression. Everything is possible with this material, there are no limits to your imagination.

However, it has been a long way until today.  The times when plastic was only used for garden furniture are fortunately over. The structure has changed and they now adapt perfectly to any kind of decoration and environment. The choice is yours.

You can choose an object made of polypropylene and wood or just a chair made of polycarbonate. The world of interior design has been revolutionized. Be smart and choose a Scandinavian design chair in vintage or industrial style.

Plastic can do more

Many plastic chairs are simply beautiful, others are practical. With us, you can easily get everything. For example, you will love the advantages of stackable chairs. Let them disappear in no time in the cupboard, attic or garage.

Conjure up space when you need it. Plastic is an extremely handy material. So why not benefit from it? Are you looking for comfort? Trust chairs with armrests. An armchair is ideal for those who are looking for comfort and cosiness.

Another advantage is that you can hold on to the armrests and support yourself. This makes it much easier for you and older people to get up. A really great chair to relax and unwind with a cup of tea or coffee. We offer the right chair for every taste. You can put down your arms and rest.


Most people choose the Scandinavian plastic chair. It is inspired by the Nordic style and brings a trendy touch, thanks to a plastic shell placed on the wooden legs of the chair. It fits into any environment and goes with everything.

This chair is the perfect piece for women in love with decoration, who, depending on the season, may like to move furniture or decorate their home. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. With a few skilful handles and accessories, everything shines in a new light.

No matter if it is a birthday, Easter, Christmas or just a nice evening for two. There is always a great reason for the change. Combine candles or a string of lights, fur, pictures, art, vases as well as flowers and transform your room individually into a place full of life, contemplation, fun or peace.

The agony of choice

Opt for a contemporary style for simple, timeless chairs that blend easily into the furnishings of your room. Choose chairs with a classic but special shape. Plastic chairs are available in many colours and will definitely find a place in your home.

Choose from the range of designer chairs inspired by the greatest designers such as Charles Eames. The range of DSW chairs include more than 40 colours, upholstered surfaces, as well as patchwork colours and are a perfect reproduction. 


Quality and price

Polypropylene chairs are environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled. With Chair.Furniture, you have the right to quality. That is why we use high-quality materials from the best suppliers to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer you quality chairs and furniture that are not only contemporary and modern but also match your interior design and therefore fit perfectly into your home. Buy smart, cheaper and cheaper than anywhere else. Make the price comparison and convince yourself.

How to combine a Plastic Chair with your decor?

For a contemporary style, choose chairs that are simple, timeless and easily integrated into the decoration of your room. Choose chairs with a classic, but particular shape. Plastic chairs are available in several colours and will certainly find their place in the palette you have chosen for your interior. Best practice is to choose perspex chairs for  lighter living room such as the ghost chair which we provide with or without arms. This perpex chair is very easy to clean, and a perfect decorational piece for your hallway too!

Here are two trendy plastic chairs you can buy at any price:

  • The Design Polypropylene Chair

plastic chairsIt is sophisticated and is one of the most widely used models. Polypropylene has impressive qualities that lead manufacturers to offer chairs that are very practical, but above all of the high quality.

On top of that, they use their know-how to make these chairs totally original with modern shapes and a touch of elegance and glamour.

Polypropylene chairs have a worked design, are easy to move and store and are easy to maintain. They are all-in-one.

No wonder they are one of the leading figures in plastic chairs. 
Several designers have decided to specialise in designer plastic chairs. Some have been convinced by the properties of polypropylene, while others prefer to use other materials such as resin, PVC or polycarbonate. 


  • The Transparent Plastic Chair

plastic chairsA lot of people are looking for clear plastic chairs. By abuse of language, they ask for transparent PVC chairs. But in reality, it is Plexiglas or polycarbonate that gives the chair this property.

Thus, it is possible to have plastic but a transparent chair to enjoy the clarity produced in the room where it is located.

These chairs reflect the light and produce a sensation of grace and lightness. They are available in various colours thanks to the Plexi or polycarbonate used.

They can blend into the mass and bring a trendy touch to your interior decoration without staining.

A visit to our site should help you make a wise choice adapted to your tastes. So for all those who wish to bring in their interior completely transparent, this is the chair for you! It is part of the very selective range of transparent chairs.


For those who prefer opaque chairs, you will be delighted with the black plastic chair. There is something for everyone. For an original touch, don't hesitate to choose the red plastic chair. But if you are the sober and discreet type, the grey plastic chair is more for you. 

There is also the plastic garden chair, a model that we have known for years and that has improved over the years. Today you can find trendy plastic chairs that are easy to clean. The same goes for the plastic garden table and chair, which has been with us for years and has only gotten better and better.

One chair that has been around for a while is the designer plastic chair. With the new technologies, you will be surprised by the quality and finish of the design plastic chair.

A Chair.Furniture chair or an Ikea plastic chair?

You will be different from everyone else by choosing a plastic chair from Chair.Furniture, we have been specialists in plastic chairs for several years:

  • plastic chair
  • transparent plastic chair
  • design plastic chair 
  • plastic children's chair
  • cheap plastic chair


In all cases, you will find your happiness at Chair.Furniture. We are specialised in the sale of Chairs, Armchairs, Stools and Tables in order to offer you a well-stocked collection of furniture of irreproachable quality.