EVOKE Mio Radio 

Irish style:

Orla Kiely is an illustrious Irish designer noted for her particular fashion style. She studied at the National School of Art and Design in Dublin and obtained a Masters in Woollen Garments from the Royal College of Art in London. Having worked in Marks and Spencer and Habitat, she set up her own business to create products such as the EVOKE Mio Radio; a completly orginal design that reflects her illustrious talent.

Between practicality and design:

The EVOKE Mio Radio is a perfect combination of modern innovation and vintage design to reflect Orla Kiely's style. It harmonises together pefectly. Kiely's chilldlike soul is revealed through the flowery pattern. A flexible handle, plated case and mix of colours make it an excellent article of decoration. It's also useful and practical with clear buttons for those with poor eyesight and an LED screen. It is compatible with other devices such as MP3s and has a wide range of available stations.

Radio Evoke Mio


The EVOKE Mio Radio is a timeless device that all generations can appreciate. It is only a tiny part of Orla Kiely's work, but it pleases all ages with joyful colours that bring it to life. Behind this beauty is a simplified wood and plastic design. It has found great success and is always on the market.