• Clear Chairs

    Clear Chairs

    If you found yourself asking the '' where should I buy a clear chair from'' question today, look no further!

    Our selection of clear chairs and transparent chairs will complement your home perfectly.

    These clear chairs can be used as dining chairs to bring your dining table to life, as well as using the transparent tones to bring liveliness to your office.

    Thanks to the material, these transparent chairs are very durable and practical and will offer comfort to your home/office.

    They can also be the perfect addition to your clear dressing table to provide the support and company you need every morning, especially on a Monday to ensure that your day starts the right way!

    Ghost Chairs

    Our latest piece in the see-through chairs category is the Ghost chair.

    This piece is elegant with a Baroque style which perfectly harmonises the modern and contemporary feel to a piece of furniture.

    clear chairsThese chairs are stackable for easy storage, therefore if you have limited space in your apartment, you still certainly don't need to worry. The ghost chairs available on our website can be associated with having a similar style to the Philippe Stark chairs. 

    Philippe Stark has been a very successful designer, and the inspired chairs can be stacked and can be easily used for your dining chairs, chairs for your living room as well as utilising them as your office chairs to bring class and sophistication to any room of your choice.

    The ghost chairs available on our website would also be a perfect combination with a similar style chair such as our Philippe Stark inspired edition.

     Another perfect feature of these chairs is that these are very easy to clean as these chairs are waterproof, so any kinds of stain will be easily removable. 

    If these chairs were an addition to your dining room, your breakfast on a Sunday morning would taste twice as nice.

    Where to place my Clear Chair

    • Dining Room
    • Office
    • Kitchen
    • Waiting Room
    • Bedroom

    If you are stuck for a present to give to your partner or girlfriend, you also won't need to look further as our ghost chairs will fit perfectly with a dressing table. 

    The Ghost chair consists of moulded plastic, is resistant to weight and age and a quality replica of LG Premium polycarbonate.

    Transparent chairs

    Transparent Clear Chair

    If you have been looking for transparent chairs for a while but couldn't find exactly what you were looking for, you have landed on the right page!

    You don't need to wonder anymore about where to buy a transparent chair as our selection of clear chairs will not only complement your home perfectly but also will be perfectly comfortable to aid any occasion/gathering in your home.

    Our transparent chairs can be used in multiple rooms such as the dining room, where your dining table will certainly be brought to life. In the living room, these clear chairs will also be a great visual asset, and as a bonus, they will fit perfectly next to your favourite coffee table.

    These clear plastic chairs are made of simple materials in a professional way where the result is the perfect chair with a transparent back to give you all the comfort you need. If you wish to give your interior class and presence where even your friends and family will be gobsmacked from this extravagant piece, head over to our clear chairs page and have a browse.

    These chairs are a real eye-catcher at any party, dinner or coffee morning, so be sure that they will take part in your next occasion. Thanks to the material, these transparent chairs are very durable, practical and provide comfort for your home, office or dressing room and extremely easy to clean. 

    How to clean Clear Plastic Chairs?

    If you are stuck on how to clean Clear Plastic Chairs, this mini-guide will be your perfect companion when it comes to the very act.

    Taking care of your beloved furniture is crucial if you want it to be a long-lasting experience. In return, they will support you after a long day at work, add style and class to your interior and will certainly be present at the heart of the party.

    No matter how durable the material of your furniture is, it is still very important to handle it carefully and prioritise the maintenance of your furniture. In return, your chairs will look like brand new for a long time, will accompany you for a long time, look beautiful and give you a lot of pleasure.

    These Perspex chair will require special care, so ensure that you have a microfibre cloth to hand.

    Being gentle with the material is always a number one priority, so when you're ready, just apply the appropriate acrylic or polycarbonate cleaner, give the chair a good wipe-over, and your chair will be glowing, just like when you un-wrapped it the first time, and it will be livelier than ever!

    Our range of transparent chairs extends to the transparent chairs with arms category, so if you wish for more support after a long day you should have a sneak peak over to our chairs with arms subcategory, where you will find beautiful models such as the Ghost DAR chair, the Elizabeth Ghost Chair or the Ghost DAW Chair

    Clear chairs for sale

    The Clear chairs on our website will be available for sale with a potential next day delivery depending on the total value of your purchase. Easy 24/7 shopping available, so don't wait any longer, start browsing and get inspired today!

    Ghost Chair Replica inspired by Phillippe Starck is available in the Louis model. the Louis Ghost chair replica is on sale now so head over to the relevant page and get shopping! This beautiful ghost chair is a super comfortable version with arms to allow you to be able to support yourself. Its high back allows you to just sit back and relax on any occasion. Alternatively, feel free to use this chair as a decorative piece, and it will look gorgeous in any dressing room or hallway. As Philippe Starck had a mission of providing design products for an affordable price, we continually replicate that as Chair.Furniture's values are very much similar. As Starck produced furniture, decoration and architectural pieces, the perspex chairs from him are perfectly designed with the finest details. 

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    Our latest collaboration will display one of our clear chairs in a natural and trendy scenario. 







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  • Wooden Chairs

    Wooden Chairs

    The wooden chairs available on our website will be the perfect fit for any scenario of your choice. These chairs have the right balance between a retro chair design and an industrial chair design, ensuring that they give plenty of character to any chosen interior.

    Your interior design will  be perfectly complemented no matter what style you go for, be it a traditional British interior design, rustic interior design or an Industrial themed setting.

    The chair which will catch your eye the most is the Tolix A chair, which will be a practical choice for you.  Although these are not wooden folding chairs, they can be stacked to allow space maximisation. These are perfect if you are looking for wooden office chair.

    Wooden chairs have always been a number one choice in the UK, as there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing and easy-going than a wooden dining table and dining chair set. Durable and easy to clean, this wooden chair will be with you throughout any challenge and occasion life throws at you.

    Purchasing a solid wood dining chair may have crossed your mind, however, our chairs with a touch of metal provide the perfect blend of industrial and retro to spice your interior decor, so look no further and make your choice! 

    Why Chose Our Chairs?

    wooden dining chairsThese Wooden chairs are provided by a family business who will sit on these exact  selection of chairs made of wood, metal, plastic and a variety of other materials.Our passion for quality furniture is like no others.

    Unlike your standard choices of Ikea or Cult Furniture, our wooden chairs can certainly act as a centrepiece for your kitchen or be the perfect choice for your bar or restaurant setting. Most of these are stacking chairs, which means that they will be very practical in any given scenario. 

    If you have originally thought to purchase  your wooden dining chairs from Ikea or Cult furniture just like all of your beloved friends, look no further and chose your perfectly fully customisable chairs with Chair.Furniture

    These wooden chairs will be easy to assemble and you will always receive any extra support if needed; we are just a phone call away!  Now that we have agreed on the uniqueness and practicality of our chairs, we can also agree that these outstanding pieces wouldn't be available at other furniture store of your general choice like John Lewis or the Range!

    Of course, they may have some beautiful pieces, but being able to customise to your specific needs goes a long way, and our small professional team  who shares a  real passion about furniture and interior design are always available and happy to help in any given situation. 

    How to clean Wooden chairshow to clean a wooden chair

    • Step 1: Avoid harsh chemicals, instead use cleaning products specifically for wood.
    • Step 2: use lint-free microfibre cloths for a streak free result.
    • Step 3: Remove dust from the surfaces then spray cleaner onto the rag.
    • Step 4: With long clean strokes, apply cleaner and wipe off excess cleanser.
    • Step 5: When Wood dried, apply wood conditioner and fully dry.

    When it comes to cleaning wooden chairs and maintaining them, we need to look out for a number of details. However, with the correct tools and materials, your wooden furniture will be catching eyes in no time. We have a few steps we advise you to follow to ensure that your wooden seat/ chair is in tip-top shape at all times. 

    First of all, we need to ensure that we avoid harsh chemicals at all costs such as drying cleaners not specifically created for wood, as they will cause unforgivable damage to your beloved furniture.

    We would always advise using a wood specific cleaner which is mineral oil-based, as they will always infuse the wood with a conditioning treatment. Our favourite rags to use are always lint-free, to ensure that it doesn't snag on any looks strips of wood, and the microfibre material will allow you to leave a streak-free finish too.

    Once we have all the equipment we need, first we should remove all the dust from the surface. After, apply the cleaner onto the rag, not the surface of your furniture! For best result, swipe the wooden office chair  in long clean strokes covering every portion of the wood.

    Once complete, wipe off any remaining unnecessary cleanser and apply your wood-conditioner after the chair is fully dry. 

      If you complete this maintenance routine regularly, you will never need to paint your wooden chair and certainly will not need to say goodbye!

      Find us on Social Media

      If you are in need for more interior inspiration, or you just wish to see how our products show in individual shops, have a look at our social media accounts and let us help you design your dream home!

      Our latest collaboration will display one of our wooden chairs in a natural and trendy scenario. 



    • Designer Chairs

      Designer chairs are the new unique trend of art and decoration, be it for commercial rooms, working spaces, bars, restaurants, and homes.

      The number of creative designers has accelerated within the last decade, who certainly offer the most unique pieces with the appropriate modern touch to compliment your choice of scenario perfectly.

      If you are looking for the best selection of designer chairs, you are in the right place, searching on our website.

      The criteria for choosing your perfect Designer Chair

      The most important features customers look for is the style, aesthetics, creation, comfort, and modernity of the chair.

      To achieve this, manufacturers have to have their best resources on hand to ensure that their products are as trendy, distinguished and original as ever before!

      The aesthetics of our chairs is very important to us, therefore we ensure that we have a wide range of products available so you can make your best choice.

      From transparent designer chairs, which guarantee a bright atmosphere in any given room, to wooden  designer chairs with an industrial touch combining modernity and aesthetics, whatever combination you need, we have it.

      As the possibilities are endless, it could be a dilemma to choose your perfect chair based on aesthetics, therefore our number 1 tip is to match the colour of your chair with the interior of your home considering the space available.

      Of course, if your home has a lot of darker features, it is always advised to use a lighter chair or a transparent chair to create contrast within your interior design.

      designer chairsIndeed, these chair models make it possible to awaken modern homes. As for the black designer chairs, they adapt to the interiors with finesse. On our website, you can find a wide range of colours for your designer chairs.

      These colours are among others: from neutral colours to red, orange, green, etc. whatever your colour preferences, the different colours available will ensure to fulfil your home.

      In terms of aesthetics and design, several options are generally taken into account.  Different materials are available for you to use such as fabric which brings in a soft feel to your home,  or leather if you are looking to bring a touch of elegance and nobility.

      If you prefer an easily maintainable chair, other materials such as plastic or metal are also highly recommended.

      Why Choose the Contemporary Design Chair?

      We provide our customers with contemporary designer chairs, cut with the greatest care and with a great aesthetic appeal. When it comes to trends, these chairs are amongst the latest models in vogue.

      Quality is one of the major concerns of any customer, and we certainly guarantee it. The chairs are of high quality and have been previously tested, in every material: leather, wood, plastic, etc.

      Mostly from European manufacturers,  these chairs meet the daily expectations of customers and highly reliable. Whether it is an Italian, Spanish, French, Belgian or any European manufacturer's design chair, we provide you with the best of the best. You can access our various offers through our online site.

      Where to place my Clear Chair

      • Dining Room
      • Office
      • Kitchen
      • Waiting Room
      • Bedroom

      Why choose the Plastic Designer Chairs?

      When it comes to designer chairs, plastic is one of the most popular materials. These beautiful chairs are made of polypropylene, polycarbonate or PVC and have many advantages.

      The main quality of this item is its malleability, which makes perfect. Another advantage of these chairs ,is their availability in a multitude of colours, which allows them to match all interior decorations.

      Plastic chairs are also very easy to maintain. Finally, the designer plastic chair can be a great addition to any kinds of room, be it in the kitchen, living room or any other scenario.  So don't hesitate and choose your favourite colour for the designer plastic chair.

      Decorate your home with a Designer Chair

      Real estate continues to evolve as part of modernism and aesthetics. These words have become very important in this field to the point where designers have made them a necessity for their product.

      The use of  most types of design chairs are generally doubtful, however, our chairs are very durable and can be used just like any other. Are you looking for a contemporary design chair or a Scandinavian design chair?

      On our website, you will find the right design chair for you through our wide selection. We offer a wide range of chairs combining modernity, originality, and aesthetics for all types of rooms: dining room, kitchen, living room, etc.  With our design chairs, you can now enhance your rooms is a guarantee.

      The Types of designer chairs available:

      • Plastic designer chairs
      • Metal designer chairs
      • Transparent designer chairs
      • Famous designer chair replicas
      • Contemporary designer chairs
      • Scandinavian designer chairs

      Where to get a Designer Chair?

      Given the many advantages they offer, it is only natural to wonder where to find a designer chair at the best price and of good quality.

      In this case, our website will be the most practical choice for you. In partnership with European manufacturers, we offer you the best choices in terms of tables, chairs, and stools.

      These various works of art are designed with the greatest care and following the highest standards of real estate art. Whether it is a Scandinavian design chair, a minimalist chair or a customizable chair, the chairs offered are adapted to meet all your needs in terms of interior design and comfort.

    • Plastic chairs

      Plastic chairs

      If you are looking for a fantastic alternative to the traditional choices of chairs made of metal or wood, then plastic chairs are the one for you! 

      Due to the material, they are not only durable, practical and easy to clean. These plastic chairs also allow our family-run business to offer you more than 40 different colours.

      With this, you can match your plastic dining chairs with your sofa for an interior design that will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

      We take pride in our work and want to ensure you receive your chair exactly the way you want it.

      Where to put plastic chairs:

      • Home

      • Office
      • Restaurant 
      • Conference room.

      To make this perfect piece of furniture available for you, we have a fully customisable option on our website.

      This means that the colour of your seat, the colour of your cushion and the legs are available in any combination of your choice; so why not let your inner Picasso go wild and create the most abstract and beautiful pieces to complement and reflect who you really are, and what your space is really like.

      The perfectly curved plastic chair seats will provide ultimate comfort and some will be available to use as plastic garden chairs.

      Unlike Ikea, Chair.Furniture will allow you to resource unique pieces, be it garden furniture, stackable chairs or plastic chairs in the UK, and ensure that your interior decor is completed to perfection!

      The Plastic Chair

      The world of contemporary and modern furniture has had the pleasure of welcoming sophisticated models of plastic chairs in recent years. 

      More and more, these chairs are being used in trendy settings because they have passed a new milestone, leaving behind the image of the monotonous and predictable piece of furniture.

      Today, let yourself be surprised by a wide range of plastic chairs, let us surprise you. We offer you colourful chairs, whether simple, fancy or in trend. Everything to satisfy your needs and satisfy you. 

      History of the Plastic Chair 

      The property market experienced a revolution with the emergence of the plastic chair. It is like a chameleon that can change shape, colour and pattern depending on its intended use.

      A novel idea was to form a seat shell from just one piece. Charles & Ray Eames were the pioneers and created a classic, the DAW Plastic Arm Chair. The result was the first serially produced, affordable plastic chair in an outstanding design.

      Everyone, even design lovers, will love it because the models harmonise very fabulously with each other. From elegant to simple or original and sophisticated. We use recyclable polypropylene as material.

      This is moldable, environmentally friendly and offers excellent seating comfort. Designers become artists who use chairs as the mirror of your soul and give them expression. Everything is possible with this material, there are no limits to your imagination.

      However, it has been a long way until today.  The times when plastic was only used for garden furniture are fortunately over. The structure has changed and they now adapt perfectly to any kind of decoration and environment. The choice is yours.

      You can choose an object made of polypropylene and wood or just a chair made of polycarbonate. The world of interior design has been revolutionized. Be smart and choose a Scandinavian design chair in vintage or industrial style.

      Plastic can do more

      Many plastic chairs are simply beautiful, others are practical. With us, you can easily get everything. For example, you will love the advantages of stackable chairs. Let them disappear in no time in the cupboard, attic or garage.

      Conjure up space when you need it. Plastic is an extremely handy material. So why not benefit from it? Are you looking for comfort? Trust chairs with armrests. An armchair is ideal for those who are looking for comfort and cosiness.

      Another advantage is that you can hold on to the armrests and support yourself. This makes it much easier for you and older people to get up. A really great chair to relax and unwind with a cup of tea or coffee. We offer the right chair for every taste. You can put down your arms and rest.


      Most people choose the Scandinavian plastic chair. It is inspired by the Nordic style and brings a trendy touch, thanks to a plastic shell placed on the wooden legs of the chair. It fits into any environment and goes with everything.

      This chair is the perfect piece for women in love with decoration, who, depending on the season, may like to move furniture or decorate their home. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. With a few skilful handles and accessories, everything shines in a new light.

      No matter if it is a birthday, Easter, Christmas or just a nice evening for two. There is always a great reason for the change. Combine candles or a string of lights, fur, pictures, art, vases as well as flowers and transform your room individually into a place full of life, contemplation, fun or peace.

      The agony of choice

      Opt for a contemporary style for simple, timeless chairs that blend easily into the furnishings of your room. Choose chairs with a classic but special shape. Plastic chairs are available in many colours and will definitely find a place in your home.

      Choose from the range of designer chairs inspired by the greatest designers such as Charles Eames. The range of DSW chairs include more than 40 colours, upholstered surfaces, as well as patchwork colours and are a perfect reproduction. 


      Quality and price

      Polypropylene chairs are environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled. With Chair.Furniture, you have the right to quality. That is why we use high-quality materials from the best suppliers to ensure your satisfaction.

      We offer you quality chairs and furniture that are not only contemporary and modern but also match your interior design and therefore fit perfectly into your home. Buy smart, cheaper and cheaper than anywhere else. Make the price comparison and convince yourself.

      How to combine a Plastic Chair with your decor?

      For a contemporary style, choose chairs that are simple, timeless and easily integrated into the decoration of your room. Choose chairs with a classic, but particular shape. Plastic chairs are available in several colours and will certainly find their place in the palette you have chosen for your interior. Best practice is to choose perspex chairs for  lighter living room such as the ghost chair which we provide with or without arms. This perpex chair is very easy to clean, and a perfect decorational piece for your hallway too!

      Here are two trendy plastic chairs you can buy at any price:

      • The Design Polypropylene Chair

      plastic chairsIt is sophisticated and is one of the most widely used models. Polypropylene has impressive qualities that lead manufacturers to offer chairs that are very practical, but above all of the high quality.

      On top of that, they use their know-how to make these chairs totally original with modern shapes and a touch of elegance and glamour.

      Polypropylene chairs have a worked design, are easy to move and store and are easy to maintain. They are all-in-one.

      No wonder they are one of the leading figures in plastic chairs. 
      Several designers have decided to specialise in designer plastic chairs. Some have been convinced by the properties of polypropylene, while others prefer to use other materials such as resin, PVC or polycarbonate. 


      • The Transparent Plastic Chair

      plastic chairsA lot of people are looking for clear plastic chairs. By abuse of language, they ask for transparent PVC chairs. But in reality, it is Plexiglas or polycarbonate that gives the chair this property.

      Thus, it is possible to have plastic but a transparent chair to enjoy the clarity produced in the room where it is located.

      These chairs reflect the light and produce a sensation of grace and lightness. They are available in various colours thanks to the Plexi or polycarbonate used.

      They can blend into the mass and bring a trendy touch to your interior decoration without staining.

      A visit to our site should help you make a wise choice adapted to your tastes. So for all those who wish to bring in their interior completely transparent, this is the chair for you! It is part of the very selective range of transparent chairs.


      For those who prefer opaque chairs, you will be delighted with the black plastic chair. There is something for everyone. For an original touch, don't hesitate to choose the red plastic chair. But if you are the sober and discreet type, the grey plastic chair is more for you. 

      There is also the plastic garden chair, a model that we have known for years and that has improved over the years. Today you can find trendy plastic chairs that are easy to clean. The same goes for the plastic garden table and chair, which has been with us for years and has only gotten better and better.

      One chair that has been around for a while is the designer plastic chair. With the new technologies, you will be surprised by the quality and finish of the design plastic chair.

      A Chair.Furniture chair or an Ikea plastic chair?

      You will be different from everyone else by choosing a plastic chair from Chair.Furniture, we have been specialists in plastic chairs for several years:

      • plastic chair
      • transparent plastic chair
      • design plastic chair 
      • plastic children's chair
      • cheap plastic chair


      In all cases, you will find your happiness at Chair.Furniture. We are specialised in the sale of Chairs, Armchairs, Stools and Tables in order to offer you a well-stocked collection of furniture of irreproachable quality. 

    • Metal chairs

      The Metal Chairs

      Metal is one of the all-time favourites of manufacturers when it comes to sustainable and solid materials with beautiful characteristics, that fit perfectly in any scenario.

      Just like the different types of wood such as beech, metal is a very high-quality choice of material for furniture, and it will last you for a lifetime if you complete the necessary steps to maintain your beloved metal chairs.

      We have a wide range of trendy retro chairs that will complement and spice up your interior decor ready for any occasion.

      With options of customization on most of our products, the premium retro chair will sure stand out!

      Why should you choose Metal Chairs?

      If you need metal dining chairs that will offer maximum sturdiness and safety, and are looking for a cost-effective option, you should look no further!

      We truly believe that our metal chairs will fit in any environment perfectly, be it a waiting room or reception, and of course, they are more than satisfactory as office chairs and garden chairs.

      If you place them in any public places for any occasion, they will not disappoint.

      Even though they are fantastically sturdy, if the occasion came and repair to your retro chair was necessary, the repair is very easy which makes metal chairs the most convenient material of your choice.

      If treated well with only a few steps to protect them against rust and scratches, they will for sure last for a lifetime!

      If you prefer to purchase our metal chairs to complement your kitchen interior, it will be a perfect choice, as stains and dust are easily removable from these modern and stylish pieces.

      As lacquer works well with this material, we can customize these metal dining chairs so they come in different colours to ensure maximal satisfaction once it is part of your interior.

      Today, there is a wide selection of retro metal chairs that stand out for their shape and style. If you need furniture for an industrial, classic, vintage, sophisticated or

      practical decor, you will surely find something to suit your feet in the wide range of retro chairs available.

      For example, the Bistro Metal Chair is very popular for a Parisian decor. For a modern decoration, bistro chair  or  designer metal chairs are the best choice.

      They are minimalist in design, but robust. Manufacturers make them work to make them attractive and singular.

      Furniture manufacturers are very familiar with metal design today.They make all kinds of them. In fact, models with armrests have appeared

      . Fusions of materials have given rise to chairs made of metal and Plexiglas or wood. In the industrial world, metal and wooden chairs are very well known.

      You can also instal them in your home to reproduce the factory furniture of the time.

      If you wish to bring contrast into your home, as an example the black and white  industrial chairs, showcase unparalleled elegance.

      But if you want to be more eccentric, you can choose metal chairs in red, blue or yellow. On the other hand, you are sure to bring out your original character with the Chrome Metal Diamond Chair.

      There are even customizable models that look just like you. You can then decorate your interior to your taste by playing on the finishes. 

      Which metal chair to go for?

      Due to our wide variety of products, we have the perfect chair for every style of interior. If you are looking for a retro look, The School Chair will be your number one choice. If you wish for a more industrial finish, say no more, The Mater Chair will be your perfect choice

       Moving on, The Bistro chair is an excellent choice if you are looking to complete a Parisian decor; with its classic look and modern twist, it will complement your interior as you wish. The option will always be there to use it as a garden chair as it is perfectly suitable with its stackable feature. If you want to add a little more, your number one choice should be the Tolix A chair which will bring a rustic but contemporary look with its wooden seat.

      If you are looking to fill a more modern styled space, the designer metal chairs will be your best choice. Their design is minimalistic yet robust, allowing them to be either the centrepiece of your space such as the DKR Eames edition- perfect and contemporary sleek design or you could go for a more Original and modern option, the diamond chair which will bring a modern touch in every home. 

      As different colours are also available this is where you shouldn’t hesitate to use your creativity and make bold choices. Black and white chairs for example put forward an unparalleled elegance, but if you want to be more eccentric, you can choose the metal chairs of red, blue or yellow. However, you are sure to bring out your original character with a golden chair.

      There are even customizable templates that you look alike. You can then decorate your interior to your taste by playing on the finishes with the choices of different cushions.

      The practical and ergonomic Metal Chair

      If you need a practical and discreet chair, choose a metal folding chair. It's easy to store and gives you plenty of room. You can put it in a cupboard or even behind another piece of furniture.

      The metal folding chair may be very practical, but it is also sturdy and comfortable. It is a booster seat that can be used for your decoration. It comes in many forms to suit your objectives.

      If you are not convinced, you can always choose a stackable metal chair. It is a very good alternative to the folding one. You can then place several chairs on top of each other to create more space. 

      Where to buy your Metal Chair?

      Chair.Furniture invites you to browse through our wide range of products to find the right Metal Chair for your needs. You will find quality and sturdy chairs to go with all your decorations.

      Once in the online shop, you will be able to choose in all serenity the chair that suits you. There are chairs in all shapes, styles and colours available. Whether it is for a design or industrial decoration, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

      Moreover, a good number of these pieces of furniture have been manufactured in Europe and in France and have been selected with a lot of rigour. All this to offer you the best in terms of aesthetics and quality.

      If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us for further explanations. 

    • Kitchen chairs

      Every day, we spend hours in the kitchen, mostly preparing meals for the whole family, either for a special occasion or as a daily routine. The kitchen is the heart of your home,  therefore it is a must to choose the perfect kitchen chairs.  

      How to make the best choice

      Kitchen chairFirstly, we should think about comfort and the ease of maintenance of your kitchen chairs.

      Organically you will spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room, therefore, choosing comfortable furniture is a number one priority.

      Furthermore, you also need to take into consideration the practicality of the material in case any stains appear. We also provide kitchen chairs with a backrest, to allow a more comfortable experience.

      Another factor to take into consideration is the ease of maintenance of your chosen chair, as it has to come with the least hassle because when you cook, stains and mess will always be present.

      If you want to keep the harmony of your kitchen, you should always choose your kitchen chairs to go with the rest of your kitchen furniture and dining table. We have a plethora of colours available for you to choose from be it grey, white or more vivid colours like red etc.

      Our top tip for a white kitchen is to either include softer coloured chairs or a white designer chair to allow the elegance to really come through in your kitchen.

      If you choose colourful dining chairs to your dining area, they will add a trendy touch and become part of the room if not the centrepiece.

      Functional and practical chairs for the kitchen

      It is not enough that the kitchen chair is beautiful and in harmony with the table and the decoration is perfect. It must also be functional and above all practical.

      To do this, it must perfectly match the specificities of the part. A traditional kitchen can generally hold 4 to 6 chairs. If these are not manageable, it will be very difficult for you and your family to move easily every day.  

      It is always a good idea to select chairs made from materials such as wood, plastic or metal. These models are generally lightweight, and/or have openings in the backrest, to facilitate movement.

      It is for these different purposes that manufacturers vary the materials used to design chairs. 

      More and more kitchens no longer respect the classic dimensions. In the city, in particular, there are nowadays small kitchens with which one can no longer afford the luxury of having 4 or 6 chairs which is why we have made it available to purchase single chairs on our website.

      The ace of comfort during meals is nothing more than the chair with armrests. It offers you optimal well-being during your meals and allows you to better enjoy your dishes.

      The most important thing is that it allows you to rest your arm and relax. This is why the chair with armrest is also often found in many homes. 

      Beyond this aspect, it is better to have a chair with a seat and a padded backrest if the meal is going to last. It makes it possible not to see the time chairs

      Whatever the material used (wood, polypropylene, metal), it is the padding that defines comfort. It is therefore on him that we must bet. If not, you can buy a chair with just a padded seat. 

      In general, kitchen chairs are designed to offer maximum comfort during the meal. So, even if the upholstery is missing, it does not mean that the chair is not comfortable.

      The Carlatia chair for example, offers a choice of comfort to its users, even if it is only equipped with plastic. Chairs with cushions were also made to meet a need for comfort and convenience.

      For our taller customers, the industrial bar stool is the most recommended. It has its own width and depth adapted to the needs of yours. This also allows them to enjoy comfort during meals. 

      Which style of a kitchen chair to choose?

      Chair design techniques have evolved considerably. Nowadays, we no longer only look for functionality and classic appearance. A chair is much more than that. They must be elegant and aesthetic.

      This is why manufacturers offer different models, each more aesthetic than the next. There are contemporaries, modern ones, in the retro style, and even high chairs. Contemporary chairs can be adapted to any decor.

      They are generally sober, elegant and perfect for simple contemporary kitchens. Modern chairs are more in tune with trendy kitchens.

      White or transparent designer chairs, for example, are perfect to accentuate the modern decor of the kitchen. So you have a choice.

      The different colours available are also a selection criteria. All you have to do is take the one that matches your decor.

      You have red, yellow, black and white ones.  And all this under the guidance of our qualified and friendly team who will be happy to help you find your happiness.

    • Dining chairs

      The Dining Chairs

      The Dining room became the most comforting part of the house. This is where you welcome your family and friends for dinner on various occasions, and where the greatest memories are made.

      Because of this, the decoration of your dining room also has to be memorable.Chair Furniture offers you a selection of Dining Chairs, one chicer than the other.

      They are available in traditional styles and of course in unique designs for a more trendy finish, so why don't we have a look at these outstanding pieces of furniture on our website. 

      How to choose the perfect Dining Chairs?

      Since Dining Chairs abound in today's furniture market, it is legitimate to ask yourself what type would be best suited for your dining room.The fact is that dining room chairs are very varied, as they are made to meet the needs of individuals.

      As your dining chair will be your guests' companion for hours, it must provide comfort and functionality.

      Our main tip would be choosing a chair which brings warmth and friendliness to your room, ensuring that it embodies the style of the room, but also the character of those who live in them.

      Don't worry, if you feel that this is a lot to think about, we are here to ensure that you find your dream dining furniture on our website.

      Comfortable dining chairs

      Our fabric chairs blend perfectly with many types of decorations with its colourful presence and multiple shades. Rays of elegance and comfort will create a refined and truly beautiful room and atmosphere.

      This dining chair is the number one choice for Scandinavian decorations, and wooden interiors. Our personal favourite, if you want a more noble texture is the Scandinavian Tulip Dining Chairs with leather cushions.

      With its bright cushion addition, it guarantees comfort and elegance. You will find similar styled chairs than the iconic Hamilton dining chairs on our website which will certainly be the centrepiece of any given room. 

      The Wooden or rattan chairs has been designed to bring a natural touch to your dining room.  

      As you know, rattan is a symbol of ethnicity, therefore it is a perfect addition to any bohemian decoration.

      With the wide choice of wood such as walnut beech or oak, you will be able to find a perfectly suitable shade for an interior for a beautiful natural finish. If you are after a more classic touch,  our choice is the contemporary chair which will complement and fulfil your interior design.

      If you want to bring a more modern touch to your interior design, our Designer chairs will be the most suitable option for you.




      What kind of dining chairs do you like ?

      They can be:

      • Original
      • Extravagant
      • Minimalistic

      It is guaranteed to bring out the charm of your room as soon as you insert any of these pieces into your room.The transparent chair, for example, has already proven its worth as a modern style chair. It brings clarity and lightness to your dining room. 

      For lovers of traditional decorations, the Industrial Bar Stools are entirely at your service. It is authentic and will maintain the country style of your home. 

      Modern Dining chairs must be comfortable to allow you to dine comfortably and this is why the contemporary chair has been designed to offer you optimal comfort. That's also why upholstered chairs are so popular!

      As the backrest and the seat are also padded, comfort is guaranteed throughout your meal no matter if it's a Christmas meal or a quick lunch. There are several models of upholstered chairs and in addition to style and material, there are a plethora of colours to suit your needs. 

      All these chairs are available at Chair.Furniture.

      Don't hesitate any longer and see above for all the options.

    • Office chairs

      The Office Chairs

      Here at Chair Furniture, we offer office chairs for professional use as well as for your home office. We have different options available such as chairs with or without armrest, in fabric or leather as well as chairs that pivot. You will find what you are looking for amongst our wide selection of office chairs.

      Main steps for choosing the right office chairs

      It is not easy to choose a chair that meets your needs. We need to take in consideration both practicality as well as comfort.As a typical person will spend more hours a day working than at home, therefore it is really important to choose the most appropriate office chair for you!

      There should be a few questions answered when considering an office chair. First of all, why do you need this chair?Is this chair for a small office? Is this chair for your children to support their studies?

      Or is it to truly support your company and build an outstanding image? In the first case, a computer chair should be sufficient, but in the second case, you must consider a swivel chair made of leather. Leather is a material with a certain presence; it is noble and will bring a touch of elegance to your office.

      If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer and need comfort, you should get an adjustable chair to ensure that you can sit with a comfortable posture.

      If you move a lot, you should use a swivel chair or a chair on wheels to allow you to move freely. Once you have a general idea about the chair, you must then think about your specific needs.

      If you are prone to back pain, you should choose an office chair with back support. It will help you prevent or avoid back pain or any other type of pain related to poor posture.

      Similarly, if you are a tall person, best practice would be to get a height-adjustable chair to allow comfort in any given scenario.

      How to set up an Office Chair?

      First of all, you should know that everything depends on the type of chair you have. In general, the height of the headrest, armrests, backrest, tilt or side cushions should be adjusted to appropriately align with the lumbar region of your body.

      These different features have made office chairs with padding a best seller as it is most comfortable; not to mention those with removable armrests! Remember that your comfort depends on your efficiency.

      Finally, before choosing your office chair, you must consider your environment. You must choose chairs that will not damage your interior decor. If you have a floor covering, it would be better not to choose a chair that could scratch your covering.

      As we have a wide range of colours and customisation available, you won't need to worry that it won't match your interior decor, which is a number one priority!

      There isn't a perfect answer to the question of which office chair to buy; it all depends on what you're looking for. If you follow these simple steps, you will always be satisfied with your office chair purchase.

      What about a designer chair?

      Like all chairs, office chairs come in many forms and types.

      Chair Furniture provides a wide range of chairs, from gaming chairs for video game lovers, to children's chairs, leather chairs and designer chairs to highlight the trendy side of your home, etc.

      The designer office chair has won hearts with its minimalist, modern and trendy look.

      The vintage design chair is more suitable for authentic decorations, but on the other hand, don't be fooled by the age of leather and wood.

      They will bring a trendy touch to your interior. There are even models that merge vintage and design looks.

      The gaming chair will allow you to rise above all your competition as it will allow you to be more mobile and comfortable than ever to develop your full potential.

      The ergonomic office chair will allow you to work more efficiently as it will improve your posture so you can avoid back pain or lumbar pain. 

      As highlighted above, it is not only about comfort and productivity.  It is also very important to take in consideration your interior design and ensure that your office chair takes to the next level.

      For modern decorations, white chairs are perfect for lighting the room. Black ones, on the other hand, darken the desk, but elegantly.

      It is then up to you to choose the one you need according to the desired effect.

      While waiting for the grey office chair to come and provide the perfect shade, the black chair remains the undeniable leader of the trendy decor of modern times.

      If you are ready for a vibrant and unique look, colours like red, green and yellow will be at your doorstep.

      The Ergonomic chairs

      The main focus of designers right now is to create trendy but comfortable chairs. The main purpose of these chairs is to avoid back pain.

      It will also ensure that you can work efficiently as you will be able to concentrate on your most important tasks.

      To find your perfect chair here at Chair Furniture, you will need to ask yourself how many hours a day will you sit on this chair, how will I use this chair, do I need a local furniture shop or where is best to buy an office chair.

      You will find adjustable models, with or without headrests, swivel models, with or without armrests, etc. Chair Furniture will be your best option, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase. 

      Where to buy office chairs?

      On the Chair.Furniture website! You will not only receive guaranteed quality, but our family-run business will also ensure you receive your delivery as soon as possible and will be with you every step of the way.

      We specialise in tables, stools and chairs, therefore we offer a wide range of selection for professional and personal use too!

      If you are looking for customisable furniture, you sure won't need to look further as Chair Furniture will allow you to customise all your purchases to adapt it to your style and especially to your decorations.

      You will be able to choose from a plethora of colours, and decide whether you wish your chair to be on wheels, with arms or without as well as ensure that if you need something specific like a kitchen chair or an office chair, it is available for you.

      The vast majority of seats sold by Chair Furniture are of French and European design.

      Lastly but most importantly our knowledgable customer advisors are always on hand should you need any help in making decisions, waiting for an order or have a problem so do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Fabric Chairs

      As we have a great mixture of fabric and velvet furniture, in an array of colours, it will for sure suit a contemporary and traditional decor too.

      If you choose a fabric material, the buy of it lies within its' unchallenging cleaning process which is a great and practical choice for vivid families where stains appear more often than not. 

      Styling your living space doesn't stop at our fabric chairs, as we also have a wide range of dining tables, coffee tables and bedside tables as well as accessories such as cushions to deliver ultimate comfort, hooks to bring and organised front room to life and decorative pieces to spice up your interior for the weekend or a special occasion. 

      Finding the perfect Fabric Chair

      Our fabric and velvet chairs are available in a wide range of colours and styles.

      We are the best choice for you if you are looking to match your sofa or a statement design, as we guarantee you will find a suitable chair to fit every home.

      You will have a choice of fabric cushion with a plastic chair, a leather cushion with a plastic chair, a full fabric chair or a full velvet chair.

      Because of this wide variety, we are also able to offer a plethora of colours and patterns to ensure that your chair is fully customised and suited to your needs and your interior.

      Our quirky fabric chairs are an elegant yet easy way to update a room, they can add colour, contrast, texture and pattern to create a look that’s all yours. 

      A bold print or pop of colour adds a modern feel. Add a stylish finishing touch to your living room with a stunning fabric armchair.

      Fabric chairs Vs Leather chairs

      If you have been in two minds about which material to chose when it comes to your dining chairs, or chairs fro your living room, look no further, we have got the perfect solution for you.

      Here at chair furniture, we offer synthetic chairs with a new and a more eye-catching look for you.

      Fabric chairs add incredible  value to the interior style of your rooms (living room, kitchen, office or living room) and modernize your home.

      Our selection of synthetic chairs are carefully selected from top-of-the-range suppliers, manufactured from second to none materials using impeccable manufacturing equipment.

      The fabric coating used on most of our chairs is vinyl which perfectly imitates the appearance of leather.

      With our the combination of wood or metal with vinyl is part of an unforgettable and memorable aesthetic every interior design addict wish for in their homes. The best part?

      You will only need a damp cloth to clean these fantastically functional chairs.

      If this sounds like something you could see as part of your decoration, then Chair Furniture is certainly your best bet. Our website and products are designed for you so your products are not just fully customisable to complement your taste, but also available in the widest selection possible.

      These Fabric chairs will make your interior extraordinary. These are quality products that you will use for an indefinite period, whether it is synthetic chairs made of metal, wood or resin.

      Fabric wooden chairs, in addition to the advantages of metal chairs, give your home a natural and soft side.

      How to customise your fabric chairs.

      You would like to decorate your dining room with quality and aesthetically pleasing chairs?

      You won't need to worry anymore. You can choose your style of chair, the colour of your chairs with optional choices for chair legs or arms, your fabric chairs will be like no other. 

      Of course the colours are there to express your desires; if you want to light up the room, we would advise your choice to sway towards white and beige.

      If you would like to reinforce the character of your home, then grey and black will suit just fine. If you want to enhance and give pep to the layout or you just want to bring the attention of your friends or guests to the chairs, a bright colour will suit you without discussion.

      Harmonising colours are also a design firm that you will love. You can combine tone-on-tone colours, but the mixed ones are also great because this will aerate your room with positive energy.

    • Upholstered chairs

      The Upholstered chairs

      One advantage of the upholstered chairs have is the softness they provide in your home.

      These chairs are fully covered in fabric and have either metal or wooden legs,  which is why they are used in classic decorations, in Scandinavian decorations and cocooning decorations.

      We also have a wide selection of fabric available for you (wool, cotton, polyester, velvet),  your chosen room will certainly shine brightly with a conversation piece.

      Which style of Upholstered chairs to choose?

      There are several styles of chairs that you could choose from, such as the vintage chair, the cocooning chair, the Scandinavian fabric chair and many others.

      We brought our best tips for you so you can make a perfect choice. If you are looking to create a retro look, our vintage fabric chairs are your best choice, as they will perfectly fit in your decoration and embellish your room.

      The vintage chairs will also certainly seduce you and your guests with its perfectly soft fabric upholstery.

      If you are into the Scandinavian style, your best bet is to choose a Nordic seat which swill certainly never go out of fashion within this interior feel.  

      The softness and comfort which is provided by the Nordic chairs will be so inviting your guests will never want to leave!

      The mixture of an upholstered fabric chair with a wooden touch will bring a natural, soft and relaxing atmosphere into your room, therefore check this chair out if you are wanting to achieve just that.

      To reveal the upholstered chairs' authenticity and character, the fully covered fabric chairs are also paired with either metal or wood.

      We know that you and your friends will have a great time in exceptional comfort in our chairs, no matter if you use them as upholstered dining chairs or office chairs, so do not hesitate and check them out.

      The advantages of an upholstered chair in a contemporary decoration:

      If you would like to create a modern design aesthetic, as our dining chairs will come in different trendy shapes and patterns, it will give you exactly that.

      Your friends will be under the spell of our chairs comfort, softness and style.

      Our upholstered chairs will be a perfect addition to any area of your room, be it the reading area, living room, dining room or bedroom.

      If you wanted to place these fabric chairs in the kitchen, you will need to make sure that you chose a chair which has waterproof fabric and is easy to treat stains.

      Charm and softness are what our fabric chairs will offer you.

      Fabric Dining chairs for your dining room

      Upholstered chairs will gently decorate your room, bringing in a soft touch thanks to the velvety and smooth texture of the different fabrics.

      As we have a wide range of colours available, you will be able to choose the exact colour which suits your taste.

      If you want a clean and crisp look, a fabric chair with anthracite grey and black will certainly bing that into your interior.  

      If you need more clarity, picking a white, shade of white or beige will always work. If you are looking for a shade that will bring life to your room, then choose bright colours.

      There is a multitude of colours which you can browse through to find the perfect shade. 

      The doors of Chair Furniture are wide open for you and we will help you through the process of choosing the perfect colour to create a truly trendy look.

      To decorate your dining room, the duck blue fabric chair is the ideal choice.

      Chair Furniture also offers you fabric chairs that are fully customisable in terms of the colour of the wooden or metal base or the colour of the seat.

      The Fabric Chair with armrests: optimal comfort

      If you are looking for a chair which will allow you to relax, rest your forearms after a long day of work and offer optimal comfort, our fabric armchairs will be your best choice .

      They are perfectly suitable for any room of the house (living room, dining room, bedroom or even the office).

      This  fabric armchair will create a relaxed atmosphere, and provide a cocoon of wellbeing. 

      The comfort offered by  these fabric chairs with armrests is reinforced by the upholstery or padding, so you can choose a chair made of upholstered fabric. 

      Due to the unique design of these armchairs,  if combined wit traditional chairs  and designer chairs around the dining table, the result will be spectacular.

      Feel free to choose from the many armrest models available: the chair in velvet, cotton, polyester and wool.

      The maintenance of a Fabric Chair

      Here are some tips to properly maintain your fabric chair. First of all, before using your chair, apply a fabric waterproofing agent; this will protect the chair from stains.

      You can use a simple soft cloth soaked in water to clean the chair every day.

      There are special fabric shampoos that you can apply to the surface to be treated.

      If your fabric chair is removable, it can make it easer to clean, as  when the cover is dirty, you can remove it and wash it with a machine or by hand. Apply these tips and you will not see any signs of use on your chair; it will always be new to you.

      There is only one thing left to do: choose the fabric chairs that will put you in better conditions.

    • Industrial chairs

      Industrial chairs are designed to perform in demanding interior environments meaning that they must be comfortable, functional and durable so it resists the heavy usage. The real challenge lies in ensuring that you find an industrial chair which has great style. As Designers have been inspired by this challenge, we are excited to present our industrial chairs to you guaranteeing that you will be able to fulfil your industrial environment. If you are looking for an industrial chair which will combine practicality with simple pared-down beauty, we did the hard bit of the job and collected the best choice of industrial chairs for you. Both contemporary furniture and vintage industrial chairs are available on our site from the best designers of our choice who are just as passionate about practical and stylish furniture as us and you are.

      Choosing your industrial chair

      To achieve a successful industrial decoration, an industrial style chair is necessary. These chairs will either be made of metal completely, or will have hints of wood to give a sense of rawness to it.
      Also more often than not, people who adore modern decoration will also fall under the spell of our industrial chairs to go with their industrial dining table or kitchen. From this, we figured, no matter what interior style your space has, be it vintage, modern, designer or contemporary, our industrial chairs will give a unique style and be perfectly part of the space.Get ready to choose from all the  different styles we have to offer(patinated metal chairs, seats designed in raw metal...) on Chair Furniture's website. The vintage and authentic shapes of these metal chairs will seduce you.

      The metal industrial chair for industrial design

      If you have just converted your loft into a living space, our industrial metal chairs will be the perfect choice if you are looking to add a trendy but modern character to your decoration. Its characteristics include visible welds, aesthetics and the solidity of brushed metal. Industrial metal chairs are more authentic thanks to the less smooth decorations which is why they perfectly enhance your room. Our chairs are made from metal furniture which as been recovered from factories. Your decoration  will become even more extraordinary if you combine industrial style chairs with some factory furniture such as shelf, chest of drawers or the work surface.

      The industrial leather chair: the product of elegance.

      For an elegant interior, the industrial leather chair with a touch of metal is the number on choice. With this noble material of leather, the furniture is not only elegant but also of very high quality. This quality comes from the solidity of the metal and the nobility of the leather with which these metal chairs are manufactured. They are perfect tools for decorating modern dining rooms and kitchens and can be perfectly integrated into the decoration of your rooms thanks to their vintage style. No matter which category of copper you choose (full-grain leather or leather crust), you will see a difference in all your pieces. If it is financially difficult for you to afford full-grain leather, you can choose leather crust; and if it is also difficult for you to access, then choose a synthetic coating that imitates the leather's appearance very well and is as easy to maintain. In short, industrial leather (or imitation leather) chairs are elegant and stylish chairs for industrial decoration that will make your loved ones envy you.

      The Vintage Industrial Chair for a charm of ''Yesterday''

      If You are looking for a vintage looking chair with a ''rustic'' and ''old factory'' feel, the Bistro Chair presented by us will be your best choice.  This retro industrial chair is mostly made of metal, however it is combined with wooden features, for an authentic industrial decoration feel. This chair is mostly used as a decorative piece in our customers homes, businesses and offices, and as you are able to choose from a variety of colours, the modern and trendy will be perfectly balanced out.

      Which chair to choose for your industrial table

      A metal chair is exactly the right chair to match your industrial table. Why? Because an industrial table is by nature made of metal therefore it will look the most stylish if you combine it with a metal chair.  Of course there are different materials such a a wooden industrial chair which will bring authenticity to your home.Indeed, whether it is a metal style chair or a wooden style chair, the combination with an industrial table is always extraordinary.  For more aesthetics, also look at the colours and patinas. The Chair Furniture advisors of the online shop, are ready to help you in your choice of the metal chair for the industrial table you own.

      Customisable industrial chairs to complete your home

      When you have an idea for a vintage, modern or a designer interior, choose an industrial piece of furniture. Chair Furniture offers you  a wide variety of vintage metal chairs. You will also find on our online shop the chairs in brushed, patinated or lacquered metal. Thanks to the industrial style chairs, you have various colours with which you can easily match your interior. You can also customize your industrial chair in terms of models, choice of colour for the structure, and seat. To make your industrial decoration as successful as possible, the ball is in your court to choose the chair of your dreams. If you are looking for more information, if you want help in choosing your customizable industrial chair or if you have any other concerns, the Chair Furniture advisors are at your disposal. 

    • Modern chairs

      Modern Chairs are a key addition to your decoration when your purpose is creating a trendy and contemporary home.

      At Chair Furniture, you will find multiple models and shapes in different sizes and colours to fit into the decor and atmosphere of your room.

      Every guest of yours will certainly be jealous of your centrepiece when they step into your home.

      High quality is always ensured when a product is dispatched from our warehouse, and we always make sure that a wide range of designer chairs are available for you in outstanding design.

      We guarantee that our breathtaking modern chairs in vibrant colours will complement and fulfil your home.

      As our aim is to meet the taste and requirement of both homeowners and businesses, we offer classic and contemporary chairs in more than 40 colours and several materials, so whether you’re looking for versatile rocking chairs, an industrial styled aluminium chair, a stylish ghost chair or something simple but convenient, our online store is prepared for you.

      The modern chair for contemporary decoration

      Modern chairs at Chair.Furniture will come in many different shapes and colours, and they will be fully adaptable to ensure that it suits your home to perfection.

      For example, white chairs will provide greater clarity and will illuminate the room, whereas grey will provide a more trendy look.

      If we combine the white chair with a wooden touch, it will for sure bring out the contemporary in your home.

      Our modern black chairs will provide elegance to your rooms, but if you really cannot decide, choose the modern grey chair, which is the perfect balance and the right compromise between white and black.

      If you find it challenging to pick a single colour, you will always have the option to chose a two-toned chair, which can be easily integrated into all areas of your room, be it a mixture of black and white, or white and grey.

      For a high energy and a more cheerful atmosphere, choose one of our bold colours, and they will certainly not disappoint!

      Last but not least, the transparent option will be the perfect choice if you wanted to embellish your home with a chic and modern piece of furniture.

      Material options for modern chairs

      As each room will require a different material depending on if we are looking at practicality or comfort, we have a few suggestions that you should keep in mind.

      In a dining room, we have more decorative freedom as the chances of stains are smaller, therefore the clear dining chair, the modern transparent or two-coloured chair, the modern chair made of leather, fabric, plastic, synthetic, metal or wood will also be suitable.

      In the kitchen, modern chairs are made with a metal structure or a synthetic coating and sometimes plastic to make maintenance easier.

      For your living room, we recommend chairs made of wood or metal, however in living rooms, the most commonly used models are modern chairs made of fabric, plastic or leather.

      If you are looking for optimal comfort and truly enjoy your modern dining room, you must have a modern and comfortable dining chair to accompany your dining table.

      Another decorative furniture that can be mentioned is the modern bedroom chair and the modern office chair.

      A modern plastic chair is also a good choice for a garden chair, as with an external treatment, this chair is protected from UV light outside, however it is also perfectly suitable for indoor use.

      Transparent modern chairs are made of polycarbonate or Plexi and have the advantage of lighting up the inside of your room, and can easily be integrated into the decoration of your rooms: dining room, bedroom or even a kitchen.

      Each modern designer chair will find its best suited style of decoration.

      The modern style of the silhouettes of the design materials makes a big difference between modern design chairs and contemporary chairs.

      Many of your friends will envy you for the beauty of these chairs. If you also choose the same materials and tones, then your seats will be perfectly adapted to your interior decoration.

      Let's take the examples of a modern wooden chair that fits very well into a fireplace with more wood and a modern metal chair that fits into a tiled room.

      In any case, it is easy to find the chair model that suits your room, knowing that a modern chair can mix several materials (synthetic, leather or fabric) and that the styles are varied (Scandinavian, cocooning, vintage...).

      The modern medallion chair is one of the most important models. This chair is a modernised style furniture based on materials and shapes in the spirit of the times.

      The modern Ice DSW chair is an example of this, resembling a transparent chair and manufactured based on the style of the time, unlike a modern design chair which is based on the latest decorative styles. 

      Which Modern Chair to choose for an oak table

      Have you ever  thought about combining modern chairs with an antique table?

      This amazing combination of furniture will  be a success with your guests as well as your family.

      If you are planning on matching your oak table with modern chairs, we would highly recommend going for a black modern chair as it will bring out a beautiful contrast between the two pieces of furniture.

      The most Popular combination is the modern chairs with an antique round table .

      If you are trying to achieve a different yet eye-catching style, we also recommend to pair your modern tables with a rustic table or a farm style table.

      Combining a modern chair with a rustic table is always very fashionable and it will allow your house to be trendy  and stand out. 

      A modern glass table chair is another truly extraordinary combination. Modern chairs can also be combined with contemporary furniture (modern or more classic furniture) according to your taste.

      The Top 3 modern chairs to pair with an oak table:

      Where to buy a Modern Chair

      Chair Furniture is the best place to buy a modern chair as or website holds a wide range of products with a wide range of customisable options.

      There are several ranges of modern chairs that perfectly meet your needs; for example the customizable models.

      Chair.Furniture offers you the possibility to choose your favourite colours or the finishes of your chairs.

      There are models of chairs that do not have a set design, for example the modern rocking chair which offers good comfort and is the ideal chair to allow you to rest sublime.

      Our chairs are particularly specialised in comfort for example the modern chair with armrests. A modern and comfortable chair allows you, for example during a long meal, to sit for a long time without feeling discomfort.

      Our advisers will receive your calls without any problem to enable you to purchase your trendy chair.

      At Chair.Furniture a quality modern chair is more than easy to find!

    • Scandinavian chairs

      The Scandinavian chair is a very popular design addition thanks to the authenticity it brings to all interiors.

      It gives a minimalist and welcoming touch. Easily combined with different decorations, the Scandinavian style is ideal to give character to your home. The Scandinavian style chair is characterised by its comfort and aesthetics.

      The Scandi chairs are elegant, simple and comfortable, and they can integrate easily into all interior decorations. These chairs will benefit you for their sleek, functional and comfortable appearance.

      The Scandinavian design

      A few key factors create a Scandinavian design, and some of these originate and carry characteristics from the Nordic environment.

      As the Northern countries are well known for their cold and long months, the Scandinavian decor is certainly inspired by this, so do not be surprised by the organic forms, materials and natural patterns which create these pieces of furniture.

      The Scandinavian design will always offer a sense of warmth and friendliness either through colours, patterns, textures or organic materials.

      The first golden age of Scandinavian design extends from the 1930s to the beginning of the 1970s.

      These precursors have provided the model and set of values which still inspire the new Scandinavian design: durability, functionality, reliability - but also less tangible values ​​such as simplicity, equality, joy and courage.

      How To Choose Your Scandinavian Chairs

      Scandinavian Design is very popular on the market in this modern age. To find your perfect Scandi chair, you will need to consider a few factors such as quality, comfort, convenience and design.

      Here at Chair Furniture, we will assist you in making the right choice for your interior design.

      This article will reveal the different ways you can include a Scandinavian style chair into your home and utilise it in the best way possible.

      Your new piece of Scandi furniture will have a must-have impact on your future guests. You will be able to include this style into your dining room, kitchen, bedroom or office and we guarantee that you will make the best choice on our website.

      Scandinavian Chairs - A stylish Nordic decoration

      The Nordic chair is made from natural and superior materials such as wood, leather or fabric.

      If you are a fan of including modern materials into your chairs such as polypropylene, we have chairs which are just right for you.

      The Scandinavian design will provide an array of Nordic charm by being composed. Its structure will include wood most of the time combined with polypropylene, fabric or leather.

      This chair can easily be integrated into the decor of your interior (living room, kitchen or dining room) and will find its place in your home by enhancing the friendliness of the room thanks to its light-coloured or pastel- coatings (yellow, green, blue, white or red).

      The Scandinavian design will create a cosy and warm atmosphere in your home. Each chair is unique in style.

      Indeed, the Scandinavian style blends very well with modern furniture and enhances the Scandinavian chair with polypropylene shell.

      Plastic is the most commonly used material in the creation of Nordic design thanks to its original and beautiful shells.

      A Scandinavian fabric chair brings softness to your room (dining room, bedroom or office). A Scandinavian chair with a leather-look is the perfect piece of furniture to affirm the elegance of your home.

      You will quickly notice the difference that the Scandinavian chair makes in the rooms of your home. And to go further, the use of leather crust, full-grain leather or synthetic is a better alternative to imitate the appearance of leather in addition to being a cheaper coating.

      The Scandi chairs - Comfort and Convenience

      The Scandinavian style chair is characterised by its comfort and aesthetics. The Scandi chairs are elegant, simple and comfortable.

      They can integrate easily into all interior decorations and will benefit you for their sleek, functional and comfortable appearance.

      Scandinavian style chairs can be used in all rooms (living room, bedroom...) of your home.

      As mentioned above, the Scandi style chair offers excellent comfort to you and your guests' thanks to the padded seat and backrest. A chair with a plastic shell adjusts its shape allowing you to enjoy comfort while sitting.

      You can combine comfort and design by using Scandinavian design chairs or by using chairs with armrests.

      You will have the possibility to put your arms on the armrests and have a good sitting posture. Another Nordic design is the rotating Scandinavian chair, a practical seat.

      This chair allows you to move frequently thanks to the interesting freedom of movement it offers. Furthermore, if you opt for a chair that swings, you can do your reading while resting.

      The Perfect Table for your Scandinavian chairs

      Here at Chair Furniture, we are experts of tables, chairs and stools, and we can offer you adaptable Nordic chairs to suit your chosen table perfectly.

      For all beech, walnut and oak tables, Scandinavian chairs would be the perfect choice as the Scandinavian wooden chairs will be able to provide a similar look and tone so they match perfectly.

      We also have Scandinavian metal chairs available for you which r by emphasising the metal and sometimes suggests upholstery in fabric, leather, synthetic and plastic.

      You can combine the vintage Scandinavian chair with metal or wooden tables. would be able to imitate the vintage industrial look.

      A transparent Scandinavian chair will bring clarity to your room and will be the perfect fit for any shape, as well as any material tables such as wooden, metal or plastic.

      Our Scandinavian pieces of furniture will be suitable for any room

      Where can I buy a quality Scandinavian Chair with an excellent price?

      If you are looking for the best price and best quality, you should look no further as you are in the right place.

      Our online store will provide you with the cheapest options available for guaranteed great quality and service. We offer a wide range of Nordic chairs (dining room chairs, kitchen chairs, office or bedroom chairs) for your home or your workplace. We also offer designer chairs and more traditional Scandinavian chairs.

      Modern chairs are also available with the best design to complement your beautiful rooms. an outstanding option we provide and are very proud of our the customisable chairs (in terms of the colour of the covering, the colour of the legs, etc.) to embellish your home.

      You will create the chair of your taste that can be integrated into your living room, kitchen, bedroom or office. we have a wide range of colours-

      More than 40 different options including (white, black, red or other colours) You are welcome to contact us via phone if you have any questions or furthermore follow through with the website and your order will be on its way shortly.

      The Scandinavian Chair with its unique style

      Usually made of wood and plastic, Scandinavian chairs are the undeniable asset for a Nordic effect in your home.

      Originating in northern European countries such as Novena, Denmark and Sweden, they have an inimitable look. The warm wood underlines a strong taste for nature.

      Proudly promoting its minimalist appearance, the Scandinavian chairs have Nordic tones.

      The forms are simple, minimalist and light, emphasising the material of noble products. It is also intended to be practical and easy to maintain. It has the assets to seduce you and make a perfect place in your home.

      Scandinavian Chairs for every interior

      Whether you have a house or a vintage apartment, modern or urban decoration, the Scandinavian chairs will fit in perfectly.

      With each style, it will give a different but always seductive atmosphere. Some Scandinavian style furniture brilliantly combines with wood and plastic.

      The combination of these two materials add a lot of charm, and including wood or plastic, it will give a chic bur warm feeling to your chosen room. It can also be combined with fabric and leather, especially the seat itself.

      Scandinavian furniture is certainly must-have in all interiors. You can match it with neutral and acidulous colours for a vitalizing effect, or choose darker and more vibrant shades that will bring chic and elegance to your room.

      Customisable Scandinavian Chairs

      Chair Furniture offers you a wide choice of customizable products. From Scandinavian tables to Scandinavian chairs or the Scandinavian stools, choose furniture with a Scandinavian design to furnish your home.

      You have the possibility on some of them to choose the finish of the wooden legs, for a light colour like beech or dark like walnut.

      It is up to you to choose the degree of authenticity of your Scandinavian furniture. Would you like a wooden seat for a chair with incomparable charm or would you like to leave it in its Scandinavian state?

      It is up to you to choose the characteristics of your Scandinavian chair according to your preferences and your decoration.

    • Vintage chairs

      How to choose your perfect Vintage chair

       If you are in love with retro furniture, you must ask yourself this question every day. Where can I buy vintage chairs?

      Which vintage chairs should I buy?  There are overwhelming amounts of vintage chairs available for you online and in stores which make it rather challenging for you to choose your perfect vintage chair.

      There is a wide range of Antique chairs available in different styles, shapes, materials and colours. Most vintage chairs are inspired by the 70's or furniture from the early 19th century.  

      Here at Chair Furniture, we specialise in tables, chairs and stools,  and we certainly provide a wide range of retro chairs with a selection of materials and shapes.

      As we have a great price to quality ratio with our products, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase on Chair Furniture. Our products are durable and best suited to any home or space of your choice.

      Fabric Vintage Chairs for ultimate comfort

      Fabric is one of the most valuable materials due to its second to none style and perfect softness. It is used in almost every interior decoration, whether it is with single tone colours or multiple toned patterns.

      Elegance and dynamism are offered by plain colours with nude shades, and most of the time plain colours with more colourful shades can offer an elegant and sophisticated touch.

      The alternative to using plain colours is, of course, to use patterns in fabric which will highlight the character and originality of your interior decoration.

      If you love fabric, Vintage chairs will certainly be a great fit for you. The fabric coating will bring softness and aesthetics to your room.

      Historically, the Scandinavian decoration was first introduced in the 20th century in the Nordic countries, which is how we have Vintage Scandinavian Chairs today.

      The Vintage Wooden Chair for an authentic and natural look

      For a sense of warmth in your home, choose the wooden material. We have a wide range of wooden chairs such as the vintage Bistro chair which has been certainly a success in well known Parisian breweries.

      They will bring authenticity, a natural feel and a spirit of conviviality to your home. Another great idea would be to combine other materials with wood such as vintage leather which will give an ethnic touch to your furniture. with a wide selection of choices for the type and colour of wood, you will be able to achieve different combinations.

      If you wish to include dark shades such as wenger, this will enhance the character of your home whereas if you want to have a brighter feel to your home, we would advise you to choose the bleached wood. These colours will create a different atmosphere.

      The Vintage Design Chair will suit any decoration

      Whatever the nature of your interior decoration (modern, contemporary or traditional), the vintage chair can be easily integrated into it. It represents the past and the present at the same time.

      The vintage style is based on past styles however it had a modern touch due to its wide range of colours and materials. The vintage style is, therefore, a design element.

      This chair brings life to your room with its charm. It will be the most eye-catching material in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom and also in your living room.

      Of course, several types of retro chairs exist. A great example is our Scandinavian style vintage chairs which stand out through the hull and wooden legs. These Scandinavian style chairs best-sellers in vintage furniture and are at the forefront of the trend.

      This style inspires many designers in their creations. Another type of example is vintage chairs inspired by the industrial style (workshop chairs) thanks to the predominance of metal.

      The industrial-style chairs fit very well into a retro decoration. The vintage chairs are also inspired by the 1960s, characterised by rounded shapes and synthetic upholstery inspired by the valuable upholstery of that ancient period, the "skin".

      The customizable Retro Chairs

      At chair furniture, you will discover a large number of products that can be customized to your taste. We will provide you with vintage chairs that come from your imagination.

      With the various materials, the many colour ranges and combinations, you can customise your chair as you wish (the chair of the 50s or the chair of the 70s) and which easily finds its place in your room. Whether you choose a vintage wooden chair or a retro metal chair, you have a free choice between the choice of colours and materials.

      Make your vintage chair personalised according to your tastes and which can easily be integrated into your decoration.

      Our Chair Furniture advisors will also help you find your future chair and answer all your concerns.

      Address your questions on all aspects (the technical characteristics of the chairs, the daily use of the chairs, the choice of decoration, how to maintain the chair and other concerns) to our Chair Furniture experts to receive better answers.

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    Chairs at Chair.Furniture

    On our online website, you will find a wide range of comfortable, quality and trustworthy chairs. Our furniture is manufactured by French and European craftsmen to perfection with great attention to detail.

    We combine elegance and comfort, so whatever your preference is in chairs be it contemporary, rustic, modern, designer or vintage, here at Chairurniture we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your needs.

    Whether you need chairs for your kitchen table or living room, a new gaming chair or a new centrepiece,  we can help you make the perfect choice to create a breathtaking scenario.

    Be the perfect host for a celebration e.g. Christmas or dinner with your family or friends! Your guests will feel completely at home and will stay in your home comfortably for several hours. Here you will find everything, from easy-care, durable, sturdy, natural or modern chairs. Take your time to look around and order online with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

    All without the stress of opening times. Pay securely and quickly online, via Paypal or any other provided payment method. Shopping is fun! Save yourself the trip to the furniture store and shop very simply and comfortably from home. 

    Our chairs

    In most furniture stores you will go through the dilemma of choosing the perfect chair more often than you wish.  A chair will catch your eye with its rustic style, but the red tone is far from what you want. You love the beige chair over in the corner, but you know that it is not the right material for you etc.

    This headache will be gone if you visit and browse through our website. We offer a wide range of chairs with different styles and colours and all with a modern touch. As most of our chairs can be personalised,  you will never have the trouble of missing something from your furniture. Our website and products will always meet your needs at the best price possible with the greatest quality.

    It doesn't matter what colour or design your dining room is, our rnge of chairs will meet al your needs at incomperable prices. Our top choices dining chairs are:

    • Kitchen chairdining chairs
    • Upholstered dining chairs
    • DSW chair from Chairles Eames.
    • DSW chair  ghost

    Kitchen Chairs

    Firstly, you will need to take a look at your kitchen table. Once you have discovered whether it is a contemporary, traditional or vintage kitchen table, you will also need to need to note down what colour and material has been used (metal or wood). These features will help you make the right decision.

    Next, you will need to establish how many chairs you will need. Is 4 enough to surround your kitchen table, or do you often have guests around?

    You will need to choose chairs which are in harmony with your table and your living style. If you have got wooden features in your home such as oak, walnut or beech, wooden chairs can easily be combined with a table in the same style as wood. 

    Worked iron chairs are suitable for a table in Provençal style.  If your table is made of steel or iron, metal chairs will perfectly match your interior. If you need to save space in your kitchen, stackable plastic chairs are very practical and easy to store.

    To have the perfect results, your kitchen chairs will need to complement the style of your kitchen, and they will need to match the tone and colour of the decoration, but at the same time providing ultimate comfort.

    If you are looking for a low-maintenance and easy-care chair, polypropylene plastic chairs will be just right for you. They are very easy to clean. Simply wipe it with a damp sponge, that's all. If you choose an armchair, pay attention to the table height, since the chairs must also fit under the table edge.

    Features to Look for:

    • Fits with the style of the kitchen
    • Easy to clean
    • Provides comfort and back support

    Dining Room Chairs

    The options are endless in the dining room. Whether the main decorative pieces are of leather, wood or synthetic, take the time to step back, and have a look around to find out what atmosphere your current furniture is providing.  

    Then you will be able to select your perfect dining chairs according to the style of your dining table. As an example, if you pair a marble table with leather chairs, it will give your living space charm and harmony. If your table is round, medallion-style chairs will fit perfectly.

    You will also need to recognise whether you require ultimate comfort or a chair which will support you if you suffer from neck or back pain.

    If you choose an upholstered chair with long backrest or a rocking chair, these problems will be resolved for you in your comfort at home. Choose wooden or fabric material and you will certainly give your dining room a little class and chic. 

    For a trendy decoration

    Colourful dining chairsWe have a wide range of chairs which we guarantee will be trendsetters. On our website, you're welcome to choose the style that suits you best. Our recommendations are chairs in a modern or designer style.

    These will give elegance to your home, give your interior a personal touch and will ensure that your house interior stands out from the crowd. Our recommendation for this season are the Plexi chairs, which are truly fashionable this season.

    They will bring light and elegance to your decoration. Another trend this year are the Scandinavian chairs, which became a must-have due to their vivid and unique shapes and colours.

    Whatever your style, your preference of colours and decoration, our collection will match your needs and will enhance your home with elegance and comfort. With these tips, us, from Chair Furniture want to guide you from A to Z to make the perfect choice of your chairs.

    Are you looking for more comfort?

    We offer Tulip chairs with a variety of different legs in Scandinavian style, wood, metal or fabric. Also available as Scandinavian bar stools in different heights, suitable for any bar or table.

    Treat yourself to a little vacation from the action and everyday life and choose chairs from Chair Furniture.

    Quality and Price

    At Chair.Furniture you deserve quality. This is why we use high-quality material from the best suppliers to ensure that you are always satisfied with every purchase. We offer you quality chairs that are not only contemporary and modern but also match your interior design and therefore fit perfectly into your home.Chair.Furniture does not stop here.

    We go above and beyond by combining quality and price. With us, you are entitled to great furniture which you can customize according to your trend at a great value for the price.

     If you have been convinced, quickly visit the website to beautify your interior. In addition to chairs, we offer tables, stools, armchairs that are also customizable.

    At Chair.Furniture, it's second nature to choose your chair and add your personal touch. Feel free to contact us for any suggestions, questions or improvements. Our advisors are always happy to help and are here to listen.CE & SGS Certification

    Our particularity is that we remain at your disposal. This is why the furniture we offer you can be customized according to your dreams, your desires, and your taste. 

    Our collection is:

    • Stylish
    • Modern
    • Affordable. 

    As Seen on Social Media

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    It is important to remember that the chairs complement the style of your kitchen; they must match the tone and colour of the decoration but also be comfortable for you. It is therefore according to the characteristics of your table, that you could choose the chairs and then adapt them to your taste.

    In conclusion, a cosy design interior deserves a chair with a unique style, whether, in the office, bedroom, living room, restaurant or waiting room and we are here for you to help you make the right decision.