Independent furniture shops Bristol

Bristol City

The city of Bristol is often hailed as the capital of the South West of England and it is not hard to understand why. Bristol is arguably a little London with just as many things to see, but on a much smaller and perhaps better scale. The city is buzzing with activity and alive with things to do and see. As a tourist, you will never be short of ways to occupy your day because Bristol is just brimming over with attractions.

Localism in the city

Local life is equally exciting. Bristol is home to a very strong independent movement which is being celebrated through food, drinks and shops. You can find a lot of homemade produce and products made either in the city or sourced from the surrounding area.

The Gloucester Road, Bristol

Perhaps most importantly of all is the Gloucester Road, sometimes referred to as the last high street in Britain, the Gloucester Road is a stretch of diversity that is home to a fine range of independent retailers including cafes, clothes shops and greengrocers. The long road plays a pivotal role in the independent scene of the city.

Independent retailers

Among these are several independent furniture retailers that sell a variety of up-cycled, reclaimed, vintage and new furniture. St.Werburgh's industrial estate also in the city, is a busy estate where many of these local retailers make and store their items., an independent Bristol based retailer is just one of the many independent retailers in the city. They sell a range of chairs that are often replicas of design made famous during the mid twentieth century.

Independent retailers in the UK are growing scarce so choosing Bristol as the home for seemed like the obvious choice.