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Looking for a nice and unique birthday gift for someone you know? Browsing through our page with bits and bobs (or “Accessories”, which became its official name) will surely help you make the right decision. We have cushions for that friend of yours who already has a beloved Eames chair, a magazine rack or clothes hook for someone who likes it neat and tidy and even clocks. All come in different colours and fun designs, so your gift will definitely be a success.

Seat Pads

If you wish to give your chairs a new design look, protect them from future scratched etc and ensure maximum comfort when you have the chance to sit down,  our Scandinavian seat pads will be perfect for your needs. They are adaptable for a variety of chairs and armchairs. Don't miss out on our stool cushion, made of imitation leather for the Industrial Bar Stool . To improve the comfort of your Scandinavian chair, you can customise the thickness of your cushion. Thin or thick, the cushion is a real asset for your chairs. The fabrics of the cushions can also be adapted as different models of cushions will come with different fabrics. If you would like to achieve a satin finish, you will be able to achieve it with imitation leather or a cotton cushion. You will need to make sure that you choose your chair cushion model carefully as Scandinavian chair pads fit Avon chairs and designer chairs which are in the Eames style. Our seat pads, however, will be able to adapt to DAW or RAR chairs too. The diversity of our models offers you a wide choice of chair seats to match your chairs, whatever the decoration and design of your interior. Scandinavian chair cushions are available in several colours, therefore, you will be able to match them and choose them in different colours. Black, beige or white for simplicity, or orange, red, blue or green for bright colours: decide on the style of your chairs and your space. If you want to perfect your living room decoration or give your chairs a new lease of life without replacing them, opt for cushions that will enhance your chair while protecting it and ensuring maximum comfort! 

Accessories and spare parts for chairs

If you wish to repair or customise your chairs, we offer all the accessories you need to assemble your chair. Whether you need a chair leg cap, screws, seat or a chair leg by itself, we have everything available for you. 

Feet and seats

You love your Rocking chair and couldn't do without it after all these years? It's your guest's favourite piece of furniture in your house and your children cannot leave it alone?  Eventually, you will need to replace one or two rocking chair feet so you can continue using it safely and ensure maximum comfort. The same will apply for your Scandinavian chairs. The chair leg alone is available as a spare part: you can choose the base that will serve as the base of your chair. Similarly, the chair seat is also available so if you want to change the colour of your chair, you can, you will just need to simply replace the seat. 

Screws and bolts and chair leg caps

All spare parts and screws are available to assemble the chairs: screws and dowels are supplied in a kit form, separately for DSW, DAW, RAR, DSR legs... Skate sets are generally used as chair leg or armchair leg caps. Round or rectangular, for standard or DSR chairs, these rubber tips protect the chair foot to ensure better grip and optimise its longevity. Your chair and floor will be protected from scratches and everyday damage. Don't neglect the protection of the chair foot with these tips that will make the difference in the medium and long term, and will blend into the decor.

Design and decoration accessories for the home

Do you want a colourful, trendy and comfortable design for the decoration of your living room, bedroom or office at the best price? You will love our selection of practical and useful accessories to personalise and decorate your home. Cushions for Scandinavian chairs, thick or thin for maximum comfort on your chairs and stools, and other accessories for interior decoration are offered at the best price. At Chair Furniture, our models of coat racks, stools, clocks, wastepaper baskets, decorative birds and magazine racks have been carefully chosen. We promise you quality products, cheap, perfect for the decoration of your apartment, for the house, which will allow you to combine storage, decoration and design.

Wall hangers and hooks for coats

Do you need more space in your hall or room for your coat rack? Are you looking for a trendy wall hanger?
These hooks will save space in the room you choose: in an entrance hall, waiting room, living room, wall or door, our hooks are excellent options at the best price. You can optimise your space with the hooks of your choice, wooden or metal hooks, natural coat rack or coloured coat rack, for personalised wall decoration. 
We offer different types of accessories for a children' bedroom or playrooms such as practical and fun coloured coat racks that will find their place in a room, a playroom or a waiting room, and will please children and adults.

Paper basket bins and magazine holders

The paper bin and magazine holder are essential accessories for your office, your work area at home, in your company or a waiting room.
The paper basket is generally an office accessory designed to collect all kinds of paper: printed documents, magazines and advertising that you want to separate. To ensure that your workspace is clean, use paper baskets, commonly called office bins or paper bins. Whatever you call it, be careful not to mix any kind of waste in your wastepaper basket. Instead, encourage its use for sheets and other recyclable documents, for the selective sorting of your paper. The wastepaper basket, plain or coloured, is an integral part of a desk: the coloured plastic wastepaper basket is black, white or red and will certainly match your decor!

The magazine rack is commonly used to accommodate newspapers and magazines. The magazine racks we offer are design, varied and colourful. The magazine rack will find a place in your toilet, waiting room, living room or any room in your home or business. Your magazines are at hand, stored and ordered in an essential accessory, contributing to the decoration of your home. The design review holder will add a touch of colour to your interior design. Black or white, or even transparent like the W-shaped model, made of plastic and metal, the magazine holder will help you optimise your space and organise your favourite magazines!


Why not opt for a wall clock for your home? The wall clock will help you organise your time, your day while dressing your wall. Colourful, original and contemporary, the clock is a real asset in any decoration. And even if smartphones are in fashion, clocks remain an indispensable and inexpensive accessory. The wall clock models at the best price have been developed to bring a touch of elegance and colour to your interior. For the kitchen, living room or in your company, a design clock will catch the eye: you can no longer be late!

Children's tables

Are you looking for a colourful children's table? A stool, a coffee table, or a colourful storage object? This small and colourful table is suitable for children and will easily find its place in your waiting room, a playroom or a children's corner. It can be transformed into a child storage box for toys, or into a stool if you turn it over. Made of plastic and available in different colours (white, orange, graphite, green, yellow...), this table is multifunctional. Its only limit is your imagination!