KEINU Rocking Chair

Experience the chair:

The Finnish designer Eero Aarnio has produced inspired and stylish works. After studying art and design, he collaborated with other artists before founding his own studio. His creations came to public attention with pieces like the Ball Chair and the Wuff Seat (a chair in the shape of a dog). The rocking chair (Keinu in Finish) also helped make him famous. The Keinu was created from several sketches in 2003.

Style and fame:

Eero Aarnio developed this piece of furniture for indoors. The essential materials include plastic, leather and chrome-plated steel. This futuristic design demonstrates the artist's ingenuity. With a mixture of styles, it moves away from traditional geometric forms and becomes an organic object. Aarnio particularly used curves to support the chair and make it lightweight, comfortable and stylish. It can rock on its steel feet and the leather is relaxing for anyone; even the pregnant, very old and very young.

KEINU Rocking Chair

After several years:

The Keinu Rocking Chair is an iconic piece in the world of design, as shown by the spectacular profit it made in 2003. Everyone can appreciate the brilliance of this chair. Sought after in Finland because of how it symbolises home and maternity, its popularity is spreading throughout the world.