Project: Milwaukee County War Memorial

Eero Saarinen was a well known architect in the 20th Century. Although his career came to an abrupt end with his premature death at the age of fifty-one, he and his works are still icons in the design field.

Eero Saarinen, the story:

Eero Saarinen was born in Kirkkonummi, Finland, in 1910. Son of an architect, he followed his father's footsteps by studying at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, followed by Yale University in Connecticut in 1924, before eventually joining the family company in the United States. After this, he became acquainted with other renowned architects including Charles Eames. These collaborations became the source of many new projects. In 1940, Saarinen collaborated with Knoll to produce more well known public designs.

Milwaukee County War Memorial Center, Wisconsin State:

Milwaukee County War Memorial

Eero Saarinen, the originality:

Eero Saarinen was behind the design and renovation of several buildings. He also participated in the project to create the Milwaukee County War Memorial (above) in Wisconsin. Built after the Second World War, this project began with his father, Eliel Saarinen. After Eliel's death in 1950, Eero took over construction but reconfigured the design plan. The new style was inspired by the French architect Le Corbusier. It is a secure, concrete building with a steel structure and glass crossing on its base.

Eero Saarinen, the icon:

The name of Eero Saarinen is often associated with the Milwaukee County War Memorial. This worthwhile piece of work, with its modernism, helped make him a legend. Saarinen was known for his furniture as well as being a talented architect.