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As we have a great mixture of fabric and velvet furniture, in an array of colours, it will for sure suit a contemporary and traditional decor too.

If you choose a fabric material, the buy of it lies within its' unchallenging cleaning process which is a great and practical choice for vivid families where stains appear more often than not. 

Styling your living space doesn't stop at our fabric chairs, as we also have a wide range of dining tables, coffee tables and bedside tables as well as accessories such as cushions to deliver ultimate comfort, hooks to bring and organised front room to life and decorative pieces to spice up your interior for the weekend or a special occasion. 

Finding the perfect Fabric Chair

Our fabric and velvet chairs are available in a wide range of colours and styles.

We are the best choice for you if you are looking to match your sofa or a statement design, as we guarantee you will find a suitable chair to fit every home.

You will have a choice of fabric cushion with a plastic chair, a leather cushion with a plastic chair, a full fabric chair or a full velvet chair.

Because of this wide variety, we are also able to offer a plethora of colours and patterns to ensure that your chair is fully customised and suited to your needs and your interior.

Our quirky fabric chairs are an elegant yet easy way to update a room, they can add colour, contrast, texture and pattern to create a look that’s all yours. 

A bold print or pop of colour adds a modern feel. Add a stylish finishing touch to your living room with a stunning fabric armchair.

Fabric chairs Vs Leather chairs

If you have been in two minds about which material to chose when it comes to your dining chairs, or chairs fro your living room, look no further, we have got the perfect solution for you.

Here at chair furniture, we offer synthetic chairs with a new and a more eye-catching look for you.

Fabric chairs add incredible  value to the interior style of your rooms (living room, kitchen, office or living room) and modernize your home.

Our selection of synthetic chairs are carefully selected from top-of-the-range suppliers, manufactured from second to none materials using impeccable manufacturing equipment.

The fabric coating used on most of our chairs is vinyl which perfectly imitates the appearance of leather.

With our the combination of wood or metal with vinyl is part of an unforgettable and memorable aesthetic every interior design addict wish for in their homes. The best part?

You will only need a damp cloth to clean these fantastically functional chairs.

If this sounds like something you could see as part of your decoration, then Chair Furniture is certainly your best bet. Our website and products are designed for you so your products are not just fully customisable to complement your taste, but also available in the widest selection possible.

These Fabric chairs will make your interior extraordinary. These are quality products that you will use for an indefinite period, whether it is synthetic chairs made of metal, wood or resin.

Fabric wooden chairs, in addition to the advantages of metal chairs, give your home a natural and soft side.

How to customise your fabric chairs.

You would like to decorate your dining room with quality and aesthetically pleasing chairs?

You won't need to worry anymore. You can choose your style of chair, the colour of your chairs with optional choices for chair legs or arms, your fabric chairs will be like no other. 

Of course the colours are there to express your desires; if you want to light up the room, we would advise your choice to sway towards white and beige.

If you would like to reinforce the character of your home, then grey and black will suit just fine. If you want to enhance and give pep to the layout or you just want to bring the attention of your friends or guests to the chairs, a bright colour will suit you without discussion.

Harmonising colours are also a design firm that you will love. You can combine tone-on-tone colours, but the mixed ones are also great because this will aerate your room with positive energy.