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Kitchen stools are some of the most varied stools on the market. Their clean design and simplistic looks will ensure that they fit into any interior of your choice. Whether you wanted to spice up your rustic or modern design, these stools will be the most suited out of our collection.

Due to the careful design, these stools provide ultimate comfort, and will also be a beautiful addition to your home. Although our kitchen stools are designed for your home, we also provide stools for commercial use, so ensure you check out the category on our website.

Our most popular kitchen stool is the Trio Stool and the Elipse stool as they have a unique appearance within every interior. Our Range of kitchen stools includes both adjustable and fixed height stools as well as different materials for the perfect comfort and finish.  

At Chair Furniture, you will find kitchen stools that can be perfectly integrated into your home. After your brand new kitchen is installed, our website will be the one to provide you with the most eye-catching and stylish designs. 

Choosing the right  kitchen stool

It is important to choose the right stool depending on what you will be using it for. Stools for storage will have different material to stools for the dining table. If you are primarily looking to use your kitchen stool for longer periods of time it is evident that you will choose a more comfortable stool which will allow you to do this comfortably.

If you are limited for space, you should certainly choose a discreet style stool which you can easily store under your work surface. If you have a large space, you will be able to choose a more stylish stool that offers a level of luxury and comfort. If you would like to match your stool to your interior decor, our selection of different materials will be available for you to choose from.

With industrial stools, you will have the chance of having one either wit or without a backrest. If you will be using the stool often, on a daily basis for longer periods of time, we recommend you choose a stool with a backrest. We have a selection of stools which are an incredible decorative piece.

Materials such as imitation leather or microfibre padding can be covered with the same coverage than the seat. Other materials such as exotic wood bring creativity to your interior, and as they are made with wrought iron or another noble material, they can be a great choice for your kitchen and also will last you a lifetime.

The Height

To ensure you choose the right kitchen stool, the first step would be to know the height of the table. There is a wide selection of stools, some will have an adjustable height, and some will have an adjustable base. Some of the stools will have a thick foam padding and will aid correct posture due to its pivotal character. The stool height will vary between 60 to 85 cm, providing a certain comfort and space sufficiency between your kitchen island and the guest.

The different types of kitchen stool materials

A classic stool material is a wood. It's natural, authentic and elegant features can be easily integrated with your kitchen furniture even with a lacquered front. We offer a wide range of different wood, which will allow you to perfectly match your stool to your interior  For a simple crisp and clean decoration, you should choose solid beech, pine or even oak.

If you are looking to achieve a vintage effect, our contemporary stainless steel stools would be your perfect choice.  In general the stool base is made with ABS,  and multiple colours are available to choose from, be it light or dark. There are also stools with a unique and original style made of several materials which will offer a sleek look