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The Office Chairs

Here at Chair Furniture, we offer office chairs for professional use as well as for your home office. We have different options available such as chairs with or without armrest, in fabric or leather as well as chairs that pivot. You will find what you are looking for amongst our wide selection of office chairs.

Main steps for choosing the right office chairs

It is not easy to choose a chair that meets your needs. We need to take in consideration both practicality as well as comfort.As a typical person will spend more hours a day working than at home, therefore it is really important to choose the most appropriate office chair for you!

There should be a few questions answered when considering an office chair. First of all, why do you need this chair?Is this chair for a small office? Is this chair for your children to support their studies?

Or is it to truly support your company and build an outstanding image? In the first case, a computer chair should be sufficient, but in the second case, you must consider a swivel chair made of leather. Leather is a material with a certain presence; it is noble and will bring a touch of elegance to your office.

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer and need comfort, you should get an adjustable chair to ensure that you can sit with a comfortable posture.

If you move a lot, you should use a swivel chair or a chair on wheels to allow you to move freely. Once you have a general idea about the chair, you must then think about your specific needs.

If you are prone to back pain, you should choose an office chair with back support. It will help you prevent or avoid back pain or any other type of pain related to poor posture.

Similarly, if you are a tall person, best practice would be to get a height-adjustable chair to allow comfort in any given scenario.

How to set up an Office Chair?

First of all, you should know that everything depends on the type of chair you have. In general, the height of the headrest, armrests, backrest, tilt or side cushions should be adjusted to appropriately align with the lumbar region of your body.

These different features have made office chairs with padding a best seller as it is most comfortable; not to mention those with removable armrests! Remember that your comfort depends on your efficiency.

Finally, before choosing your office chair, you must consider your environment. You must choose chairs that will not damage your interior decor. If you have a floor covering, it would be better not to choose a chair that could scratch your covering.

As we have a wide range of colours and customisation available, you won't need to worry that it won't match your interior decor, which is a number one priority!

There isn't a perfect answer to the question of which office chair to buy; it all depends on what you're looking for. If you follow these simple steps, you will always be satisfied with your office chair purchase.

What about a designer chair?

Like all chairs, office chairs come in many forms and types.

Chair Furniture provides a wide range of chairs, from gaming chairs for video game lovers, to children's chairs, leather chairs and designer chairs to highlight the trendy side of your home, etc.

The designer office chair has won hearts with its minimalist, modern and trendy look.

The vintage design chair is more suitable for authentic decorations, but on the other hand, don't be fooled by the age of leather and wood.

They will bring a trendy touch to your interior. There are even models that merge vintage and design looks.

The gaming chair will allow you to rise above all your competition as it will allow you to be more mobile and comfortable than ever to develop your full potential.

The ergonomic office chair will allow you to work more efficiently as it will improve your posture so you can avoid back pain or lumbar pain. 

As highlighted above, it is not only about comfort and productivity.  It is also very important to take in consideration your interior design and ensure that your office chair takes to the next level.

For modern decorations, white chairs are perfect for lighting the room. Black ones, on the other hand, darken the desk, but elegantly.

It is then up to you to choose the one you need according to the desired effect.

While waiting for the grey office chair to come and provide the perfect shade, the black chair remains the undeniable leader of the trendy decor of modern times.

If you are ready for a vibrant and unique look, colours like red, green and yellow will be at your doorstep.

The Ergonomic chairs

The main focus of designers right now is to create trendy but comfortable chairs. The main purpose of these chairs is to avoid back pain.

It will also ensure that you can work efficiently as you will be able to concentrate on your most important tasks.

To find your perfect chair here at Chair Furniture, you will need to ask yourself how many hours a day will you sit on this chair, how will I use this chair, do I need a local furniture shop or where is best to buy an office chair.

You will find adjustable models, with or without headrests, swivel models, with or without armrests, etc. Chair Furniture will be your best option, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase. 

Where to buy office chairs?

On the Chair.Furniture website! You will not only receive guaranteed quality, but our family-run business will also ensure you receive your delivery as soon as possible and will be with you every step of the way.

We specialise in tables, stools and chairs, therefore we offer a wide range of selection for professional and personal use too!

If you are looking for customisable furniture, you sure won't need to look further as Chair Furniture will allow you to customise all your purchases to adapt it to your style and especially to your decorations.

You will be able to choose from a plethora of colours, and decide whether you wish your chair to be on wheels, with arms or without as well as ensure that if you need something specific like a kitchen chair or an office chair, it is available for you.

The vast majority of seats sold by Chair Furniture are of French and European design.

Lastly but most importantly our knowledgable customer advisors are always on hand should you need any help in making decisions, waiting for an order or have a problem so do not hesitate to contact us.