Colour of the year 2020

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 Classic Blue

Pantone's Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue

Pantone announced that Classic Blue would be a 'reassuring presence' in times of trouble, and that could not be more any more pertinent than now. Classic Blue was chosen by Pantone due to its symbolisation of 'protection, stability and peace.' For much of history the colour blue has been a fascination of many, but why?

Where did our interest in the colour blue start?

In The Odyssey Homer famously described the sea as 'wine-dark'. The Ancient Greeks did not even have a word for the colour blue in common usage. We think of colours as things that have been here since the dawn of time, but the fact that blue was a late addition to our language is surprising. There is even a record of people describing the sea as 'very green in the middle ages. This may seem odd, but there is a good reason for this.

Blue was so obscure in early European cultures because they had no real way to produce the colour until the Medieval Period. The only ancient culture with a word for blue was the Egyptians, and this was because they were the only civilisation who had found a way to produce a blue dye. This coupled with the colour's absence in the majority of the natural word - barring the sky and a few small animals - meant that blue became a bit of a mystery.

This couldn't be further from the truth now, with blue being the most popular colour in Europe and North America according to public opinion polls. This suggests Pantone have chosen a safe, popular option for their Colour of the Year 2020. Classic Blue is everpresent in our society today, partly due to its prominence in art and design. 

How has blue been used in design?

In the fashion world, blue was seen to be a colour of nobility for many centuries. Until the end of the 19th century, blue was only worn by the upper classes or those in elite military branches (i.e. the Royal Navy). The colour was only seen frequently in smart wear, with evening gowns, and tail coats proudly brandishing navies and Classic Blues. Some of these fabric dyes would be imported from the Far East, further cementing blue as the colour of the rich. 

This changed in 1873 when the first ever denim jeans were produced. In mere years a synthetic indigo dye is produced, meaning that the price of jeans plummets and by the turn of the century blue jeans are worn by all members of society. With a synthetic dye, and the colour blue now being worn in wider circles, blue's role in design and fashion was changed forever.

The colour blue is often linked to mood and emotion. We have 'the blues' which sets a sombre one, but also the summery, light feeling of sky blue. This is a testament to the versatility of the colour, and shows how it can be used in different shades to create an atmosphere in a room or home.

Blue Chair Blue Decor
An example of the warmth blue can bring to a living room.
This light blue echoes the tranquil scenery, and under the
natural sunlight fades into the white of the walls.
An example of the class blue can instill in a living room. The
combination of the Classic Blue, decorative gold, and the 
deep red of the carpet all point to sophistication.

Our products at Chair Furniture have shades that can either give a room a cooling ambience (with our calming navy), or throw more light into your life (our sky blue).

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With many more of our products available in all kinds of blue why not have a look?

What colours match blue?

If you wish to use the Pantone Colour of the Year, Classic Blue, as a decoration for a room instead, here are some great colour matches to find the perfect combination of colour for your home.


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Blue and white is a colour combination, which has its roots in East Asia.
Blue and white has been made world famous by Chinese ceramics during the Ming Dynasty.
Bring history to life with our Classic Bristol Chair in white.


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Blue and mustard/gold is a colour combination fit for a King.
So if you are looking for a high-quality chair with arms, look no further!

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For an alternative combination, try our Tulip Chair in a room decorated dark blue.
he chair will become the focus point, with the vivid red exploding from its white background.

Want one more interesting fact about the colour blue?

Jay-Z and Facebook both actually own a Pantone Colour. This means that an exact shade of blue is named after both Jay-Z and Facebook respectively

Why Do We Let Jay-Z Get Away With Being a Douchebag? - VICE

Jay-Z's Shade of Blue

Pantone's Top Color For Spring 2014 Is Facebook Blue | HuffPost

Facebook's Shade of Blue

Didn't know you could actually own a colour? Me neither. Keep your eyes peeled for Chair Furniture Blue.

Still stuck on how to use the colour blue in design?

Here are some ideas from our customers, and clients, who love our products!

Rustic, trendy decor with wood, navy blue chairs, and metal furnishings

Blue Decor Blue Chair


We love the way that Aurélie has used our navy products in her home decor. The room is a perfect balance between rustic, industrial, and modern!


Sky blue design with organic wood floorboards and jet black furniture

Blue Chair Blue decor BLue room 

Charlotte has used our sky blue chair perfectly to breathe a light air into her bedroom, and to help bring the earthy colour of her wooden floorboards out.

- @charl0ttesbook

Our white chair with wooden legs, in a background of navy blue, white and wood

Blue White Decor 

If you prefer to use one of our chairs to fit into a blue decor have a look at this! Patricia has used a beautiful combination of dark blue, natural wood and white. Our white chair nestles perfectly in the corner.

- @lumiere_sur

These are just a few ideas of how we can embrace blue as the colour of the year 2020. Head over to to join the blue revolution!



What is Pantonne colour of the year?

Each year Pantonne (the self-titled global authority on colour) select a colour to reflect the mood or atmosphere of the year ahead.

What is Pantonne colour of the year 2020?

Pantonne have chosen Classic Blue as their colour of the year 2020, citing its symbolisation of 'protection, stability and peace.'

What colours match Classic Blue?

There are many colours that can match Classic Blue, these include: Mustard, Gold, Bright Whites, and various Greens.

What did Pantonne colour of the year start?

Pantonne colour of the year began in 2000, the choice that year was Cerulean.



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