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If you have thought about modernising your living room or home after a house move, or you just wanted to lift your interior design to the next level, our industrial barstools will create the welcoming atmosphere you and your guests will love every time they step into your house.

If you have a high table or a bar at home, a vintage industrial stool will be a great new addition to your home to fulfil your interior design.

Our bar stools are not only functional but also decoratively pleasing, which will provide authenticity to your home.

Due to our wide collection of stools, you will always be able to make the right choice for you. Industrial style interior is certainly the latest fashion, which is why our industrial stool fits perfectly into this modern world.

Our stools are inspired by the factory furniture of the 20th century.

Due to its' metal design, the industrial stool will meet your needs when it comes to design, solidity and charm.

The characteristics of an industrial stool

The industrial stools have a vintage design with well patinated and aged materials.

These stools are not only sturdy but also original, and can be easily adapted to the decoration of your rooms, be it the kitchen, dining room, bedroom or your home office.  

These stools will be suitable for your home even if you have limited space available for furniture as these stools can be stacked.

These stools are manufactured with a combination of metal and different types of wood such as acacia and beech as well as other materials. It is perfect to use as a rest at the end of a sofa, around a side table or a bedside table.

At Chair Furniture, you will find vintage barstools, classic bar stools, industrial bar stools, metal bar stools and wooden stools, so whatever your decorative look is, it is guaranteed that you will find your perfect fit.

Different materials are carefully selected and used to create high-quality products for the best price possible. 

Stools will offer you many advantages: they will give character to your living room through the black metal by its industrial look, they will warm your interior with wood, leather and zinc, combined with wooden material, these stools will give you a superb bistro-style interior.

How to choose your industrial stools

There are a few criteria you should keep in mind when choosing your new stool. As you can see there are several different models available to choose from, so first, you will need to establish what style you would like to achieve with your interior.

From that, it will be easier to decide whether to purchase a clean and crisp Scandinavian bar stool or an industrial metal stool.

You will also need to ensure that you purchase a style you truly like, and the stool is sturdy offering excellent comfort.

If you know that you will use the stool for longer periods, it will be certainly a good idea to invest in a stool with a backrest to provide ultimate comfort.

If the stools have a purpose of serving guests, it may be beneficial to choose a stool with an adjustable height, therefore your guests can make themselves comfortable at every occasion.

If you decided to choose a fixed height stool, you will need to ensure that the height of the stool corresponds with the height of your table or bar. 

Industrial stools for your kitchen

Darker materials such as waxed concrete, cement tiles, brick, raw floors etc are excellent materials to decorate your kitchen.

Choose furniture with clean and simple lines, in raw wood and metal fixtures to reinforce the industrial style of your kitchen.

Then use a glass roof with a workshop style to delimit the kitchen from the other rooms.

Whatever the style of your stool (coloured sheet metal, steel, solid wood...), it will easily fit into your kitchen.

Combine your stools with suitable tables, armchairs, accessories...

You can combine your stools with several atmospheres, whether it is a vintage country house, a modern and chic atmosphere or a New York loft, to create a splendid home.

The only limit will be your imagination. These stools can be combined with tables with their raw wooden tops with steel legs, leather armchairs, a recycled oak coffee table or a vintage bar.

They can also be combined with accessories such as large clocks with exposed mechanisms, copper luminaires or architect style lamps.

Industrial stools for a modern touch

Industrial stools are a new trend in modern decoration, and the originality of these stools are recognised and appreciated by the greatest interior designers today.

As the metal material they are made of is highly durable, it makes these stool extremely safe, and non-responsive to humidity or dust. If you wish to bring a certain atmosphere to your room, the style of the stool will have a great impact on it.

If you would like to create a more classic environment, our vintage industrial stools would be your perfect choice. These certainly symbolise versatility and add a classic touch to your chosen room.

Our industrial stools are one of our most comfortable models. As a result, they are perfectly suitable for a workshop or a factory too. 

These stools will fit well in vintage and a modern decoration therefore whatever your taste, we have the perfect stool for you.  

As our furniture is inspired by the 1950's designs, it will be difficult to resist the stylish stools with our modern touch.

Our wide range of models will include stools with a swivel seat, stools with designer legs and stools with a backrest. If you are after extraordinary comfort, we highly recommend our industrial bar stool with a backrest. 

The adjustable industrial stool

If you enjoy the freedom of adjusting your furniture to any height you wish, the adjustable Ellipse stool will be your perfect choice.

As it is adaptable to any height, no matter if you wish to use the stool for your dining, table, your bar or your counter, the industrial stool will be suitable for all your needs.

Our barstools are a perfect addition to your living room if you wish to modernise your living room and create a friendly atmosphere.

These stools are highly functional as well as stylish therefore whether you add them to your bar, counter or high table, it will certainly create a more authentic interior.

Within our wide selection of stools, e are certain you will find your perfect fit. 

The characteristics of an industrial stool

Our industrial stool imitates a vintage design without the hassle of rust and old age.  

As these stools are robust and original, they can be easily adapted to the decoration of your kitchen, dining room, bedroom etc.

If you have limited space available for design interior, due to their stacking feature, our industrial stools will be a great addition to any limited space.  

Some of our models such as bar stools, classic stools, and kitchen stools are manufactured with a mixture of different materials.

These include a combination of metal and mango, acacia, beech or other wood, which also makes our stools a perfect addition to your sofa, side table or use it as your bedside table.

At chair furniture, you will find a range of different styles including vintage stools, classic bar stools, industrial stools, wooden stools, and metal stools, which are all built from a range of materials carefully selected by our manufacturers.

Our stools come with great advantages, so if you choose our industrial stool with black metal, it will give character to your living room. If you choose a stool with wooden touches and a combination of zinc and leather, it will bring a certain warmth to your home. 

Choosing your perfect stools

We have collected our top tips on how to choose the perfect stool for your home to ensure that you are fully satisfied every time.

We have a wide selection of different styles, from wooden stools to Scandinavian Barstools. The first characteristics you will need to look out for is the sturdiness of the stool.

Ensuring that you purchase a strong stool will mean that it will certainly last you as long as it can.

The second detail you will need to look into is to ensure that you choose a comfortable chair. It has to fit your body shape perfectly, so if you decide to work from your stool it will provide the support and comfort you need.

If you wish to experience ultimate comfort, our stools with a backrest will be your best choice and your back can relax into the backrest giving you fill support.

If you are in need for a taller stool, it is important to look into the height of a fixed height stool to ensure that it matches your needs and the table it will be going with, and also if it is an adjustable height stool, the maximum height it can go up to will be an important factor too.

If you wish to choose a stool for decoration purposes, you will need to measure the characteristics of your existing room to be able to pick the perfect stool.

For example in the kitchen, brown materials such as waxed concrete, cement tiles, brick, bricks, raw floors etc are excellent materials to decorate your kitchen, therefore choosing a stool with clean and crisp lines, and added wood and metal features will perfectly bring the factory style out of your kitchen.

If you choose a glass wall to divide the kitchen and the dining room with a workshop style frame, no matter what style of your stool (coloured sheet metal, steel, solid wood...), it will fit into your kitchen with ease.