Contemporary Toboggan Chair

The designer:

Peter Ghyczy is a German designer originally from Hungary. Born in 1940 in Budapest, he came from an immensely wealthy family but war and his father's death forced him to flee his home. However, he still managed to study architecture, collaborating with and being taught by the biggest names in art. These diverse experiences led to him creating original works such as the Contemporary Toboggan Chair in 1988.

Contemporary Toboggan Chair

A joyful chair:

The Contemporary Toboggan Chair is unique in form, design and attributes.  It is a very light chair with a stainless steel frame and a strong, resistant body. Both the paper and transparent acrylic variations are highly comfortable. Whilst the geometric forms and organic inspiration mix modernism and rationalism, there are still curves in the design. The legs are connected to the chair with the same stainless steel that supports the body. Though the Contemporary Toboggan Chair has been adapted to fit current trends, it is still popular. It comes in lively colours such as orange and yellow.


The Contemporary Toboggan Chair is a work of art. It proves Peter Ghyczy's talent that instead of limiting himself to standard designs, he constantly tries to envision new and greater concepts.