NORM 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - small

The creations of Britt Kornum have become iconic. She uses her unique style to introduce revolutionary designs to the world.

Biography of Britt Kornum:

A native of Denmark, Britt Kornum designed her first accessories whilst still a student at the Aarhus School of Architecture.  She used simple and organic forms that would become a familiar part of her style. Her minimalist designs advocate feminine elegance. It was clear that this talented architect had a glittering future ahead of her in the world of contemporary design.

The designs of Britt Kornum:

Britt Kornum has created several important works, including the NORM 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - small. This hanging lamp has a spherical shape held by a very fine thread. Consisting entirely of small leaves of steel superimposed on each other, it produces high quality light. No glue or specific tools are needed to assemble the lamp. It is made with glass and has a customisable light and half-light bulb. Once lit, it produces unique, sculpted patterns of light and shadow.

NORM Modern Graphic Lamp - small

The success of Britt Kornum:

Much of Britt Kornum's fame comes from the NORM 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - small. This model reflects Kornum's unlimited talent. The lamp won the Danish Formland Prize in 2003 and was named best item at the IMM Cologne furniture exhibition in 2004.

The lNORM 03 Modern Graphic Lamp - small is sold in several specialised shops and is also available online.