Illusion Table

John Brauer:

Denmark is home to numerous designer talents and John Brauer is one of them. This artist, born in 1960, studied architecture at the KEA School in Copenhagen before surprising his contemporaries by returning to the Technical University of Denmark to obtain an MBA in Innovation. Since the beginning of his career, he has distinguished himself through diverse works with German and Scandanavian companies. Now Essey is the company that recognises Brauer's genius and has helped create the acrylic Illusion Table, one of his most beautiful works.

Illusion Table


The acrylic Illusion Table is one of John Brauer's most extravagant creations. Its organic, geometrical curves lie somewhere between reality and illusion. Created completely in plexiglass, it is distinguished by its transparency. A table that appears like a cloth hangs across the top and touches the ground. These drapes of cloth are part of the illusion, as they form the table legs, but you can't see this without looking very closely, giving the table a ghostly effect. Currently, this product is always made and sold by It comes in severals colours and will deceive everyone when they first look at it.

Particular Concept:

The concept of John Brauer's Illusion Table is genius, brought straight from the imagination. It is a piece of decoration, but the resistant plexiglass should make it functional as a table.