Kartell Glass Chair

Starck and Kartell:

Philippe Starck is a French creator and interior designer considered eccentric by many art schools. This passionate artist possesses and creates his own visions. His originality helped to distinguish him when working for Pierre Cardin and François Mitterand, among others. He won several competitions with his designs. The surrealist style of the Glass Chair, which was created for Kartell, is an example of his most exceptional work.

Resistant glass:

Philippe Starck may have been out of step with other's designs, but he still led this project successfully. Intended for Kartell, who specialise in glass objects, this chair is a work of art. Its real name is the Victoria Ghost, making it successor to the famous Louis Ghost. Starck may have copied parts of this design but he proudly removed the armrests. The rationalist geometric shapes harmonise perfectly with the modernist curves. The result is simple but exquisite. Its body looks like a medallion in transparent carbon. It is successfully tested against shocks and scratches. Grey, blue and red are the most popular colours and are emphasised by the transparant glass.


The Victoria Ghost glass chair is a unique work. Key points include its robustness and its design. It can be used both inside and outside the house.

Kartell Glass Chair