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In the United Kingdom, the weather is always a key component of everyday conversations and activities. If there is a slight chance of sunshine, the rumours of having a BBQ begins worldwide. 


This is why we dedicated this section of our website to outdoor furniture. It is important to have highly functional outdoor furniture as well as stylish garden furniture, so have a look at this section of our website to find your perfect furniture for your outdoor space. 


We have pieces which are perfectly suitable to relax and unwind on a warm summer evening, such as the Cleopatra chair, which with its' stylish and unique patterns it will complement a natural and wooden scenario and support you with its stable arms after a long day of work. 


Whatever your budget or style, we are sure that you will find your next showstopper. All these pieces will be water-resistant and highly durable, so whatever your summer party brings, our furniture will support and fulfil the experience. 


There are different materials you can choose to have your garden furniture in. rattan, fabric, metal and plastic. Most of our garden furniture is manufactured from plastic, as over the rears after becoming experts of designer chairs, we realised that this material is the most durable and user-friendly when it comes to garden furniture. With this, we guarantee premium product quality and are 100% sure that you will be happy with your purchase on every occasion.


Garden furniture - Match your garden table to your garden chairs. 


The garden is a meadow delimited by walls, hedges or ditches that offer a friendly moment and allow you to enjoy the air of unconfined spaces.


Your terrace is thus transformed into a real living space during the sunny days.

Having a garden furniture set is therefore beneficial and even necessary. However, regular and appropriate maintenance is required. The type of living room in the garden varies according to the perimeter, the desired design, the desired comfort and the number of guests to receive. The choice should not be made blindly or on a whim. A thorough analysis will be required, taking into account the criteria.


Presentation of garden furniture

Garden furniture is all the furniture arranged in a garden to create a living room. It includes at least one garden table and a few garden chairs that are installed in a modern, classic or contemporary style.


On the terrace, on the first floor, or in the veranda, the garden lounge can be transposed. Furniture should, therefore, be placed outdoors and exposed to the climate and temperature of the environment. There is a diversity of them depending on the brand and material.


Garden furniture also includes accessories to maximize comfort. These are the seats, backs, pillows and a clear or dark glass top with rounded or chiselled ends incorporated into a table.  

In general, the purchase of garden furniture entitles you to these accessories.


The usefulness of garden furniture

The garden furniture makes it possible to create a living room that will bring parents and relatives together in an open-air setting to enjoy the sun and the sunny days. It is so pleasant to receive your family or friends in the middle of summer for moments of laughing or reunion during the holidays.


Garden furniture allows you to enjoy the sunny weather. They provide support on which to lie down for a long time to tan when the weather is right. The garden lounge provides moments of relaxation and relaxation in the open air, which contributes to good health, and is very comfortable and practical for everyone, day and night.


In addition to their strong and durable ribs, the garden table and chairs enhance your garden. With their beautiful design and colours, your green space is more attractive than ever.


The material used to manufacture the components of garden furniture

Since outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements, the design materials must provide resistance. The materials used in the manufacture of garden furniture are rated on a scale from 1 to 5. And as far as accessories are concerned, the materials used are resistant to UV rays and water. This is how we find these accessories not only in the textile but also in cotton and/or polyester whose quality is subject to mass.


The material is then part of the selection criteria. 


- Wood, because of its solidity, lasts a very long time. There are several types of wood that affect its strength. Teak, which is a variant of teak, is well known for its durability and durability. It resists bad weather (wind, humidity, high temperature), white ants and decomposition. Also, it naturally brings a chic touch.

- Rattan is a type of palm tree that is well known for its flexible stems. It is very resistant and rarely spoils.

- Steel is a fairly heavy material that retains all the heat during the sunny seasons. It must be treated by cataphoresis because it quickly succumbs to corrosion. However, the steel models are advanced and imposing.  

- Resin is a greasy and creamy substance. Very light, it does not require intensive interviews. If some people prefer this material, it is because of its updated style and its varied shapes (moulded, braided).   

- Textile is a synthetic fabric that does not deteriorate easily. It is used to fully cover the backrests and seats of chairs and prevents the penetration of sunlight.

- Aluminium is unfailingly strong in the face of bad weather, it also incorporates a pure and modern design.

- Epoxy metal is a material that quickly turns into rust when it comes into contact with the slightest scratch. For this purpose, it is combined with the resin to remain protected from degrading factors.

- Wrought iron gives the furniture a high resistance but is very heavy.