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Here at Chair Furniture, we will help you choose your perfect stool carefully. In this short article, you will be able to find out more about the shapes, sizes, colours and different materials available for you to ensure that you stool suits you home and will be an eye-catching experience for any guest that walks through the doors of your home.

First, you will find out the main details of our stool chairs, from their shapes, colours and sizes to ensure that your chosen furniture is fully functional and complements the space of your choice. If you wanted to decorate your contemporary kitchen with our barstools, it will certainly offer optimal comfort from its ergonomic shape. We guarantee that your decoration will be enhanced as we have a wide selection of stools with several different materials in different colours and styles. 

If you accompany these stools with your table, your dining area will be transformed into a more pleasant and original dining space.

Our top tip is for you to use a high bar stool if your table or countertop measures more than 1 meter. As we only work with quality products and materials, we guarantee that once our stool is part of your interior furniture, it will bring an aesthetic beauty to your interior decor. At Chair Furniture, every stool will satisfy your needs. 

Our chair stools will bring positive energy to your home and will create the perfect harmony between your living room furniture or kitchen furniture and our stools. If you wish to bring more contrast to your home, choose vibrant and opposing colours to your furniture, and we guarantee it will seduce all your guests.

The guiding ideas of the long tradition of craftsmanship of creation are the basis for the design of stool models. Your rooms will be modernized and will have a great design if our high stools are part of your selection of furniture.

 As all our chairs, tables, stools and accessories are made from high-quality materials, it is for sure that they will last you for a fair amount of time. At Chair Furniture, we offer you the best price possible for a great quality product accompanied by excellent customer service. 

Be inspired and make the right choice

It is no secret that no matter how beautiful the stool of your choice is, it is crucial to know if it will integrate perfectly with the environment you would like to include it in. As our designer stool will be an additional piece of furniture to fulfil your interior decor, and it will certainly enhance the beauty of the pieces it is placed with.

Of course, our chair stools can be the centrepiece of decoration, so once you decided what role our stool needs to play in your interior decor, you should then consider the following details. You will need to take into consideration the existing furniture in your house to be able to find out exactly what style, size and shape of stool you need to fulfil your interior decor.

For this reason, you will find in our selections, models of inspiration varied and designed based on aesthetic and technical aspects of the environment. Our catalogue includes all the models of stools from your dreams: whether it is a retro decorative touch, an inspiring piece of furniture industrial or the beauty of contemporary materials, your dream will become reality.

Enjoy optimal comfort with padded and upholstered models and the density of the foam. The ergonomic shape of the seat perfectly complements the user's body shape and it certainly allows maximal comfort.

If you wish to take care of your posture, with our stools with a backrest,  you will be sat in a very upright position, your posture will be maintained and your back muscles will be able to relax and repair. You will find at Chair furniture several furniture proposals with all their advantages and our advisors are open to you to support you in the choice of your stool chairs.

Our top tips for choosing your perfect stool

Our upholstered stool  chairs allow you to sit down comfortably without putting any strain on your lower back. If you have limited space available for the storage of your stools, buying stools which can be stacked or folded would be a practical idea.Using a folding model stool with a high table retractable, you will save space in your rooms.

Choose a stool with a small file for parts that will be used by children or if you will use your stool frequently. Backless stools are also available in useful because you can put them under a table if you are not ready to use it yet.

The choice of stool in relation to colour and material depends on the decoration of your home. You have a contemporary interior with a sleek design simply chooses a metal or white bar stool which is lacquered.

If you are more attracted to the industrial style, choose a steel stool, and if you want to decorate your modern kitchen, we recommend the stool with a large chrome steel foot and a coloured seat in imitation leather.

If you enjoy traditional trends, let yourself be carried away by the stool by acacia wood, elegant by its colonial style. The bistro-style kitchen welcomes very well the furniture picked out through their vintage touch. Stools with pop colours (orange, yellow or sky blue) give more life to your interior.

Choosing the correct stool height

In front of a table/ counter, you must use a bar stool with a seat that measures between 30 to 35 cm from the top edge of the table/ counter. This will allow you to be in a comfortable position. You can also, opt for an adjustable model to gain flexibility and have a
stool that is the right size for any table/counter.

The usefulness of the bar stool

Our bar stools are essential pieces of furniture if you have a bar at home. They complement your interior and are also very functional. These stools will offer maximal comfort but you must choose a bar stool-based on the appearance on your bar area.

Our stool chairs have an original high standard decorative look.   As an addition, our website will offer you more than 15 colours to ensure that you find your matching piece today. We have many stools promoting a certain type of atmosphere be it retro, traditional or purified, and schools with different unique features to ensure that they are eye-catching to your guests on every occasion. 

Our adjustable height stools are the perfect choice if you have a variety of tables you would like to buy stool chairs for. these will fit any height, therefore, the perfect addition to your interior decor.

You will be able to choose from a wide range of items with different thematic with a multitude of versions. We have the most popular stools sought by our clients with Chair Furniture as the stool with a design original and manufactured with quality materials. Also, if you are looking for comfort, treat yourself to bar stools with the file.

Indeed, with these stools, you will be sitting for hours but you'll never be in pain. Our chairs are made of materials of quality such as steel, aluminium, P.V.C and wood. Take a seat in stools, you'll give testimonies.