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Tables for Sale- The centrepiece of your home.


A table is a welcoming and multifunctional piece of furniture which has several purposes in a home. Our tables will come in different shapes and sizes, to ensure that you find your perfect fit. We offer you round, rectangular, square, and oval tables, ready to be the centre of your dining room, home office, child's playroom etc. All our tables have a flat top and one or more legs to allow you to place objects on, work from or eat on comfortably and safely. Our most popular table is the dining table allowing our customers to have their favourite meal on them. Our wide range of tables will include the bedside table, the Scandinavian table as well as the coffee table with is the perfect piece of furniture for your living room. We have a further selection of modern tables including Scandinavian and Nordic style tables too.

What are the different types of tables?

Tables exist in several forms:

- Oval and round tables suitable for small areas

Square tables for larger spaces

Rectangular tables for large gatherings

- The bistro table for an authentic charm that can be mounted in the kitchen

- A very practical and adjustable folding or extendable table for any size

- The living room and a dining table that reflects different colours

- Standing-Eater with a sliding curtain that immerses in a modern American style and is ideal for narrow corners and fast food

- The coffee table

Our Tables

The Scandinavian table

Amongst the most popular tables in this modern age, we will certainly find the Scandinavian table at the front of the queue with its refined style. In general, Scandinavian tables will be made out of wood such as beech with an MDF or natural wood structured tabletop. Based on the Nordic design from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland, the Scandinavian style is characterised by simplicity and minimalism while being warm and functional.

The Coffee table

The coffee table is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or an armchair, to support magazines, books, decorative objects or small objects such as a remote control or a cup. A coffee table is mainly used in a dining room or living room, and we provide a large selection of different varieties of and styles to match your needs.

The dining table

It is probably the most used table and it is more than just a piece of furniture. It is the heart of every dining room. A piece of furniture consisting of a tabletop and one or more legs, designed to provide stability. It should be durable and hard-wearing because life is at home with it. This is where communication and exchange take place. There you can eat together or alone and spend time. Whether in the kitchen, a dining corner, the living room or dining room. Depending on where your dining table is to be placed and how much space you have available, it will vary in size, colour and design. Allowed is everything that pleases and is fun. It is multifaceted, practical and invites you to linger. A shelf with enough space for your dishes, food, decoration, games, a bouquet of flowers or documents.

The side table

A side table is really an all-rounder and differs in height and size from a coffee table. It is a small piece of furniture and offers additional storage space wherever larger objects would not fit. It creates order and can be used to decorate home accessories, but also in the bedroom or guest room, next to the bed as a bedside table and can be used. Your ambience will also be positively upgraded and thus gets a harmonious atmosphere, as well as a touch of glamour. A side table can also be perfectly combined with an armchair or rocking chair to create a cosy room. Place candles, pictures, magazines, decoration, jewellery, a houseplant or even books on it and put them so, skilfully in the scene. Do you need extra space in the dining area or kitchen? Set up a side table next to your dining table and create more storage space for snacks, food and drinks, within easy reach. In the hallway or entrance area, it will be an optimal helper when it comes to small things of everyday life, such as keys, gloves or laptop. Do you love fashion? Then turn your accessories in the dressing room into absolute eye-catchers. Present jewellery, bags, belts or simply your favourite piece and put it skillfully in the scene. Simply everything is possible!

Garden Tables

A folding table or garden table is space-saving and practical for any type of outdoor areas, such as a garden, balcony or terrace. The sun is shining and you want to spontaneously enjoy your breakfast outside? No problem! We offer you models that are very easy to set up or fold up and can, therefore, be stored well. In an emergency, it is quickly on the spot and can also be used indoors for a party or other occasions. We offer round and oval garden tables. Do you have little space? If so, a side table would also be a great alternative.

Office Desks

A desk is a faithful companion when it comes to doing homework, studying for university, paying a bill or preparing an unpopular tax return. It should give you enough space to place your documents, paper, laptop, PC or computer on top or underneath. A corner desk can be used efficiently, space-saving and even as a room divider.

An extendable table is an advantage if you want to save space in everyday life. However, at a visit, dinner or party, it can be quickly enlarged and expanded. Functional furniture is the best solution for small rooms.

What are the tables used for?

Tables are used as a support to place and store objects such as computers, desktop folders or used to work on it.  They are also decorative pieces which decorate the interior of your house as well as the exterior and any space in which they are placed. An essential function of this furniture is to bring people together for a specific event. These can be meals, meetings, debates. Thus, the tables offer friendly moments with family or friends. Tables are also used for a dining experience, hence the concept dining tables.


What are tables made of?

Several materials are used in designing tables:

-Wood, which gives the furniture resistance despite its ageing or frequent use. Pine and oak, which are wooden shapes, give an aesthetically appealing touch to the tables and are widely used because of their robustness.

-Metal and aluminium which are very resistant and flexible. Aluminium is especially appreciated for its lightness.

-Glass and marble offering a modern and chic side but are very sensitive and fragile.

How to keep tables in good condition?

Tables require great attention on a daily basis. Even if the manufacturing elements are for the most part resistant, it is important to protect these pieces of furniture from violent shocks. Care must be taken to ensure that meals do not leave a permanent mark. Even if sometimes a piece of cloth, water and detergent are enough to remove stains, it is better to prevent than cure. That's why you need to cover them with waterproof canvas or foam rubber mats. These fabrics are essential for materials such as glass and marble, which are the least resistant. Coating the table with an oil that makes it waterproof and a varnish to maintain its shine are also measures to be taken. 

How to choose a table?

Of course, buying a table will highly depend on your taste, and you will certainly look for a table which fits your needs. Apart from this, there are a few factors that you need to be mindful of. 


-What will you use your table for? If you are planning on having a meal, meeting, or just use it for decoration, these can determine the choice of your table. Depending on your reasoning, if you choose to have a dining table for decoration purposes, you will be more likely to choose a marble table as it will mostly not be used. You could choose a garden table if you wish to use your table outdoors, or if you want only a touch of design, choose chrome tables, square tables in their elegant configuration, silver or tempered glass tables on which a narrow piece of fabric will be affixed to highlight the aesthetics.

- The perimeter of the space or home area: the table dimensions must correspond to space. The smaller the space, the smaller your table can be. For a studio or small apartment, a large dining table cannot do the trick.

- The size of the household or guests: for a large family, large tables are appropriate for family meals, for example. To accommodate up to 4 people around a dinner, articles from 90 to 120 cm long can be suitable.

- Style: you incorporate the trays into your space, in a modern, classic, industrial, vintage or Scandinavian atmosphere. For a Scandinavian trend, there's nothing better than the standing food. For a modern look, bevelled tables would do the trick.

- Lifestyle: for a nomadic or sedentary, urban or rural life, there are specific tables. For example, those who eat informally due to the hustle and bustle of the city may choose to eat standing food. For a country atmosphere, the white and very elegant round tables can be chosen.


Chair Furniture offers you various and original models. Discover all the possible dimensions that match all spaces and decorations with modern and traditional touches. Go to our website and get the table that suits you best.


Wooden table: Wood is a natural material that reacts and breathes to its surroundings. It is usually very easy to clean and can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth or sponge.

Glass table: Glass can be polished and cleaned with a glass cleaner.

Plastic: Plastic is probably the easiest material to maintain. Simply moisten a soft cloth, sponge or dirt eraser with water and gently wipe over the area to be cleaned. Then wipe dry with dry cotton or microfibre cloth or allow to dry. Done!

However, our furniture can also be negatively affected by various influences such as humidity, heat sources such as sunlight, heating, stoves or fireplaces. Rivets and seams of our clothes, sharp objects such as knives and forks, as well as claws of your pet, dog or cat, can be possible causes for the wear and tear and changes in the condition. Small cracks in the paint, scratches or changes in colour may result. Also watch out for spilt liquids such as wine, water, tea, etc. as they may penetrate the material. Tip from us: Use coasters for cups and glasses, as well as for hot pans and dishes. Special wood care oils are not necessary but can be used if necessary. Make sure, however, that no abrasive or scouring agents are used. Surfaces may be damaged and scratched. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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