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Clear Chairs

If you found yourself asking the '' where should I buy a clear chair from'' question today, look no further!

Our selection of clear chairs and transparent chairs will complement your home perfectly.

These clear chairs can be used as dining chairs to bring your dining table to life, as well as using the transparent tones to bring liveliness to your office.

Thanks to the material, these transparent chairs are very durable and practical and will offer comfort to your home/office.

They can also be the perfect addition to your clear dressing table to provide the support and company you need every morning, especially on a Monday to ensure that your day starts the right way!

Ghost Chairs

Our latest piece in the see-through chairs category is the Ghost chair.

This piece is elegant with a Baroque style which perfectly harmonises the modern and contemporary feel to a piece of furniture.

clear chairsThese chairs are stackable for easy storage, therefore if you have limited space in your apartment, you still certainly don't need to worry. The ghost chairs available on our website can be associated with having a similar style to the Philippe Stark chairs. 

Philippe Stark has been a very successful designer, and the inspired chairs can be stacked and can be easily used for your dining chairs, chairs for your living room as well as utilising them as your office chairs to bring class and sophistication to any room of your choice.

The ghost chairs available on our website would also be a perfect combination with a similar style chair such as our Philippe Stark inspired edition.

 Another perfect feature of these chairs is that these are very easy to clean as these chairs are waterproof, so any kinds of stain will be easily removable. 

If these chairs were an addition to your dining room, your breakfast on a Sunday morning would taste twice as nice.

Where to place my Clear Chair

  • Dining Room
  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Waiting Room
  • Bedroom

If you are stuck for a present to give to your partner or girlfriend, you also won't need to look further as our ghost chairs will fit perfectly with a dressing table. 

The Ghost chair consists of moulded plastic, is resistant to weight and age and a quality replica of LG Premium polycarbonate.

Transparent chairs

Transparent Clear Chair

If you have been looking for transparent chairs for a while but couldn't find exactly what you were looking for, you have landed on the right page!

You don't need to wonder anymore about where to buy a transparent chair as our selection of clear chairs will not only complement your home perfectly but also will be perfectly comfortable to aid any occasion/gathering in your home.

Our transparent chairs can be used in multiple rooms such as the dining room, where your dining table will certainly be brought to life. In the living room, these clear chairs will also be a great visual asset, and as a bonus, they will fit perfectly next to your favourite coffee table.

These clear plastic chairs are made of simple materials in a professional way where the result is the perfect chair with a transparent back to give you all the comfort you need. If you wish to give your interior class and presence where even your friends and family will be gobsmacked from this extravagant piece, head over to our clear chairs page and have a browse.

These chairs are a real eye-catcher at any party, dinner or coffee morning, so be sure that they will take part in your next occasion. Thanks to the material, these transparent chairs are very durable, practical and provide comfort for your home, office or dressing room and extremely easy to clean. 

How to clean Clear Plastic Chairs?

If you are stuck on how to clean Clear Plastic Chairs, this mini-guide will be your perfect companion when it comes to the very act.

Taking care of your beloved furniture is crucial if you want it to be a long-lasting experience. In return, they will support you after a long day at work, add style and class to your interior and will certainly be present at the heart of the party.

No matter how durable the material of your furniture is, it is still very important to handle it carefully and prioritise the maintenance of your furniture. In return, your chairs will look like brand new for a long time, will accompany you for a long time, look beautiful and give you a lot of pleasure.

These Perspex chair will require special care, so ensure that you have a microfibre cloth to hand.

Being gentle with the material is always a number one priority, so when you're ready, just apply the appropriate acrylic or polycarbonate cleaner, give the chair a good wipe-over, and your chair will be glowing, just like when you un-wrapped it the first time, and it will be livelier than ever!

Our range of transparent chairs extends to the transparent chairs with arms category, so if you wish for more support after a long day you should have a sneak peak over to our chairs with arms subcategory, where you will find beautiful models such as the Ghost DAR chair, the Elizabeth Ghost Chair or the Ghost DAW Chair

Clear chairs for sale

The Clear chairs on our website will be available for sale with a potential next day delivery depending on the total value of your purchase. Easy 24/7 shopping available, so don't wait any longer, start browsing and get inspired today!

Ghost Chair Replica inspired by Phillippe Starck is available in the Louis model. the Louis Ghost chair replica is on sale now so head over to the relevant page and get shopping! This beautiful ghost chair is a super comfortable version with arms to allow you to be able to support yourself. Its high back allows you to just sit back and relax on any occasion. Alternatively, feel free to use this chair as a decorative piece, and it will look gorgeous in any dressing room or hallway. As Philippe Starck had a mission of providing design products for an affordable price, we continually replicate that as Chair.Furniture's values are very much similar. As Starck produced furniture, decoration and architectural pieces, the perspex chairs from him are perfectly designed with the finest details. 

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