Finnish talent:

Eero Aarnio is an illustrious Finnish designer born in 1932. Considered an almost mythical figure in Finnish art, Aarnio studied at the School of Art and Design in Helsinki before working with various different companies and artists whilst improving his style. He then created timeless works of his own, including the Ball Chair and the Wuff Seat. This is a dog shaped chair for children, designed in 2011.

A decorative dog:


Wuff was designed in Finland by the Melaja company. Its intent is to present a strong, recyclable plastic dog. Easy to maintain, it can be used inside or out as a toy. It can support the weight of an adult, not just a child, so it's an opportunity to relive and recreate your childhood. This product weighs about 10kg and generally comes in either black or red. Occasionally, other bright colours are available to help it appear fresher and more alive.

Two in one:

The artist made a highly successful gamble with this product. It has the geometrical curves you would expect from his other models, but both children and adults will find this exceptional piece satisfactory.