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If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish set of dining chairs which is great quality for the very best price, you are in the right place. At Chair.Furniture, we have dedicated our time for not only offering the best service possible but also ensure that the product you receive is truly second to none! Carry on reading our DSW chair Guide, so you can select your most suitable product.


These chairs are not only original but also extremely comfortable due to their unique seat shape. They adapt to the shape of your body, and due to the polypropylene seat, it is also very durable and gives a matte-textured finish. The beech wooden legs combined with the lacquered metal wires not only add style but also stability to this 20th-century masterpiece. Stability is a key feature you should be looking for in dining chairs, and the securely attached wires will provide extra safety to ensure that no matter what occasion our dining chairs take part in, they will support you all the way. We have over 20 colours available in our online store as well as a new base height of 46cm to ensure that our dining chairs truly accommodate your needs. 


What makes our DSW chairs so Different?


Seat Material - Polypropylene vs ABS

Previous to opening our family run business, we have completed an awful lot of research and tested more chairs than we ever dare to mention, therefore we know that Polypropylene is the best material you can use when it comes to plastic chairs. 

  • It is a very flexible material due to semi-crystalline nature, unlike the ABS which is a very hard material more than likely to break under larger amounts of stress. 
  • It is very resistant to moisture to ensure that they are perfect to use all year round even on those boiling summer days.
  • It is easier to repair if necessary compared to the stubborn ABS material. 


Measurements tailored for you

Every website you found yourself on whilst researching for the perfect DSW piece, I am sure you have only found one height which is measured to fit all standard dining tables. We have created a new height to ensure our taller clients feel comfortable and welcome in our chairs too! To browse between heights, just click on the drop-down button next to the legs and select your truly perfect option. 


Perfect Finish

We know there is nothing more annoying than receiving a plastic chair which is not perfectly covered in the colour you want it to be. Most DSW chairs will show 4 obvious circle marks where the legs attach to the seat, and we know you don't want to see that ...ever! This is why we perfected the material and coating combination to ensure that you don't need to worry about trying to purchase a suitable DSW cushion to hide the flaws of your chairs unless you wanted to.


We admire Charles and Ray Eames, and they are certainly one of the most respected designers of the 20th century. This is why we are so passionate about selling this style of chairs and are glad to offer Eames inspired furniture for our customers.