The stackable S chair

Designer of the stackable plastic chair, the uniquely shaped Panton chair started life as the 'S' chair in 1956. Its name clearly referencing the chairs 'S' shape. By 1965, Panton  has developed his design, and released his next model to the world, known as the 'Panton Chair'.

Where did Verner Panton seek his inspiration?

Verner was inspired by the German designer and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. van der Rohe was one of the first designers to experiment with the concept of plastic stackable chairs before the second world war.

The Panton chair remains popular, often gracing the covers of magazines, perhaps its contemporary attributes are owed to its ultra modern design that was then and still is: very futuristic. In this regard, the chair remains ahead of its time. The chair is available in eight colours, as well as being available in adult and children sizes.

These chairs are often found in Libraries due to their robust, lightweight and stackable properties.