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The Upholstered chairs

One advantage of the upholstered chairs have is the softness they provide in your home.

These chairs are fully covered in fabric and have either metal or wooden legs,  which is why they are used in classic decorations, in Scandinavian decorations and cocooning decorations.

We also have a wide selection of fabric available for you (wool, cotton, polyester, velvet),  your chosen room will certainly shine brightly with a conversation piece.

Which style of Upholstered chairs to choose?

There are several styles of chairs that you could choose from, such as the vintage chair, the cocooning chair, the Scandinavian fabric chair and many others.

We brought our best tips for you so you can make a perfect choice. If you are looking to create a retro look, our vintage fabric chairs are your best choice, as they will perfectly fit in your decoration and embellish your room.

The vintage chairs will also certainly seduce you and your guests with its perfectly soft fabric upholstery.

If you are into the Scandinavian style, your best bet is to choose a Nordic seat which swill certainly never go out of fashion within this interior feel.  

The softness and comfort which is provided by the Nordic chairs will be so inviting your guests will never want to leave!

The mixture of an upholstered fabric chair with a wooden touch will bring a natural, soft and relaxing atmosphere into your room, therefore check this chair out if you are wanting to achieve just that.

To reveal the upholstered chairs' authenticity and character, the fully covered fabric chairs are also paired with either metal or wood.

We know that you and your friends will have a great time in exceptional comfort in our chairs, no matter if you use them as upholstered dining chairs or office chairs, so do not hesitate and check them out.

The advantages of an upholstered chair in a contemporary decoration:

If you would like to create a modern design aesthetic, as our dining chairs will come in different trendy shapes and patterns, it will give you exactly that.

Your friends will be under the spell of our chairs comfort, softness and style.

Our upholstered chairs will be a perfect addition to any area of your room, be it the reading area, living room, dining room or bedroom.

If you wanted to place these fabric chairs in the kitchen, you will need to make sure that you chose a chair which has waterproof fabric and is easy to treat stains.

Charm and softness are what our fabric chairs will offer you.

Fabric Dining chairs for your dining room

Upholstered chairs will gently decorate your room, bringing in a soft touch thanks to the velvety and smooth texture of the different fabrics.

As we have a wide range of colours available, you will be able to choose the exact colour which suits your taste.

If you want a clean and crisp look, a fabric chair with anthracite grey and black will certainly bing that into your interior.  

If you need more clarity, picking a white, shade of white or beige will always work. If you are looking for a shade that will bring life to your room, then choose bright colours.

There is a multitude of colours which you can browse through to find the perfect shade. 

The doors of Chair Furniture are wide open for you and we will help you through the process of choosing the perfect colour to create a truly trendy look.

To decorate your dining room, the duck blue fabric chair is the ideal choice.

Chair Furniture also offers you fabric chairs that are fully customisable in terms of the colour of the wooden or metal base or the colour of the seat.

The Fabric Chair with armrests: optimal comfort

If you are looking for a chair which will allow you to relax, rest your forearms after a long day of work and offer optimal comfort, our fabric armchairs will be your best choice .

They are perfectly suitable for any room of the house (living room, dining room, bedroom or even the office).

This  fabric armchair will create a relaxed atmosphere, and provide a cocoon of wellbeing. 

The comfort offered by  these fabric chairs with armrests is reinforced by the upholstery or padding, so you can choose a chair made of upholstered fabric. 

Due to the unique design of these armchairs,  if combined wit traditional chairs  and designer chairs around the dining table, the result will be spectacular.

Feel free to choose from the many armrest models available: the chair in velvet, cotton, polyester and wool.

The maintenance of a Fabric Chair

Here are some tips to properly maintain your fabric chair. First of all, before using your chair, apply a fabric waterproofing agent; this will protect the chair from stains.

You can use a simple soft cloth soaked in water to clean the chair every day.

There are special fabric shampoos that you can apply to the surface to be treated.

If your fabric chair is removable, it can make it easer to clean, as  when the cover is dirty, you can remove it and wash it with a machine or by hand. Apply these tips and you will not see any signs of use on your chair; it will always be new to you.

There is only one thing left to do: choose the fabric chairs that will put you in better conditions.