PH Lamp with Three Lampshades

History of the PH:

The importance of writer and artist Poul Henningsen cannot be underestimated. Born in 1894, he was nicknamed PH in honour of the lamps that made him famous. Various models of these lights, which have gone through several adaptations since 1926 were conceived and became successful amongst design fans. They perfectly display Henningsen's self-taught brilliance.

Key points of the PH:

PH Lamp with Three Lampshades

The elaborate PH Lamp with Three Lampshades consists of a set of reflective lights. This allows the light to intensify throughout the room. It is a spiral shape with the bulb at its centre. The light is very sweet. Larger and suspended models have been made. This model uses white glass opal, but it is also available in black and chrome. It is produced by several different companies, with a polished outside and grittier inside. Innovative enough to dazzle without too high an energy cost and without irritating eyes, this is a revolutionary concept by Henningsen.

Strengths of the PH:

The PH Lamp with Three Lampshades resulted from Poul Henningsen's ingenuity. He produced a cheap and successful product desgined to make life easier. There are a wide range of characteristics in the PH that were continuously strengthened by the artist. The PH Lamp remains one of Henningsen's greatest accomplishments.