The iconic South Bank

Many of London South Bank's most iconic buildings are now home to galleries, cafes, restaurants, shops and even flats. The South Bank of London has undergone major redevelopment in recent times, as it made its transition from a hub for receiving goods from across the world, the receiving tourists from across the world, who are desirous to soak in the artistic melting pot that the South Bank of London has become.

The OXO tower

The OXO tower is home to the OXO gallery, theatre, shops and cafes; the former Bank-side Power Station -with its imposing chimney- houses the Tate Modern, and the Design Museum is housed in a former banana warehouse.

The river Thames and creative outpourings

This is just a sprinkling of the creative arts currently residing on the banks of the river Thames. The transition has changed the way the once busy river is perceived and utilised in the city. The famous river now takes on a very different purpose: to entertain and beguile her visitors with fascinating exhibitions, as well as boast a busy and eclectic schedule of festivals that take place throughout the year.

The Design Museum will be the primary focus of this piece. Established in 1989 the Design Museum is a museum that showcases product, industrial, fashion, graphic as well as architectural design.

I have visited the museum myself on more than one occasion. The space is large and houses a number of curious items that are accompanied with literature for those who are curious to find out more about the object or idea they are looking at.

At any given time there is an exhibition in the Design Museum. Currently the exhibition entitled, Women's Fashion Power, takes a look back at 150-years of women's fashion, and exhibits the clothes that have played an integral part in dressing and enhancing the status of women that have occupied positions of great power and influence: CEO's, princesses and Dames are just some of those being exhibited.

Exhibitions at the design museum

The exhibition was curated by acclaimed architect, Zaha Hadid. The experience is intended to be a journey through the 150-years of women's fashion, with a close look at how women in the public eye have used fashion to assert their power, status and authority as well as use it as a tool to attract attention.  The exhibition will run until 26th April, 2015.