How to determine bar stool height: The Guide

 5 easy steps: Avoid the headache and choose the correct size stool

There are a lot of factors we need to take in to consideration when choosing the right bar stool size for your home or commercial space.

As there are endless possibilities in the height of countertops, breakfast bars and bartops, of course it can get a little overwhelming.

A mistake in choosing the height of a stool could leave you bumping into the countertop, or have your feet planted on the floor.

To avoid discomfort and the hassle of running back and forth from the shop, we have the perfect guide for you, taking into consideration all measurement (width, depth, height, distance from the counter etc.)

bar stool height guide

Identifying the type of Stool you need.

Bar stools, in general, will come in five different categories. These include the Standard Chair Height Stools, Counter Height Stools, Bar Height stools, Extra Height Bar Stools and of course the Adjustable Height Stools. You will also be able to choose whether you want backrest with your chosen stool or not, and below we will help you make this decision

Step 1: Identifying the correct height of stool you need

  • Standard Chair Height Stools
    These stools are mostly used for replacement of dining chairs for your dining table, in the kitchen at a breakfast area, or for any standard desk sized surface.
    The height of these will vary from 43-45cm (16.9"-17.7").
    If this is the ideal height for you, our industrial bar stool could be your perfect choice.
    £54.60 £62.30

  • Counter Height Stools
    The most popular choice of stools for your home, coffee shops ad libraries.
    The seat height will range from 60-65cm (23.6"-25.5") or this height, the trio stool or the industrial stool with a backrest could be a perfect choice too.
    £62.30 £79.00

  • Bar Height Stool
    These stools are made taller than standard kitchen worktop height, you will find the best use for these stools in breakfast bar areas.
    The Stool height will range from 70-75cm (27.5"-29.5")
    Our top 2 choices for this criteria are the Bristol Stool and the Bertoia Chrome Bar Stool: 
    £69.30 £179.00
  • Extra Height Bar Stool 
    These stools will fit perfectly in most commercially-used areas such as bars, clubs and restaurants.
    The height of these will be 83-85cm (32.6"-33.4").
    Our all time favourites in this category are the industrial turnier swivel stool and the Diamond Chrome Bar Stool.
    £89.00 £179.00

  • Adjustable Height stool
    Adjustable height stools range from 60-80 cm.
    Due to their ability, these are one of the most popular stools on the market for any use.
    Best sellers are the Ellipse stool and the Waterfall stool.
    £31.50 £31.50

Step 2: The importance of legroombarstool height guide

If you don't have the appropriate legroom, you will often find yourself feeling cramped, trapped and even claustrophobic.

You will need to ensure comfort for yourself and your guests/customers, therefore you should always aim to give 23-28cm.

For the best results, you should always measure from the bottom of the counter to the floor in a straight line, take away the 23-28cm depending on how much room you need, and voila!

Choose the right height stool

Stool height guide table in cm:

Stool Types


Dining Table

Standard  Chair Height Stools


Counter Height Stools


Bar Height Stools


Extra Height Bar Stools


Adjustable Height Bar Stools


Stool height guide table in Inch:

Stool Types


Dining Table

Standard  Chair Height Stools



Counter Height Stools


Bar Height Stools


Extra Height Bar Stools


Adjustable Height Bar Stools


Step 3: The ideal distance between Stools

barstool height guide  Taking this step into consideration , you will be able to turn, get on and off your stool without any problems,

  You should be able to eat and drink comfortably and ensure that your guests always have a great time.

  Stools with an arm will make a difference in terms of width therefore it is important to measure how long your counter is or the bar surface you would like to complement with your stools.



Step 4: Keep the Backrest height and the Depth in mindstool with a backrest

Of course, stools with a backrest are an unforgettable experience, they are comfortable to sit back and relax in for any social gathering, they really are a

great addition to any bar or home. We do need to keep in mind though, that having a backrest on your stool will increase the depth too!

More stools without a backrest will have an average depth of 40cm, but when you add a backrest, it could increase by 12cm.



Step 5: Time to Purchase your Perfect Stool!

Now that you know the secrets of buying the perfect stool, you are ready to shop! There will be no more headaches and discomfort, no matter what kind of surface your choosing- be it a commercial bar, your home breakfast bar or a workplace hangout area. Have a browse and see which stool will be your next centrepiece.  

Frequently asked questions about stool heights, counter heights, chairs and tables


What is the average bar height?

The average bar height is between 39 in - 42 in ( 100-105cm).


What stool height for 36 counter?

For a 91cm/36 in counter height is best to buy a barstool which is the counter height bar stool measuring between 60-65cm (23-26in)


What stool height for a kitchen island?

Bar height stools are the standard size for most kitchen island measuring between 70-75cm.


How to choose the height of a chair?

For a table or desk from 70 to 75 cm the height of the chair should be 42 cm to 45 cm or more depending if it has a cushion


What height for a bar stool?

The bar stool is from 70 cm to 75 cm high for bars from 100 cm to 105 cm.


What height of stool?

For a kitchen table or worktop between 100 cm and 105 cm, the stool should have a height of 70 cm to 75 cm. Allow 81 cm to 85 cm for a commercial worktop from 115 to 120 cm. The counter stool is 60 cm to 65 cm for a counter between 90 cm and 92 cm


How tall is a dining table?

The size of a dining table ranges from 70 cm to 75 cm. The height of chairs for these dining tables are suitable from 42 to 46 cm




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