Cavour Armchair

Milanese style:

Stoppino Giotto is an Italian architect and designer born in Milan in 1926. He was awarded his diploma in 1952. From 1953-1968, he worked with the Architetti Associati before opening his own studio dedicated to interior design as well as art and design. First a member, then the president of the Association of Drawings and Industrial Models, he gave several conferences in Italy and abroad. Giotto created several exceptional products, particularly the Cavour Armchair, which demonstrates his immense talent.

Hello, curves:

Cavour Armchair

The Cavour Armchair was created by Stoppino Giotto in 1959 with the help of two other designers: Lodovico Meneghetti and Vittorio Gregotti. Comfort and modernity are brought together in its design. Giotto developed and mastered this style perfectly. Modernism can be seen throughout the curves of this armchair. Indeed, the curve of the back is one of the peculiarities of this piece and it gives the occupant the best possible position to sit. A variety of designers have constantly edited and refined the incline of the back in their individual styles to optimise on comfort. This armchair has a wooden frame with four feet and two arms that also curve. Soft and silky fabric further enhances the design. At present, Giotto's Cavour Armchair is still widely marketed.

The design of this armchair is still revolutionary and new generations of designers are still fascinated by it.