A Guide to Cleaning Garden Furniture

Your plastic garden furniture should be cleaned regularly, because of the exposure to dust, UV rays and bad weather all year long. We may only brush them off, and carry them out when it gets sunny, but they need looking after in the colder months too!

Fortunately if you have strayed from this advice, plastic is an easy material to clean. Much easier than wood or metal! Also it takes a lot for plastic to change shape or substance. By cleaning your garden chairs and table properly you can get that same moment of happiness as when you first bought them.

If your garden furniture has changed colour, or just look a bit out of sorts then here is the guide for you.

Follow our practical tips and cleaning techniques, to remove stains and make your old garden furniture brand new again!

Cleaning your plastic furniture has never been easier

You can use everyday products to clean your garden table and chair. Don't spend hours in the supermarket searching for the perfect brand of cleaner!

For superficial stains, opt for a mixture of white vinegar and hot soapy water.

Clean the surface with a sponge, avoiding using the abrasive side of the sponge as you risk scratching the chair or the plastic table.

Then use a hose pipe or watering can to rinse the soap, and vinegar off of your furniture. Then just dry your furniture with a towel.

Do not forget to wipe the furniture after rinsing it, as this avoids the appearance of dried water drops on the plastic.

Apply this method to any type of garden furniture: garden table and chairs, garden lounge chair, folding garden chair, folding garden table, extendable garden table. The same method can be applied for any patio or outdoor chair. 

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This DIY solution is not only cheap, it has no risk of damaging or scratching the plastic of your garden furniture.

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Is your plastic garden furniture dirty?

In order to get rid of deeper stains on the plastic of your garden furniture we need to adopt a more effective claning method. To help get rid of stains etched in plastic we need powerful cleaning agents.

The first solution to try would be to use household alcohol. It is a high performance detergent and available at a low price.

Take a kitchen cloth, soak it in household alcohol, and use a circular motion over the stains. Ensure that you leave a good amount of household alcohol on top of the stain. After 5 minutes the household alcohol should have helped absorb the stain, and you can now wash the garden furniture thoroughly.

Make sure you carefully rinse and clean the garden furniture, especially if there will be food served on the furniture.

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One alternative option if you want to use a slightly less powerful alternative, or perhaps don't have household alcohol available, is to use a mixture of baking soda, soapy water and vinegar.

Soak your sponge and rub it gently on the stains to remove them. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands when using these products to clean the stains on your table and garden chair.

Don't have baking soda? Or want a more effective alternative?

Opt for soda crystals, they are even more powerful than baking soda and therefore it will allow you to lift very deep stains. Pour soda crystals into a bucket with hot water and rub gently with a soaked sponge on the surface of the furniture.

Want to avoid chemicals?

If you are not a fan of chemicals you can also use a high pressure cleaner to get rid of stains and clean your own plastic garden furniture until it's spotless.

You can also use these tips to clean white plastic garden furniture.

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Is your garden furniture still dirty?

Don't worry, there is one last option!

If even after trying all of its tips for cleaning your garden furniture you still see stains, you can use oven cleaner to get rid of really deep stains on your plastic garden furniture.

The instructions :

  1. Spray product to clean the oven on your garden chair and/or garden table.
  2. Leave on for 15 minutes.
  3. Rub with a sponge until the remaining stains disappear.
  4. Rinse with a water jet or hosepipe.
  5. Pat dry with a towel.
  6. Enjoy your refurbished garden furniture, like new!


We have seen in this article how to clean your plastic chairs, whether for the garden or your interior, such as plastic kitchen chairs or any type of plastic or outdoor table.

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