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Until now you may have thought that stools are only for sitting, but here at Chair Furniture, we will introduce you to a wide selection of stools which are highly functional and trendy to liven up your interior.

These designer stools will be minimalist with refined curves, and they will be a guaranteed centrepiece as they highlight your decoration in the given room with their multitudes of colours of materials of manufacturing.

Your guests will go wild for your new decorative furniture, and will certainly prefer to sit on a stool than a chair in the future. Visit our website and satisfy your eyes with our wide selection.

The practicality of the designer stools

All our stools are practical and versatile and will have useful features which will be unmissable in the future when you choose your stools again.

We have got height-adjustable, stackable and 360° swivel stools. We believe that our customers have high expectations towards our products, and every single package leaves our warehouse in an immaculate condition to ensure a quality result.

 Our stools will liven up your interior, provide comfort and convenience as well as create a new trend between your friends.  

As we have multiple options of different heights of stools, you will be always ensured that you find the matching stool for your table on our website.

These stools will provide comfort on a home bar,  and their silhouettes will fit the shape of your body perfectly. As these stools are relatively small and can be stacked, they are also very practical for homes with limited space for designer furniture.

Create the perfect atmosphere with the Designer stool

The designer stool can be easily integrated into the decoration of your home. Our stools are made of a range of different materials including wood, steel or plastic.  

For your kitchen, these stools will be guaranteed to bing a friendly atmosphere with a modern touch. Some stools have a very minimalistic design which gives them a glamorous look. These stools will come with or without a backrest, and in both cases, they will greatly attract the attention of your guests.

These stools will bring elegance to your home, and refine them by adding a little charm by the unique style. 

It is ensured that your friends will enjoy the comfort provided by your chosen stool, and they will be eager to come back for your next social gathering. With our wide range of design stools, you will surely find the one that has the right look, the right feel and the exact characteristics you are looking for.

We have a stool suitable for every need. If you are looking to give vitality to your kitchen, choose bright colours. If you wish to bring elegance to your dining room, we suggest you choose classic and original colours for the right result. We are certain that you will find the right designer stool to unite perfectly with your interior decoration and enhance the key features.

Our Designer Stools

On our website, you will find a selection of different models of stools that will certainly stand out from the ordinary.  Our stools have a unique design which makes them our best selling models which you can only exclusively find at Chair Furniture.  As an example, our kitchen stool model is a transparent stool in an industrial style. This stool you will not regret, and every customer who sees this stool has the urge to purchase it.

Our best sellers:

  • Chrome Barstool

  • Industrial Barstool

  • Bristol Stool

How to choose your designer stool

We have collected our top tips to ensure that you choose your perfect stools from us today. Firstly, you will need to consider where you're placing your stool. First the room, whether it is the living room, dining room, kitchen or your home office, then the part of the room to ensure that you choose the perfect colour combination and style for your style of the room. 

Once you decided where it will be placed,  you will need to ensure that you choose the material and the colour of your stool. If your room has a traditional style our wooden stools will go perfectly with an oak kitchen, whereas if you wish to add a stool to a modern area, our brushed steel stools will be splendid in a modern kitchen.

If you wish to achieve a trendy style, a bar stool with design chrome legs and an upholstered grey seat will be a perfect choice. 

We offer a wide range of colours in our stools as it is an important factor in your interior design.  Due to the wide range of colours available, you will be able to find stools which are in the same colour as your worktop or maybe your dining table, as it matches the colour of your furniture, it will perfectly fit your interior design.

Many customers ask themselves whether they should choose a stool with a backrest or not. From our experience, you should certainly go for a stool with a backrest if you are planning on using it for longer periods very often. This ensures ultimate comfort and takes away the pressure from your lower back which will allow you to focus on your work more.

If you are planning on using the stool for shorter periods or mainly decoration then we advise you to purchase a stool without a backrest.