Florensis Lamp 

Florensis Lamp

Ross Lovegrove is a Welsh industrial designer who works on accessories for interior decoration. He completed his Masters at the Royal College of Art in London. Lovegrove is particularly known for his use of new technologies, as can be seen in the surprising design of the Florensis Lamp. This product is a combination of creativity, experimentation and knowledge. There are several types of the Florensis available, including the footlamp, lamp-post and wall-lamp. These items are very fashionable and attract a wide range of people.


Ross Lovegrove's most well known work is the Florensis, a vertical, LED lamp. It diffuses light across the floor and wall in floral pattern. The lamp is manafactured from aluminium and steel. 191cm high and with a 24cm shade, it has been immensely successful.

Florensis, a decoration unlike others:

Innovation is emphasised in the Florensis Lamp's conception and aesthetics. It is an impressive object that can bring a unique quality to your decoration. The design is completely original. When it is switched on, the it completely changes the atmosphere of the room.