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The timeless DSW seat can now be paired with more types of legs! These wood legs look like a natural fit for the seat and will make a safe choice for any interior. This chair will be perfect  in offices, kitchens and dining rooms.

Ideal for: Kitchen, living room, office, waiting room or reception


Other Features: Available with or without arms.

Data sheet

Seat Height 45cm
Height 83cm
Depth 42cm
Width 46cm
Weight 6kg
Material Polypropylene (polycarbonate or fabric according to color), wood
Assembly time 5min
Stackable No
Batch 1
Quantity max per Box 4
Quantity in 2 Boxes 8

Certified product: Lot of products on Internet are not certified and can be dangereous.

We sell only tested products, certified with the logo (EN 12520).

To be sure to order a certified product, order only on our website.


Roswitha R

Se monte assez rapidement, confortable

Livré rapidement, les 4 chaises se montent assez rapidement avec une visseuse.
Elles sont plutôt confortable.

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    SXW Premium Chair

    SXW Premium Chair

    New legs for a traditional seat

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