Wegner Side Chair


Hans Wegner was a famous name in Danish design. He popularised Danish furniture with a number of revolutionary chairs. All his products are unique and bring happiness to their owners. Amongst his many works, the CH23 Side Chair is one of the most popular. It has an international appeal that even spread to the United States.

A little rattan:

The CH23 Side Chair is a highly appreciated model with a classic, simple concept. Its most enormous advantage is how much comfort the back provides. Hans Wegner knew how to shape an object to its maximum potential. He added a touch of modernism with the slight curve of the body and there is clear rationalism to the design. It has a wooden chair with a rattan seat. Just to sit on this chair is a real pleasure, as the base is not hard but will adapt to the shape of your posterior. Four solid and well-rounded legs give it strength and security. There are two footrests to support both sides. This piece of furniture would be perfect in a lounge or an office as Wegner's organic design is so strong, light and practical. It is generally available in chestnut. The CH23 Side Chair is a modern design currently produced by Carl Hansen, a Danish company that recreates all of Wegner's chairs.

More than just furniture, the CH23 Side Chair is a piece of art.