PK 80 Bed

Poul Kjærholm was a designer of international fame. Even after his death, his stylish works still draw attention. His creations are distinguished by their simple and unique designs. Even the names are simple - PK 11, PK 55, PK 9. In his twenty-five year career, Kjærholm designed more than most people could in a lifetime. It's not surprising that his work still shines.

PK 80 Bed:

PK 80 Bed

The PK 80 Bed (above) is one Poul Kjærholm's greatest creation. It consists of a vast, rectangular bed of vegetable fibre and leather, with nickel-plated steel forming an inverted "u" for the legs. For maximum comfort, this bed rests on a painted wooden base, 190cmx72cmx28cm.

PK 80 Bed, ideal for moments of relaxation:

Poul Kjærholm focuses on the functionality of his works and this can be seen particularly in the PK 80 Bed. This furniture is ideal for a light nap or a good night's sleep. With its simple design, it brings something unique to your home.