• Industrial Stools

    If you have thought about modernising your living room or home after a house move, or you just wanted to lift your interior design to the next level, our industrial barstools will create the welcoming atmosphere you and your guests will love every time they step into your house.

    If you have a high table or a bar at home, a vintage industrial stool will be a great new addition to your home to fulfil your interior design.

    Our bar stools are not only functional but also decoratively pleasing, which will provide authenticity to your home.

    Due to our wide collection of stools, you will always be able to make the right choice for you. Industrial style interior is certainly the latest fashion, which is why our industrial stool fits perfectly into this modern world.

    Our stools are inspired by the factory furniture of the 20th century.

    Due to its' metal design, the industrial stool will meet your needs when it comes to design, solidity and charm.

    The characteristics of an industrial stool

    The industrial stools have a vintage design with well patinated and aged materials.

    These stools are not only sturdy but also original, and can be easily adapted to the decoration of your rooms, be it the kitchen, dining room, bedroom or your home office.  

    These stools will be suitable for your home even if you have limited space available for furniture as these stools can be stacked.

    These stools are manufactured with a combination of metal and different types of wood such as acacia and beech as well as other materials. It is perfect to use as a rest at the end of a sofa, around a side table or a bedside table.

    At Chair Furniture, you will find vintage barstools, classic bar stools, industrial bar stools, metal bar stools and wooden stools, so whatever your decorative look is, it is guaranteed that you will find your perfect fit.

    Different materials are carefully selected and used to create high-quality products for the best price possible. 

    Stools will offer you many advantages: they will give character to your living room through the black metal by its industrial look, they will warm your interior with wood, leather and zinc, combined with wooden material, these stools will give you a superb bistro-style interior.

    How to choose your industrial stools

    There are a few criteria you should keep in mind when choosing your new stool. As you can see there are several different models available to choose from, so first, you will need to establish what style you would like to achieve with your interior.

    From that, it will be easier to decide whether to purchase a clean and crisp Scandinavian bar stool or an industrial metal stool.

    You will also need to ensure that you purchase a style you truly like, and the stool is sturdy offering excellent comfort.

    If you know that you will use the stool for longer periods, it will be certainly a good idea to invest in a stool with a backrest to provide ultimate comfort.

    If the stools have a purpose of serving guests, it may be beneficial to choose a stool with an adjustable height, therefore your guests can make themselves comfortable at every occasion.

    If you decided to choose a fixed height stool, you will need to ensure that the height of the stool corresponds with the height of your table or bar. 

    Industrial stools for your kitchen

    Darker materials such as waxed concrete, cement tiles, brick, raw floors etc are excellent materials to decorate your kitchen.

    Choose furniture with clean and simple lines, in raw wood and metal fixtures to reinforce the industrial style of your kitchen.

    Then use a glass roof with a workshop style to delimit the kitchen from the other rooms.

    Whatever the style of your stool (coloured sheet metal, steel, solid wood...), it will easily fit into your kitchen.

    Combine your stools with suitable tables, armchairs, accessories...

    You can combine your stools with several atmospheres, whether it is a vintage country house, a modern and chic atmosphere or a New York loft, to create a splendid home.

    The only limit will be your imagination. These stools can be combined with tables with their raw wooden tops with steel legs, leather armchairs, a recycled oak coffee table or a vintage bar.

    They can also be combined with accessories such as large clocks with exposed mechanisms, copper luminaires or architect style lamps.

    Industrial stools for a modern touch

    Industrial stools are a new trend in modern decoration, and the originality of these stools are recognised and appreciated by the greatest interior designers today.

    As the metal material they are made of is highly durable, it makes these stool extremely safe, and non-responsive to humidity or dust. If you wish to bring a certain atmosphere to your room, the style of the stool will have a great impact on it.

    If you would like to create a more classic environment, our vintage industrial stools would be your perfect choice. These certainly symbolise versatility and add a classic touch to your chosen room.

    Our industrial stools are one of our most comfortable models. As a result, they are perfectly suitable for a workshop or a factory too. 

    These stools will fit well in vintage and a modern decoration therefore whatever your taste, we have the perfect stool for you.  

    As our furniture is inspired by the 1950's designs, it will be difficult to resist the stylish stools with our modern touch.

    Our wide range of models will include stools with a swivel seat, stools with designer legs and stools with a backrest. If you are after extraordinary comfort, we highly recommend our industrial bar stool with a backrest. 

    The adjustable industrial stool

    If you enjoy the freedom of adjusting your furniture to any height you wish, the adjustable Ellipse stool will be your perfect choice.

    As it is adaptable to any height, no matter if you wish to use the stool for your dining, table, your bar or your counter, the industrial stool will be suitable for all your needs.

    Our barstools are a perfect addition to your living room if you wish to modernise your living room and create a friendly atmosphere.

    These stools are highly functional as well as stylish therefore whether you add them to your bar, counter or high table, it will certainly create a more authentic interior.

    Within our wide selection of stools, e are certain you will find your perfect fit. 

    The characteristics of an industrial stool

    Our industrial stool imitates a vintage design without the hassle of rust and old age.  

    As these stools are robust and original, they can be easily adapted to the decoration of your kitchen, dining room, bedroom etc.

    If you have limited space available for design interior, due to their stacking feature, our industrial stools will be a great addition to any limited space.  

    Some of our models such as bar stools, classic stools, and kitchen stools are manufactured with a mixture of different materials.

    These include a combination of metal and mango, acacia, beech or other wood, which also makes our stools a perfect addition to your sofa, side table or use it as your bedside table.

    At chair furniture, you will find a range of different styles including vintage stools, classic bar stools, industrial stools, wooden stools, and metal stools, which are all built from a range of materials carefully selected by our manufacturers.

    Our stools come with great advantages, so if you choose our industrial stool with black metal, it will give character to your living room. If you choose a stool with wooden touches and a combination of zinc and leather, it will bring a certain warmth to your home. 

    Choosing your perfect stools

    We have collected our top tips on how to choose the perfect stool for your home to ensure that you are fully satisfied every time.

    We have a wide selection of different styles, from wooden stools to Scandinavian Barstools. The first characteristics you will need to look out for is the sturdiness of the stool.

    Ensuring that you purchase a strong stool will mean that it will certainly last you as long as it can.

    The second detail you will need to look into is to ensure that you choose a comfortable chair. It has to fit your body shape perfectly, so if you decide to work from your stool it will provide the support and comfort you need.

    If you wish to experience ultimate comfort, our stools with a backrest will be your best choice and your back can relax into the backrest giving you fill support.

    If you are in need for a taller stool, it is important to look into the height of a fixed height stool to ensure that it matches your needs and the table it will be going with, and also if it is an adjustable height stool, the maximum height it can go up to will be an important factor too.

    If you wish to choose a stool for decoration purposes, you will need to measure the characteristics of your existing room to be able to pick the perfect stool.

    For example in the kitchen, brown materials such as waxed concrete, cement tiles, brick, bricks, raw floors etc are excellent materials to decorate your kitchen, therefore choosing a stool with clean and crisp lines, and added wood and metal features will perfectly bring the factory style out of your kitchen.

    If you choose a glass wall to divide the kitchen and the dining room with a workshop style frame, no matter what style of your stool (coloured sheet metal, steel, solid wood...), it will fit into your kitchen with ease.

  • Kitchen Stools
  • Design Stools

    Until now you may have thought that stools are only for sitting, but here at Chair Furniture, we will introduce you to a wide selection of stools which are highly functional and trendy to liven up your interior.

    These designer stools will be minimalist with refined curves, and they will be a guaranteed centrepiece as they highlight your decoration in the given room with their multitudes of colours of materials of manufacturing.

    Your guests will go wild for your new decorative furniture, and will certainly prefer to sit on a stool than a chair in the future. Visit our website and satisfy your eyes with our wide selection.

    The practicality of the designer stools

    All our stools are practical and versatile and will have useful features which will be unmissable in the future when you choose your stools again.

    We have got height-adjustable, stackable and 360° swivel stools. We believe that our customers have high expectations towards our products, and every single package leaves our warehouse in an immaculate condition to ensure a quality result.

     Our stools will liven up your interior, provide comfort and convenience as well as create a new trend between your friends.  

    As we have multiple options of different heights of stools, you will be always ensured that you find the matching stool for your table on our website.

    These stools will provide comfort on a home bar,  and their silhouettes will fit the shape of your body perfectly. As these stools are relatively small and can be stacked, they are also very practical for homes with limited space for designer furniture.

    Create the perfect atmosphere with the Designer stool

    The designer stool can be easily integrated into the decoration of your home. Our stools are made of a range of different materials including wood, steel or plastic.  

    For your kitchen, these stools will be guaranteed to bing a friendly atmosphere with a modern touch. Some stools have a very minimalistic design which gives them a glamorous look. These stools will come with or without a backrest, and in both cases, they will greatly attract the attention of your guests.

    These stools will bring elegance to your home, and refine them by adding a little charm by the unique style. 

    It is ensured that your friends will enjoy the comfort provided by your chosen stool, and they will be eager to come back for your next social gathering. With our wide range of design stools, you will surely find the one that has the right look, the right feel and the exact characteristics you are looking for.

    We have a stool suitable for every need. If you are looking to give vitality to your kitchen, choose bright colours. If you wish to bring elegance to your dining room, we suggest you choose classic and original colours for the right result. We are certain that you will find the right designer stool to unite perfectly with your interior decoration and enhance the key features.

    Our Designer Stools

    On our website, you will find a selection of different models of stools that will certainly stand out from the ordinary.  Our stools have a unique design which makes them our best selling models which you can only exclusively find at Chair Furniture.  As an example, our kitchen stool model is a transparent stool in an industrial style. This stool you will not regret, and every customer who sees this stool has the urge to purchase it.

    Our best sellers:

    • Chrome Barstool

    • Industrial Barstool

    • Bristol Stool

    How to choose your designer stool

    We have collected our top tips to ensure that you choose your perfect stools from us today. Firstly, you will need to consider where you're placing your stool. First the room, whether it is the living room, dining room, kitchen or your home office, then the part of the room to ensure that you choose the perfect colour combination and style for your style of the room. 

    Once you decided where it will be placed,  you will need to ensure that you choose the material and the colour of your stool. If your room has a traditional style our wooden stools will go perfectly with an oak kitchen, whereas if you wish to add a stool to a modern area, our brushed steel stools will be splendid in a modern kitchen.

    If you wish to achieve a trendy style, a bar stool with design chrome legs and an upholstered grey seat will be a perfect choice. 

    We offer a wide range of colours in our stools as it is an important factor in your interior design.  Due to the wide range of colours available, you will be able to find stools which are in the same colour as your worktop or maybe your dining table, as it matches the colour of your furniture, it will perfectly fit your interior design.

    Many customers ask themselves whether they should choose a stool with a backrest or not. From our experience, you should certainly go for a stool with a backrest if you are planning on using it for longer periods very often. This ensures ultimate comfort and takes away the pressure from your lower back which will allow you to focus on your work more.

    If you are planning on using the stool for shorter periods or mainly decoration then we advise you to purchase a stool without a backrest.

  • Barstools

    If you would like to bring warmth to your home and have furniture which will naturally allow you to have quality coffee breaks and gatherings with your loved ones, then you don't need to look further as we have the perfect selection of stools for you.

    At Chair Furniture you will be able to choose the colours and shades you exactly want, the material which you prefer the most, and the shape that will fit your interior the best. Being able to customise these stools will allow you to highlight your personality and your love for furniture so it is unmissable when you enter into the room.

    Due to our wide range of colours, you will be able to match your stools to your interior decoration perfectly, no matter if you are focusing on the contrast with the colour of the wall or the surface of your American Kitchen top.

    We guarantee that you, your family and your friends will have a great time whilst in unforgettable comfort provided by our premium stools

    Choose a barstool for social success

    Our bar stools are well known for bringing conviviality to the home. It fits in perfectly with the style of an American kitchen but is also ideal for a counter or a seat for your at-home bar. With its pleasant design, it will fit in flawlessly to any type of interior.

    We have a selection of models for you to choose from including stools with a backrest, stools without a backrest, stools made from metal as well stools made from plastic and wood. The barstool can be placed anywhere in your home and it is guaranteed that the room, be it the living room, kitchen, dining room or bar will be a more vibrant place with a great atmosphere.

    Different Styles of Barstools

    Depending on what you would like to achieve within your rooms, we recommend different stools for a different purpose. If you would like to achieve a clean and simplistic look in your rooms, the Designer Barstools would be your number one choice. These stools are beautiful, comfortable and extremely elegant, and they serve the purpose you exactly want from them.

    If you are seeking an authentic decorative piece in your home, the Industrial Bar Stool should be your number one choice. You will be able to browse for stools which are padded as well as stools which are not padded.

    Our selection extends to none- upholstered stools to ensure that you find the stool you are truly looking for. If you are looking for contemporary, classic, vintage or designer stool, we guarantee you will find it at Chair Furniture.

    In addition to the styles, there is a wide range of colours available to give even more to your interior decor from tonality to decoration.

    When to choose a designer bar stool

    If you would like to combine the charm of your open plan kitchen with your living room, choosing a Designer Bar Stool will be your best decision. This way, at every social gathering your friends can be involved with you whilst you're preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen

    . Our designer bar stool will be perfect for a modern interior decoration especially if the metal base is a different colour such as white or black. These Stools will be so inviting in your kitchen, your guests will comfortably take a seat without having to ask. After you have offered your guests one of your homemade special drinks, they will be able to move over to your home-bar and have a great time accompanied by our designer stools

    Barstool Colours

    If you have vivid colours in your home, a stool which can match the colours of your interior is necessary. This way you can harmonise your interior decoration and create an aesthetically pleasing scenery in your home. With our high Barstools, you will be able to sublimate your American kitchen and your home -bar.

    As we have a wide range of colours both for the stool and its cushion, you will be able to mix and match as you please with a result of great comfort. No matter which model you choose, be it wood, zinc or velvet, you will impress your guests on every occasion. If you can, you should also have a look into foldable stools, as they're highly practical

    if you are limited with space in your home for designer furniture. On our website, you will be able to find all the different types of stools you could need, and we guarantee high quality for the best price possible. If you have a country-style kitchen, our wooden stools will fit in just right, if you wish to add a little extra, find our rattan models. 

    The height of the bar stools depends on the certain model, but a stools usually 65 cm high. There are also bar stools whose height is adjustable to suit the height of adults and children, so no matter what your size, you'll have the right height every occasion.

    You should also consider the construction material of your stool if you are looking for a unique design. If your interior decor has an English or Irish style, choosing a leather bar stool will be your best decision.

    Your lounge atmospheres will be unforgettable, and it will re-live the retro style.The industrial bar stool will fit in perfectly to a contemporary loft converted interior, especially if the walls are made of bricks. In a country kitchen, use rattan bar stools. Combine these stools with a high table and enjoy your evening of pleasure with a bottle of bubbly champagne.

  • Scandinavian Stools

    Scandinavian stools are essential for a contemporary kitchen, and they certainly bring life to your interior decor.

    We have the best advice for you to be able to choose your perfect Scandinavian chair. As we have a wide selection of furniture on our website including tables, chairs, stools, accessories and armchairs, choosing the right piece of furniture will be difficult.

    We have a wide range of colours available for you, a selection of different shapes and sizes as well as different materials. We believe that your interior decor should always be eye-catching and represent your style of living. With a unique interior, every guest that steps into your home will be a guest that wishes to come back.

    Chair Furniture has been created back in 2013, to have a website that offers the best quality chairs for the best price with excellent customer service.

    We have a large selection of furniture on our website, however, ware here to help so you make the right decision about your future pieces of furniture. We constantly update our collection and ensure that you always receive the best and are caught up with the interior design trends. 

    Our top tips for choosing your Scandinavian stools

    We have a wide selection of Scandinavian Stools which will allow you to sit comfortably for longer periods. If you have limited space available in your apartment, we suggest you choose a type of stool which is easy to store such as our stools which you can stack.

    This ensures that you bring design into your home but also have functional furniture. Another great idea for a small apartment is stools without backrest. With this, you can ensure that you place the stool under your home-bar or under your counter to allow maximal space efficiency.

    Choosing the right stool depends on the decoration of your home. If you have a contemporary interior with a sleek design, simply choose a metal or white bar stool which is lacquered. If the industrial style interior has caught your attention, then choosing a steel stool would suit perfectly.

    If you have a modern style kitchen which needs spicing up, our stools with a large chrome steel foot and coloured seat combination with imitation leather will certainly create the effect you are looking for.

    If a traditional decoration is your cup of tea, our stools made from acacia and beech wood will bring in elegance with its colonial style. Bistro kitchens will always welcome antique furniture with a vintage touch.

    Our stools with vibrant colours such as orange, yellow, or sky blue will certainly bring life and happiness to your homes.

    After you will need to decide on the height of the stool, as the stool height must match the table you would like to use it with. Of course, if you have a range of tables with different sizes available in your home, the most convenient option would be to choose a stool with an adjustable height. 

    When to choose a designer bar stool

    If you would like to combine the charm of your open plan kitchen with your living room, choosing a Designer Bar Stool will be your best decision. This way, at every social gathering your friends can be involved with you whilst you're preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen.

    Our designer bar stool will be perfect for a modern interior decoration especially if the metal base is a different colour such as white or black. These Stools will be so inviting in your kitchen, your guests will comfortably take a seat without having to ask.

    After you have offered your guests one of your homemade special drinks, they will be able to move over to your home-bar and have a great time accompanied by our designer stool. At chair furniture, we offer you more than 15 different colours in addition to the wooden stools.

    We provide stools with a certain atmosphere, so whether you wish to complete a retro, cosy, traditional or refined feel, we will be able to help you complete that through our selection of stools.

    Our Different types of stools include::

    • bar stools
    • industrial stools
    • designer stools
    • kitchen stools
    • chair stools
    • stools with a backrest
    • stools with adjustable height
    • stools with a fixed height

    Our most popular stool is the Scandinavian inspired Bristol stool which has been manufactured carefully with quality materials offering a unique design. Our chairs are made of materials of quality such as steel, aluminium, P.V.C and wood.

    We guarantee to offer you the best decorative products with high quality and a great price. Our goal is to satisfy you in one way or another.

    Maybe you are looking for a product like a Bar Stool, but you are uncertain about a few details of this stool don't hesitate to get in contact with our customer advisors, or alternatively, trust our guides for purchasing designer furniture and the description of our products.

    On our website, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about our products, and by the end, you will be able to make the right choice in a stress-free manner. If you choose colour, material and shape to make your choice, we are confident that your chosen Scandinavian stool will fit your interior perfectly and that it will be love at first sight. 

  • Stool Chairs

    Here at Chair Furniture, we will help you choose your perfect stool carefully. In this short article, you will be able to find out more about the shapes, sizes, colours and different materials available for you to ensure that you stool suits you home and will be an eye-catching experience for any guest that walks through the doors of your home.

    First, you will find out the main details of our stool chairs, from their shapes, colours and sizes to ensure that your chosen furniture is fully functional and complements the space of your choice. If you wanted to decorate your contemporary kitchen with our barstools, it will certainly offer optimal comfort from its ergonomic shape. We guarantee that your decoration will be enhanced as we have a wide selection of stools with several different materials in different colours and styles. 

    If you accompany these stools with your table, your dining area will be transformed into a more pleasant and original dining space.

    Our top tip is for you to use a high bar stool if your table or countertop measures more than 1 meter. As we only work with quality products and materials, we guarantee that once our stool is part of your interior furniture, it will bring an aesthetic beauty to your interior decor. At Chair Furniture, every stool will satisfy your needs. 

    Our chair stools will bring positive energy to your home and will create the perfect harmony between your living room furniture or kitchen furniture and our stools. If you wish to bring more contrast to your home, choose vibrant and opposing colours to your furniture, and we guarantee it will seduce all your guests.

    The guiding ideas of the long tradition of craftsmanship of creation are the basis for the design of stool models. Your rooms will be modernized and will have a great design if our high stools are part of your selection of furniture.

     As all our chairs, tables, stools and accessories are made from high-quality materials, it is for sure that they will last you for a fair amount of time. At Chair Furniture, we offer you the best price possible for a great quality product accompanied by excellent customer service. 

    Be inspired and make the right choice

    It is no secret that no matter how beautiful the stool of your choice is, it is crucial to know if it will integrate perfectly with the environment you would like to include it in. As our designer stool will be an additional piece of furniture to fulfil your interior decor, and it will certainly enhance the beauty of the pieces it is placed with.

    Of course, our chair stools can be the centrepiece of decoration, so once you decided what role our stool needs to play in your interior decor, you should then consider the following details. You will need to take into consideration the existing furniture in your house to be able to find out exactly what style, size and shape of stool you need to fulfil your interior decor.

    For this reason, you will find in our selections, models of inspiration varied and designed based on aesthetic and technical aspects of the environment. Our catalogue includes all the models of stools from your dreams: whether it is a retro decorative touch, an inspiring piece of furniture industrial or the beauty of contemporary materials, your dream will become reality.

    Enjoy optimal comfort with padded and upholstered models and the density of the foam. The ergonomic shape of the seat perfectly complements the user's body shape and it certainly allows maximal comfort.

    If you wish to take care of your posture, with our stools with a backrest,  you will be sat in a very upright position, your posture will be maintained and your back muscles will be able to relax and repair. You will find at Chair furniture several furniture proposals with all their advantages and our advisors are open to you to support you in the choice of your stool chairs.

    Our top tips for choosing your perfect stool

    Our upholstered stool  chairs allow you to sit down comfortably without putting any strain on your lower back. If you have limited space available for the storage of your stools, buying stools which can be stacked or folded would be a practical idea.Using a folding model stool with a high table retractable, you will save space in your rooms.

    Choose a stool with a small file for parts that will be used by children or if you will use your stool frequently. Backless stools are also available in useful because you can put them under a table if you are not ready to use it yet.

    The choice of stool in relation to colour and material depends on the decoration of your home. You have a contemporary interior with a sleek design simply chooses a metal or white bar stool which is lacquered.

    If you are more attracted to the industrial style, choose a steel stool, and if you want to decorate your modern kitchen, we recommend the stool with a large chrome steel foot and a coloured seat in imitation leather.

    If you enjoy traditional trends, let yourself be carried away by the stool by acacia wood, elegant by its colonial style. The bistro-style kitchen welcomes very well the furniture picked out through their vintage touch. Stools with pop colours (orange, yellow or sky blue) give more life to your interior.

    Choosing the correct stool height

    In front of a table/ counter, you must use a bar stool with a seat that measures between 30 to 35 cm from the top edge of the table/ counter. This will allow you to be in a comfortable position. You can also, opt for an adjustable model to gain flexibility and have a
    stool that is the right size for any table/counter.

    The usefulness of the bar stool

    Our bar stools are essential pieces of furniture if you have a bar at home. They complement your interior and are also very functional. These stools will offer maximal comfort but you must choose a bar stool-based on the appearance on your bar area.

    Our stool chairs have an original high standard decorative look.   As an addition, our website will offer you more than 15 colours to ensure that you find your matching piece today. We have many stools promoting a certain type of atmosphere be it retro, traditional or purified, and schools with different unique features to ensure that they are eye-catching to your guests on every occasion. 

    Our adjustable height stools are the perfect choice if you have a variety of tables you would like to buy stool chairs for. these will fit any height, therefore, the perfect addition to your interior decor.

    You will be able to choose from a wide range of items with different thematic with a multitude of versions. We have the most popular stools sought by our clients with Chair Furniture as the stool with a design original and manufactured with quality materials. Also, if you are looking for comfort, treat yourself to bar stools with the file.

    Indeed, with these stools, you will be sitting for hours but you'll never be in pain. Our chairs are made of materials of quality such as steel, aluminium, P.V.C and wood. Take a seat in stools, you'll give testimonies.

  • Kitchen Stools

    Kitchen stools are some of the most varied stools on the market. Their clean design and simplistic looks will ensure that they fit into any interior of your choice. Whether you wanted to spice up your rustic or modern design, these stools will be the most suited out of our collection.

    Due to the careful design, these stools provide ultimate comfort, and will also be a beautiful addition to your home. Although our kitchen stools are designed for your home, we also provide stools for commercial use, so ensure you check out the category on our website.

    Our most popular kitchen stool is the Trio Stool and the Elipse stool as they have a unique appearance within every interior. Our Range of kitchen stools includes both adjustable and fixed height stools as well as different materials for the perfect comfort and finish.  

    At Chair Furniture, you will find kitchen stools that can be perfectly integrated into your home. After your brand new kitchen is installed, our website will be the one to provide you with the most eye-catching and stylish designs. 

    Choosing the right  kitchen stool

    It is important to choose the right stool depending on what you will be using it for. Stools for storage will have different material to stools for the dining table. If you are primarily looking to use your kitchen stool for longer periods of time it is evident that you will choose a more comfortable stool which will allow you to do this comfortably.

    If you are limited for space, you should certainly choose a discreet style stool which you can easily store under your work surface. If you have a large space, you will be able to choose a more stylish stool that offers a level of luxury and comfort. If you would like to match your stool to your interior decor, our selection of different materials will be available for you to choose from.

    With industrial stools, you will have the chance of having one either wit or without a backrest. If you will be using the stool often, on a daily basis for longer periods of time, we recommend you choose a stool with a backrest. We have a selection of stools which are an incredible decorative piece.

    Materials such as imitation leather or microfibre padding can be covered with the same coverage than the seat. Other materials such as exotic wood bring creativity to your interior, and as they are made with wrought iron or another noble material, they can be a great choice for your kitchen and also will last you a lifetime.

    The Height

    To ensure you choose the right kitchen stool, the first step would be to know the height of the table. There is a wide selection of stools, some will have an adjustable height, and some will have an adjustable base. Some of the stools will have a thick foam padding and will aid correct posture due to its pivotal character. The stool height will vary between 60 to 85 cm, providing a certain comfort and space sufficiency between your kitchen island and the guest.

    The different types of kitchen stool materials

    A classic stool material is a wood. It's natural, authentic and elegant features can be easily integrated with your kitchen furniture even with a lacquered front. We offer a wide range of different wood, which will allow you to perfectly match your stool to your interior  For a simple crisp and clean decoration, you should choose solid beech, pine or even oak.

    If you are looking to achieve a vintage effect, our contemporary stainless steel stools would be your perfect choice.  In general the stool base is made with ABS,  and multiple colours are available to choose from, be it light or dark. There are also stools with a unique and original style made of several materials which will offer a sleek look

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A kitchen without kitchen stools is like a Sunday without Sunday roast.. just doesn't quite seem right. Luckily we have the solution for all your questions and dilemmas, about choosing the most suitable kitchen stool for your interior.

We guarantee that you will fall in love with our selection of trendy designer stools, industrial bar stools and Scandinavian bar stools. These will be an ideal addition to your kitchen island or your bar and don't worry, children size stools are also available so your little ones do not miss out. Our wide selection of stools will include industrial stools, designer stools, bar stools, Scandinavian stools, stool chairs, and kitchen stools.

If you browse on our website, you will find modern style stools in different shapes and sizes, which will act as a great decorative piece in your home and will modernize your rooms. To choose your stool, you will need to consider a few factors such as the height, style, and width of the stools.

What height of stool do I need?

Follow our Bar Stool Height Guide below to find the perfect size stool for your counter-tops, breakfast bars or home bars:


We offer a wide selection of sizes for you to ensure that your chosen stool fits perfectly in your chosen area, and will provide great comfort on every occasion. If you follow the infographic, you will be able to select the correct size in relation to your table or bar top very easily, in minutes. We have 3 different heights available for you, the kitchen stool, the barstool and the commercial stool. 

  • Kitchen Stools are : 60-65 cm/ 23.6 in-25.5 in therefore they will be just right for a table which has a standard height of 90cm-92cm/ 27.5 
  • Bar stools are used as a seat in your home bar or around your kitchen island. The height of these stools will vary from 70-75 cm/ 27.5in-29.5 in and it will be perfectly suited with a table which is 100-105 cm / 39.3in-41.3 in.
  • Choose commercial stools if you are looking for seats for high tables or extra tall bar/kitchen counters. These stools will be 83cm-85cm/32.6 in-33.4 in and are paired well with a 115cm-120cm /45.2 in-47.2 in table. 


What style of Stool should I choose?

The style is the second most important factor to consider when choosing your stool. For a modern room setting, it will be ideal to choose the kitchen stools with a chrome finish. The chrome detail and the simple sleek finishing lines of these stools will guarantee a superb aesthetics for your home. 

You will have a choice to go for more traditional-style kitchen stools with dark wood and laminated leather features. These will perfectly suit pub type gaming rooms, as well as classic dining rooms, as they reveal a more rustic and rich aesthetic than modern stools. 

The Scandinavian Bristol stools are one of our most elegant and trendy pieces. With the beech wood legs and a white and black or metal finish, this ergonomic seat is inspired by DSW Eames and the design has been completed in Italy. The Ellipse design stool is one of the best sellers on sale on our website, but why not have a look at the metal stool inspired by Bertoia Diamond which could be the right centrepiece for your kitchen or bar.

How many stools do I need?

We will first need to think about how many guests you usually receive, how many stools you would like to put around your table or your bar. Once this has been established, we highly recommend that you allocate a space with a width varying from 21 to 25 inches to each stool around the counter, and more particularly a width of 25 inches or more for swivel stools, or those with armrests because they take up more space.

Can I customise stools

On our website, amongst the wide selection of stools, you will find our customisable stools. The most popular feature is the custom height which will ensure that you will have no trouble of having a too tall or too short stool ever again. Our large collection of stools will allow you to decorate your interior perfectly.

At Chair Furniture, you will find different styles, heights and materials to find your perfect stool and our advisors will be more than happy to assist you in this choice. If you would like to bring height to your home, our commercial stool will allow you to have comfort at your highest table up to 120cm.

We have barstools with or without a backrest, which will ensure that you can provide maximal comfort for longer stays, or utilise your space efficiently at home. To highlight the modern and colourful character of your interior, you can choose bar stools reflecting bright colours.

A Stool which perfectly fits every interior

If you are looking for a stool which will fit in with your interior perfectly and is easy to clean, the kitchen stool should be your number one choice. Multiple advantages come with this specific stool, as it is a very sturdy stool and is certainly easy to clean. It is very space-efficient, as it will fit under your kitchen counter or bar with no problem. In rustic interior decoration, the wooden stool will decorate the interior and in modern decoration, a plastic kitchen stool is the most suitable.

The leather stool will bring elegance to your kitchen. Finally, we recommend that you take good care of the stool's surface so that it stays clean and in perfect condition. On our website you will find the stool which perfectly fits into your interior depending on the height (counter height, regular or bar), the style (modern or traditional) and space, so why not have a browse of our stool models and choose the right one for you.

Kitchen Stools

The stool can be used by your dining table or in the kitchen. This height is very popular in modern kitchens because it offers excellent comfort and will ensure that you are at ease every time you take a seat. With a 90 cm tall table, to achieve maximal comfort, you will need a 65cm tall stool. Our kitchen stools offer you just that. They are very easy to use, and you can choose from different materials such as plastic, wood, metal, metal, leather or even synthetic. If you cannot decide on the material, give us a call or drop an email, and we will help you make the right choice.

If you are looking for a classic chair size stool, we also have a 45cm tall kitchen stool available for you. If you combine it with a traditional 75 cm tall table, thanks to its small backrest (and sometimes no backrest), it is very easy to store under a table. Thanks to its small shape, you have the advantage of optimising your space.