NORM 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - steel

Britt Kornum is a talented Danish designer. Despite her youth, her style is mature.

About Britt Kornum:

Awarded a diploma from the Aarhus School of Architecture and Furniture Design, Britt Kornum knew success from an early age. For two years she experimented with the manafacture of lamps, inspired by organic forms and a feminine, minimalist design. Over the years, this brilliant dreamer perfected her art to become more and more appreciated on the international market.

NORM 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - steel

The lamps of Britt Kornum:

Britt Kornum is responsible for several great innovations, but is best known for the Norm 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - steel. Formed of steel leaves in the shape of a ball, this is a highly modern design. Light is diffused from the adjustable half-light bulb. The lamp hangs from the ceiling by a fine, chrome-plated thread. Different complexions are available to make this model suitable for use both inside and outside the house.

Britt Kornum internationally:

The NORM 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - steel made Britt Kornum a famous name. She cemented her reputation further by winning the Formland Prize in Denmark in 2003 and being awarded best item in the IMM Cologne furniture exhibition in 2004.

Britt Kornum's products can be bought online.