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Our tables will come in different shapes and sizes, to ensure that you find your perfect fit.  We offer you round, rectangular, square, and oval tables, ready to be the centre of your dining room, home office, child's playroom etc.  All our tables have a flat top and one or more legs to allow you to place objects on, work from or eat on comfortably and safely.  Our most popular table is the dining table allowing our customers to have their favourite meal on them. Our wide range of tables will include the bedside table, the Scandinavian table as well as the coffee table with is the perfect piece of furniture for your living room. We have a further selection of modern tables including Scandinavian and Nordic style tables too.

Our Tables

The Scandinavian table

Amongst the most popular tables in this modern age, we will certainly find the Scandinavian table at the front of the queue with its refined style.  In general, Scandinavian tables will be made out of wood such as beech with an MDF or natural wood structured tabletop. Based on the Nordic design from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland, the Scandinavian style is characterised by simplicity and minimalism while being warm and functional.

The Coffee table

The coffee table is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or an armchair, to support magazines, books, decorative objects or small objects such as a remote control or a cup. A coffee table is mainly used in a dining room or living room, and we provide a large selection of different varieties of and styles to match your needs.

The Side table

One of our most popular side tables, the Tulip side table is relatively low in height, and it is mostly used with an armchair, a sofa chair, or even as a bedside table. A marble top version is also available, so have a look on our website for our full collection.

You're looking for tables and chairs?

As we specialise in designer chairs with a unique feature that allows them to become fully customisable, you will always find the perfect chair for your dining table, lounge table or any other table of your choice. On our online website, you will find a wide range of comfortable, quality and trustworthy chairs and tables. Our Furniture is manufactured by French and European craftsmen to perfection with great attention to detail. We combine elegance and comfort, so whatever your preference is in chairs be it contemporary, rustic, modern, designer or vintage, here at chair furniture we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your needs. Whether you need chairs for your kitchen table or living room, a new gaming chair or a new centrepiece, we can help you make the perfect choice to create a breathtaking scenario. Be the perfect host for a celebration e.g. Christmas or dinner with your family or friends! Your guests will feel completely at home and will linger comfortably for several hours. Here you will find everything, from easy-care, durable, sturdy, natural or modern. Take your time to look around and order online with your smartphone, tablet or PC. All without the stress of opening times. Pay securely and quickly online, via Paypal or any other provided payment method. Shopping is fun! Save yourself the trip to the furniture store and go shopping very simply and comfortably from home. 

Our chairs

In most furniture stores like Ikea, you will go through the dilemma of choosing the perfect chair more often than you wish. A chair will catch your eye with its rustic style, but the red tone is far from what you want. You love the beige chair over in the corner, but you know that it is not the right material for you etc. This headache will be gone if you visit and browse through our website. We offer a wide range of chairs with different styles and colours and all with a modern touch. As most of our chairs can be personalised, you will never have the trouble of missing something from your furniture. Our website and products will always meet your needs at the best price possible with the greatest quality. No matter the colour, design, dining room or kitchen chair; our range will meet all your needs at incomparable prices. On our website, you can choose from a wide range of designer chairs inspired by the greatest designers such as Charles Eames, including upholstered surfaces, as well as DSW chair in different patchwork colours as it is a perfect replica.