Prize Cutlery

Viennese model:

Josef Hoffmann was a famous architect born in Moravia (now part of the Czech Republic) in 1870. He studied at the University of Vienna before journeying to Italy to pefect his art. As one of the artists involved in the founding of the Vienna Secession, he was part of a movement that revolutionised art. In 1927, as well as creating designs in his preferred domain of architecture, Hoffman made cutlery from various materials.

At the table:

Josef Hoffmann's Cutlery perfectly combined the artistic movements of the time period and helped make him famous. It mixed modernism with geometric and organic shapes as well as Art Noveau. Hoffmann became the symbol of the Viennese school and his works were a source of inspiration for the next generation. This collection is comprised of a knife, table fork, a dessert fork and two spoons. Other items such as a coffee spoon are also available to complete the service. Utensils can be sold separately. They are made from high quality metal and include real silver. The quality helps protect the utensils from becoming worn when they are washed. They can be found in department stores.


This prize collection of cutlery by Josef Hoffmann is an exceptional and practically designed product. All the pieces compliment each other.

Prize Cutlery