WIPY Handkerchief Boxes

Danish peculiarity:

John Brauer is a native Danish designer who developed his unique, personal style whilst studying architecture in the School of Design and Technology (KEA) in Copenhagen. He also possesses an MBA in Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark. After he finished studying, he worked on several projects, particularly in Germany and Scandinavia, before creating his own company, "Essey" in association with the Finnish designer Tarmo Likki. Amongst his most prominent works, the Handkerchief Boxes are some of the most accomplished and original. They show John Brauer's true potential.


WIPY Handkerchief Boxes

John Brauer's Handkerchief Boxes are nicknamed WIPY and present a completely unique design. The artist created them in plastic, but gave them the shape of a paper box, complete with creases. When the handkerchief is pulled out of the box, it has a staggering effect. WIPY is highly adaptable in all kinds of box designs, whether standard, square or cardboard. It is easy to remove and replace handkerchiefs from the box, which is reusable. This trendy decoration would suit any table as an elegant indoor accessory. Although different colours are available, the white is the most popular.

Original and practical:

John Brauer wanted to create something new to brighten the monotonous everyday lives of the average person. He wanted to give all desks originality and he did so successfully. WIPY is not just original but practical, with an easily cleaned and maintained box.