A Guide to Scandinavian Decor in 2020

After reading this article you will know exactly how to decorate or re-decorate your interior with an authentic Scandinavian touch!

 Stay tuned for our top tips, and as a bonus our selection of Scandinavian furniture.

Scandinavian Chair


In recent years the Scandinavian trend in interior decoration has taken Europe, and now the rest of the world, by storm.

As its name suggests, this design comes from Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway or Finland.

Today, the Scandinavian style has no borders and is widely adopted all over the world.

It is synonymous with Minimalism and creates warm atmospheres.

Minimalist Style

This style, based on values ​​such as minimalism, creates warm atmospheres, often through the use of materials directly inspired by nature.


The origins of Scandinavian decoration

Minimalist Ambience

The Scandinavian style, as we know it today, appeared in the 1930s in Scandinavian countries.

This style is first and foremost the consequence of very specific climatic and environmental conditions.

In northern Europe, winters can be harsh and consist of very short days and long nights. While the winters are known for their and snow, the summer is full of light and warmth.

Hence the need to create bright, warm interiors that inspire rest and well-being in both seasons.

In Scandinavia, villages are created between vast forests and mountainous areas. This means that Scandinavian designers have been directly inspired by nature to create simple and comfortable interiors.

Crafts also play an important role in some of these remote communities, and has done for many years.

Even today, the manual work of noble materials holds a very important place in the Scandinavian style.

They aim for: Simplicity, Minimalist Pleasure, and Well-Being.

Ambiance of Well-Being

Scandinavian design has emerged around a set of strong values: the functionality of objects, their usefulness, but also simplicity, minimalism, pleasure, and well-being. These values ​​are an integral part of Scandinavian culture.

Today, the Scandinavian style has managed to penetrate the popular markets and fits perfectly into a new line: modern design.

Now let's decipher the little details that give a Scandinavian touch to an interior.


An interior with Scandinavian design, yes but how?

If you too want to reproduce the Scandinavian style in your interior, here are our five tips for success.

1. Walls and floors

As mentioned above, brightness is one of the key elements of the Scandinavian style:

Scandinavian interiors seek to recover and optimise any light source in order to provide a feeling of well-being.

For this, we will ensure the walls and floors are a light colour, not just to bring a brightness to the room and build a pleasant environment but also to give the impression of a larger space.

Keeping the walls and floors clear will also allow you to enhance and highlight even more each piece of furniture and decorative element.

Opt for light wooden floors or even white painted floors for a 100% Scandinavian result.

2. Colours

The Scandinavian colour palette is quite limited and mainly focuses on very neutral tones:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Other Organic/Natural Colours


These colours are directly inspired by nature, and materials that can be found in a Scandinavian environment.

To avoid creating a bland and monocolour atmosphere, it is necessarily recommended that you add touches of bright or pastel colours:

  • Ocean Blue or Petrol Blue
  • Mint Green
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Hot Orange
  • Gray / Polar Blue


These tones combine very well with neutral colours and give your interior a little more life and warmth.

3. Materials

The Scandinavian style of decoration brings nature to the heart of its inspirations. This is why there is a large amount of elements from wood, which creates a warm atmosphere.

As you will have understood, once again, we prefer fairly clear and neutral woods, which can easily fit in with all the other decorative elements.

Do not hesitate to opt for furniture combining wood and metal, for a style that is both Scandinavian and industrial.

For the textiles we are again in the theme of nature with materials such as leather or wool. You can therefore indulge yourself by opting for plaids or rugs to decorate your interior.

To avoid: On the other hand, we avoid curtains which could darken the room, by preventing light from entering the room.

4. Shapes

The Scandinavian style shows a certain elegance, by the simplicity and the minimalism inherent in this style but also by the use of pleasant geometric shapes.

So furniture with rounded corners is preferable.

The most representative element of Scandinavian furniture are the well-known chairs, with the famous diagonal legs.

We will offer you a selection of chairs in the Scandinavian style at the end of this article.

5. Lights

You've probably understood that the objective of the Scandinavian style is to bring light into the interiors and make the spaces as bright as possible, even in the middle of winter. Remember that light is essential to our well-being: the lack of light can affect people mentally and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is something we are learning more aobut.

In Scandinavian design, we also like being able to shape the light according to our mood, by opting for more or less subdued atmospheres.


What pieces of furniture for a 100% Scandinavian interior?

Have you been convinced by the Scandinavian way of life and want to integrate it into your decoration?

Chair.Furniture offers you a selection of items that will give that minimalist and warm touch to your home or apartment.


Callisto Chair

Available in 4 colours, this chair is both original and minimalist at will. For a 100% Scandinavian look, opt for the white or taupe colour that will go best with any type of furniture.

Scandinavian Armchair


The Polma Coat Rack

Also available in two sets of colours, this coat rack attaches directly to the wall to open fourhooks  for hanging your coats, scarves or even umbrellas. The perfect combination of wood, metal and colour. We thus optimize the space thanks to this coat rack: minimalist and aesthetic combined.

Scandinavian Coat Rack


Rocking Chair Avon

This item is surely one of our favorites of this selection! This armchair is available in 16 colours or patterns: there is something for everyone. Ultra comfortable, this armchair allows you to relax to the rhythm of the rocking. Ideal for all parents who want to put baby to sleep or comfort them. We love the wooden feet, the metallic structure and the soft cushion.

Rocking chair


Avon WB Children's Chair

We also find here a type of chair that is very widespread in the Scandinavian style. The wooden legs elegantly combine with the metallic structure. The seat available in white, blue and pink allows you to fully adapt the chair to the style of your child's bedroom. With its mini size, this chair can accommodate your little ones up to the age of 6 years.

Scandinavian Children's Chair


Twin Coffee Table

Finished with the chairs, here we offer you a coffee table: composed of two wooden trays one under the other and black metal legs, this table will go perfectly with a Scandinavian interior. Do not hesitate to place it on a light coloured carpet.

Scandinavian Table


Trio Stool

For a more industrial and modern style, our last recommendation is for these tripod stools. Available in black or white, these stools will allow you to enjoy good times sitting at a bar.

Scandinavian Stool


To find even more Scandinavian design furniture, do not hesitate to browse our entire site: https://www.chair.furniture/. You will find many chairs, armchairs, stools, tables or accessories all at very affordable prices.

To make your life easier, we offer delivery from £300 of purchases.


You will understand, if we had to summarize the Scandinavian style in one sentence, it would be:


“The Less is More”


Forget the superfluous, the Scandinavian focuses on functionality and minimalism. Any object should be both beautiful and above all useful.


To create warm atmospheres, we give pride of place to light, we opt for wooden furniture, decoration in neutral colours and light touches of bright colour.


£27.30 £80.50


Another essential part of a Scandinavian interior is the special Scandinavian Clock


What is a Scandinavian Clock?

A clock is a mechanical or electrical system for measuring time, indicated in hours, seconds and sometimes by symbols. The Scandinavian is a natural and simple clock, designed to blend into its surroundings.

Scandinavian style of a clock

In order for a Scandinavian clock to be of Nordic style, one or more criteria must be met:

  • Be minimalist
  • Pleasant and warm
  • Light and refined colours or very clear like pastel.
  • Often made of natural wood

Find our Scandinavian decoration guide for more information on the style of northern countries.

Usefulness of a clock

The clock is not only used to tell the time, it is also an object of decoration, design and take an important consideration is where you place your clock.

The clock is an instrument that is part of interior decoration, whether Scandinavian or any other style.

Types of clocks

The main types of clocks are wall clocks, or table clocks. Table clocks must come with a stand so that the clock can support itself.

Iconic Wall Clocks

Scandinavian Clock

Clock Ball
by George Nelson

Scandinavian Wall Clock

byGeorge Nelson

Scandinavian Retro Clock

by Designium Studio


We have plenty of clocks available on our site to complete the Scandinavian interior in your home

£31.50 £41.30


What is Scandinavian style?

This style, based on values ​​such as minimalism, creates warm atmospheres, often through the use of materials directly inspired by nature.

What furniture for a 100% Scandinavian interior?

Scandinavian furniture is generally light colours, natural like wood, with minimalist and refined forms.

How to create a Scandinavian decoration?

Orient your Scandinavian decoration on very neutral tones and a warm atmosphere for elegant and minimalist forms in a bright space.



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