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Scandinavian stools are essential for a contemporary kitchen, and they certainly bring life to your interior decor.

We have the best advice for you to be able to choose your perfect Scandinavian chair. As we have a wide selection of furniture on our website including tables, chairs, stools, accessories and armchairs, choosing the right piece of furniture will be difficult.

We have a wide range of colours available for you, a selection of different shapes and sizes as well as different materials. We believe that your interior decor should always be eye-catching and represent your style of living. With a unique interior, every guest that steps into your home will be a guest that wishes to come back.

Chair Furniture has been created back in 2013, to have a website that offers the best quality chairs for the best price with excellent customer service.

We have a large selection of furniture on our website, however, ware here to help so you make the right decision about your future pieces of furniture. We constantly update our collection and ensure that you always receive the best and are caught up with the interior design trends. 

Our top tips for choosing your Scandinavian stools

We have a wide selection of Scandinavian Stools which will allow you to sit comfortably for longer periods. If you have limited space available in your apartment, we suggest you choose a type of stool which is easy to store such as our stools which you can stack.

This ensures that you bring design into your home but also have functional furniture. Another great idea for a small apartment is stools without backrest. With this, you can ensure that you place the stool under your home-bar or under your counter to allow maximal space efficiency.

Choosing the right stool depends on the decoration of your home. If you have a contemporary interior with a sleek design, simply choose a metal or white bar stool which is lacquered. If the industrial style interior has caught your attention, then choosing a steel stool would suit perfectly.

If you have a modern style kitchen which needs spicing up, our stools with a large chrome steel foot and coloured seat combination with imitation leather will certainly create the effect you are looking for.

If a traditional decoration is your cup of tea, our stools made from acacia and beech wood will bring in elegance with its colonial style. Bistro kitchens will always welcome antique furniture with a vintage touch.

Our stools with vibrant colours such as orange, yellow, or sky blue will certainly bring life and happiness to your homes.

After you will need to decide on the height of the stool, as the stool height must match the table you would like to use it with. Of course, if you have a range of tables with different sizes available in your home, the most convenient option would be to choose a stool with an adjustable height. 

When to choose a designer bar stool

If you would like to combine the charm of your open plan kitchen with your living room, choosing a Designer Bar Stool will be your best decision. This way, at every social gathering your friends can be involved with you whilst you're preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen.

Our designer bar stool will be perfect for a modern interior decoration especially if the metal base is a different colour such as white or black. These Stools will be so inviting in your kitchen, your guests will comfortably take a seat without having to ask.

After you have offered your guests one of your homemade special drinks, they will be able to move over to your home-bar and have a great time accompanied by our designer stool. At chair furniture, we offer you more than 15 different colours in addition to the wooden stools.

We provide stools with a certain atmosphere, so whether you wish to complete a retro, cosy, traditional or refined feel, we will be able to help you complete that through our selection of stools.

Our Different types of stools include::

  • bar stools
  • industrial stools
  • designer stools
  • kitchen stools
  • chair stools
  • stools with a backrest
  • stools with adjustable height
  • stools with a fixed height

Our most popular stool is the Scandinavian inspired Bristol stool which has been manufactured carefully with quality materials offering a unique design. Our chairs are made of materials of quality such as steel, aluminium, P.V.C and wood.

We guarantee to offer you the best decorative products with high quality and a great price. Our goal is to satisfy you in one way or another.

Maybe you are looking for a product like a Bar Stool, but you are uncertain about a few details of this stool don't hesitate to get in contact with our customer advisors, or alternatively, trust our guides for purchasing designer furniture and the description of our products.

On our website, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about our products, and by the end, you will be able to make the right choice in a stress-free manner. If you choose colour, material and shape to make your choice, we are confident that your chosen Scandinavian stool will fit your interior perfectly and that it will be love at first sight.