Hans Wegner Furniture: The famous Danish designer designed a number of pieces of furniture that are now regarded as iconic with their quintessentially Scandinavian appeal.

Eastern influences

Hans Wegner sought inspiration from many sources, including the East when he designed the Wishbone chair for which he took inspiration from the Chinese emperors chairs.

Implementation of wood

Many of Hans Wegner's designs celebrate wood, a material that was not often used in its entirety during the 1950s and 60s when Hans Wegner realised his fame. Hans Wegner adopted many techniques invented by his contemporaries including the method of bending plywood to create a number of designs that remain popular to this day.

Popularity in Denmark

Denmark remains to revere one of its most accomplished furniture designers, Hans Wegner and in March 2014 the Design Museum in Denmark held an exhibition in his honour to celebrate 100 years since his birth.

President Nixon’s chairs

The Hans Wegner chair is perhaps famous for being favoured by president Nixon who was captured sitting in the chair during a televised debate on CBS in 1960. This publicity catapulted the chair and Hans Wegner to prominence.