Kubus Stool

Vienna Secession:

Alongside Klimt, Olbrich and other artists, Josef Hoffmann was a founding member of the Vienna Secession. There is no better support for his reputation. This Austrian, born in what is now the Czech Republic, studied at the University of Vienna before travelling to Italy to refine his style. He developed a mixture of Art Noveau and Art Deco designs in creations like the Kubus Stool, a true illustration of his talent.

The cube disease:

Kubus stool

The Kubus Stool is a perfect combination of rationalism and modernism. Josef Hoffman brings a touch of freshness and sobriety to his work. It comes with a massive wooden stool to support the occupant and the seat is covered with leather (generally black). Free curves help make the stool stronger and more comfortable as well as providing space for a tray of drinks or food. It can also be used as a footrest. Several colours are available for this beautiful model.

The full artist:

The Kubus Stool once again reveals the genius of Josef Hoffmann. In spite of the importance he places on rational, geometric forms, he does not negelect more rounded shapes. The Kubus furniture testifies to this style, a mix of Art Deco and Art Noveau that crosses barriers in the artistic world.