Aluminium Chair

Simon Karkov was awarded a degree from the Danish Academy of Architecture. He is known for his use of aluminium to create different objects. This includes several forms of architecture. His experiments made him a talented architect who produced magnificent decorative items. Both he and his designs are frequently admired. Of all his products, the Aluminium Chair and Aluminium Dustbin are the most successful.

Aluminium Chair and Aluminium Dustbin:

Simon Karkov created sublime products such as the Aluminium Chair and Aluminium Dustbin. These objects attracted many people with their practical design and usefulness in everyday life. As the material is hard and of good quality, the items can be used for a long time without being easily damaged.

Appreciate the originality of aluminium products:

As well as being solid and strong, aluminium also has a beautiful appearance. It shines brightly in sunlight and can be easily shaped into a unique and stylish design. Karkov knew how to take advantage of aluminium's qualities when he made his surprising and original products.