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If you would like to bring warmth to your home and have furniture which will naturally allow you to have quality coffee breaks and gatherings with your loved ones, then you don't need to look further as we have the perfect selection of stools for you.

At Chair Furniture you will be able to choose the colours and shades you exactly want, the material which you prefer the most, and the shape that will fit your interior the best. Being able to customise these stools will allow you to highlight your personality and your love for furniture so it is unmissable when you enter into the room.

Due to our wide range of colours, you will be able to match your stools to your interior decoration perfectly, no matter if you are focusing on the contrast with the colour of the wall or the surface of your American Kitchen top.

We guarantee that you, your family and your friends will have a great time whilst in unforgettable comfort provided by our premium stools

Choose a barstool for social success

Our bar stools are well known for bringing conviviality to the home. It fits in perfectly with the style of an American kitchen but is also ideal for a counter or a seat for your at-home bar. With its pleasant design, it will fit in flawlessly to any type of interior.

We have a selection of models for you to choose from including stools with a backrest, stools without a backrest, stools made from metal as well stools made from plastic and wood. The barstool can be placed anywhere in your home and it is guaranteed that the room, be it the living room, kitchen, dining room or bar will be a more vibrant place with a great atmosphere.

Different Styles of Barstools

Depending on what you would like to achieve within your rooms, we recommend different stools for a different purpose. If you would like to achieve a clean and simplistic look in your rooms, the Designer Barstools would be your number one choice. These stools are beautiful, comfortable and extremely elegant, and they serve the purpose you exactly want from them.

If you are seeking an authentic decorative piece in your home, the Industrial Bar Stool should be your number one choice. You will be able to browse for stools which are padded as well as stools which are not padded.

Our selection extends to none- upholstered stools to ensure that you find the stool you are truly looking for. If you are looking for contemporary, classic, vintage or designer stool, we guarantee you will find it at Chair Furniture.

In addition to the styles, there is a wide range of colours available to give even more to your interior decor from tonality to decoration.

When to choose a designer bar stool

If you would like to combine the charm of your open plan kitchen with your living room, choosing a Designer Bar Stool will be your best decision. This way, at every social gathering your friends can be involved with you whilst you're preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen

. Our designer bar stool will be perfect for a modern interior decoration especially if the metal base is a different colour such as white or black. These Stools will be so inviting in your kitchen, your guests will comfortably take a seat without having to ask. After you have offered your guests one of your homemade special drinks, they will be able to move over to your home-bar and have a great time accompanied by our designer stools

Barstool Colours

If you have vivid colours in your home, a stool which can match the colours of your interior is necessary. This way you can harmonise your interior decoration and create an aesthetically pleasing scenery in your home. With our high Barstools, you will be able to sublimate your American kitchen and your home -bar.

As we have a wide range of colours both for the stool and its cushion, you will be able to mix and match as you please with a result of great comfort. No matter which model you choose, be it wood, zinc or velvet, you will impress your guests on every occasion. If you can, you should also have a look into foldable stools, as they're highly practical

if you are limited with space in your home for designer furniture. On our website, you will be able to find all the different types of stools you could need, and we guarantee high quality for the best price possible. If you have a country-style kitchen, our wooden stools will fit in just right, if you wish to add a little extra, find our rattan models. 

The height of the bar stools depends on the certain model, but a stools usually 65 cm high. There are also bar stools whose height is adjustable to suit the height of adults and children, so no matter what your size, you'll have the right height every occasion.

You should also consider the construction material of your stool if you are looking for a unique design. If your interior decor has an English or Irish style, choosing a leather bar stool will be your best decision.

Your lounge atmospheres will be unforgettable, and it will re-live the retro style.The industrial bar stool will fit in perfectly to a contemporary loft converted interior, especially if the walls are made of bricks. In a country kitchen, use rattan bar stools. Combine these stools with a high table and enjoy your evening of pleasure with a bottle of bubbly champagne.