Garden Egg Chair

The designer from Budapest:

A famous German artist who was born in Budapest and now lives in the Netherlands, Peter Ghyczy has distinguished himself amongst Hungarian and German designers. Despite his father's death when he was young and a childhood troubled by the Second World War, he obtained a Diploma in Architecture from the Technical University of Aachen and found work in Paris. His designs evolved with every company he joined. Eventually, he produced highly successful creations such as the Garden Egg Chair; a heated chair in the shape of an egg.

Easter Egg:

Garden Egg Chair

Peter Ghyczy made the Garden Egg Chair in 1968. He used his familiarity with decorative and practical furniture to make this chair useable both inside and outside. Its singular design is highly recognisable and has been revisted several times since the 1960s. This product is light and mobile. The half-egg shape makes it unlike any other chair. It has a waterproof case and is strong enough to resist a variety of bad weather. Inside it is soft and comfortable with a silky cover on the cushion. The Garden Egg Chair comes in several colours.


The Garden Egg Chair is dedicated to anyone who can appreciate its combination of fashion and practicality. Due to evolving materials, newer models of the chair are of even higher quality than the original, but they still retain its unique design.